Sunday, September 26, 2010

Armadillo Shoes: Doll Scale

Ok, so I may be risking being ridiculed by the next comment I am going to make, but one of the latest fashion trends I could never understand and truthfully think are so ugly are Alexanander McQueen’s ‘Armadillo’ shoes. May he rest in peace, and I mean no harm, but these shoes were just the freakiest invention ever. Take a look.

Ok, not that you’ve seen, what do you think? To me these things just look ugly. Along the line of Christian Louboutin's Ballerina Heels.

I don’t like the much better, but they at least look like heels should look, minus the killer heel part. I think both these shoes are pointless IMHO, but I guess they both server some kind of fashion purpose. If you know what, feel free to tell me. :-)

So it took me a while to figure out why the shoes were called Armadillo shoes. It wasn’t until I looked at a picture of an Armadillo that I caught on. Have a look.

So, do you see it? Not yet? Humm, well try this instead.

See it now? The body is the bulk of the shoe and the tail is the heel. I mean I must admit that it’s genius that he saw this shoe in an animal, but I still think the shoe is ugly and pointless.

Well while searching for a doll series I wanted to do a doll post on, I found these shoes and that other post went bye-bye for now. LOL! It seems that someone in the doll world, Angelic Dreamz to be precise, has taken this phenomenon and translated it into doll scale for their JAMIEshow line.

I don’t know how someone can see this being a fashionable shoe, but these are just my thoughts. If you like them then you like them. I just don’t see them as attractive. Not even in my fave scale.

Now the doll line looks interesting. 16 inch bjd from what I understand. The dolls will be able to fit the shoes as well as I believe Tonner’s American Girls and Sybarite dolls. Now I thought American Girl dolls were taller and bigger in all aspects than 16inch dolls. So I am wondering how they fit these shoes.

They also have black Armadillo shoes coming out in October, but as of yet no picture for them.

Oddly enough they have a lot of recent style shoes that they made into doll scale. A lot of them seem to be bases off of shoes that Lady Gaga would wear and were in her Bad Romance music video.

Sigh, is this a sign that I am getting old? Funny, I didn’t think at 32 I’d be old, but these fashions just confuse me on how they could be “cool” or “hip”. Now not all the shoes on the JAMIEshow line turn me off. I like a lot of them, NOT the Gladiator shoes. I HATE Gladiator shoes! Meh, maybe I’m not old, maybe I just have my own opinion about fashion and what I think is “cool” and “hip”.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on Armadillo shoes? Like them? Love them? Loathe them? Would you get them for your Vinyl Vixens? Me personally? I don’t know. I wouldn’t wear them personally, but who knows if one of my dolls’ personalities would want a pair and wear them all the time. Ok, that has to be so weird. I hate the shoes, but if I thought my doll would wear them I’d buy them without a second thought. Am I nuts or do my doll pals out there understand this concept? I’m so hoping you understand or I need to seek help. LOL!

Ok, I just wanted to post about this. I am off now. I want to work on some stuff on my to-do list that I will be posting here soon. It’s a pretty long list actually and I want to add to it. I guess I’ve been putting off a lot of stuff. I’m sure I’m not alone in doing that, but it sure feels that way. LOL! Ok, talk to you all later. Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. I'm personally not a fan of those shoes, they are a little out there for my tastes. I'm a fan of classic styles and designs. Although they do fit my Lady Gaga ascetic from time to time. I did like them in the Bad Romance video, but you really need to build an outfit around them.
    Are you sure that they said American Girl Dolls? Tonner makes a line called American Models, that seem to be the same size at the Jamieshow dolls. Also American Girls is owned by Mattel, and I really couldn't see them fitting those shoes at all.

  2. Oh my goodness, I so meant the American Model girls and not American Girl dolls. Could you imagine those shoes on American Girl dolls? LOL! Thanks for the correction. And I agree, it's out there, but it is perfectly fitting to Gaga as her theme is "out there".

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