Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all of your freaks and ghouls out there!  Smile  I hope you are all playing it safe and having a fun time tonight.  I’m doing my usual Halloween thing of spending the night in.  It’s raining something horrible out there so I don’t think there were any trick-or-treaters out tonight.  My friend even took her kids to the mall because we got hit with one of the coldest and wettest Halloweens in a long time. I remember Halloweens just a few years back where you had to wear short sleeve shirts because it was hot an muggy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the cold, but the wind and rain make it extra brrrrrrr.  So I hope you are staying warm tonight if your neck of the woods is unseasonably cold too tonight.

Right now I am currently counting down the hours to the start of Nanorwrimo.  I am being a Nano Rebel this year by not writing a novel.  I’m going to be finishing up a script for the photostory I’ve been trying to finish for a long time now.  I think my time of Nanowrimo is coming to an end.  I don’t know if I’ll be doing it next year.  I do cherish the crazed writing during November, I just think I want to start making that an everyday thing than just a one month thing, so I don’t know about future Nanos.  But this year is my first as a Rebel and I’m kind of excited about it.  I don’t want to write a novel just to write a novel and waste time on something I’ll hate, so I will write the script which will hopefully help me write my story and get it done so I can start taking pictures in December and start putting it up next year.  Fingers crossed.

As for other things I am doing right now, I’m focusing on my health right now.  There are a lot of things I need to get done by the end of the year.  I have something I am dreading coming up in 28 days, and I don’t really want to talk about it right now because I’m that nervous about it.  It’s really silly to be nervous about it, but when I explain it…on the 28th or 29th of next month, then I’m sure it will be clearer why I dreaded it.  I’m working on inventory for my shop.  I finally found a place to put my shop.  I think that was another problem for me, where to put my shop, but I found a nice place for it to be that a lot of other doll sellers are on so it works.  And well, I guess that’s about it right now.  So the goals for the end of the month is to work on the immediate health issues at hand, get through that situation I’m dreading at the end of next month, and get the shop open.  I know I won’t make the Christmas rush with my shop, but that’s ok, as long as I get it open.  Oh, and yes I am still working on emails, comments, etc., etc. etc., you get the point.  I’m working on all that.  Now that some stress has been taken off of me with my parents health either doing better or being looked at, my mom still worries me some with her heart issues, I’m getting a little more calmer and I can focus better.  I’m hoping this next month will be busy and productive for me.  I’m ending this year on a good note, no matter what.  And NO Michelle, that isn’t jinxing it for you by saying it aloud.  Fingers crossed Smile

And on that crazy note, I will bring this post to a close.  I will talk to you lovelies soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves yaRed heart,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something Like Summer

So while I should have been busy crafting today, I realized a book my sister loaned to me 2 weeks ago on my Nook was about to expire, so I had to finish it tonight. I just finished it and I must say I was impressed.  The book is called Something Like Summer, and it was a rather interesting read.

It’s a romance novel about two teenage boys, Ben and Tim, who meet one summer due to Ben’s crush on the mysterious new guy in town Tim.  Something happen that lead to Ben and Tim being together.  They had a hot and steamy love affair, but some issues caused them to have to split up.  What follows is 10 years of life, love, and chance meetings.  Some really sad things happen along the way that leads to a bittersweet ending.  I wouldn’t say this book was destined to be one of the great classics of our time, but it was a rather good read.

Some parts I felt were rushed in the story, but it flow non-stop so that was good.  The author, Jay Bell who is a gay man himself, told the story in such a way that you didn’t view the story as “a love story between two guys” but more as “a love story between two people”.  I will warn you now, some of the sex scenes are written in a slightly graphic way, but nothing to raunchy…nothing worse than what you’d find in your male/female romance novels.

But I think anyone could relate to this story.  Young love, first love, and even a love triangle, which is what our main characters find themselves in after a while.  So if you are into romance novels, pick this story up.  I really think you will like it.

Sadly though, in reading the book it has gotten to late to craft, so I guess I will watch some things online and call it a day and make better use of my time tomorrow.  Not that today was a total loss.  I got to spend time with a friend and finish a good book.  Win/win?  I’d say so.  Winking smile  Talk to you all later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya Red heart,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Dollie Is A Gumiho!

Ok, so I wish I could say my dollie is a gumiho, but I don’t actually own the doll in question.  So the best I CAN say is, I want a dollie that’s a gumiho.  What’s a gumiho you ask?  Oh, well, a gumiho is quite frankly a nine tailed fox.  No, no, seriously.  Have a look at the wiki, excerpt included below.

The gumiho (구미호 / "gu" - nine) (literally "nine tailed fox") is a creature that appears in the oral tales and legends of Korea,[1], and are akin to European fairies. According to those tales, a fox that lives a thousand years turns into a gumiho, like its Japanese and Chinese counterparts (the kitsune and the huli jing). It can freely transform, among other things, into a beautiful girl often set out to seduce men, and eat their liver. There are numerous tales in which the gumiho appears. Several of those can be found in the encyclopedic Compendium of Korean Oral Literature (한국 구비문학 대계).

See?  Ok, so now that you know what a gumiho is, now I’ll tell you why I want one.  Ever since my sister got me hooked on and made me watch this cute Korean drama called “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, I’ve just fallen in love with the image of a nine tailed fox.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably freak if I saw one in person, I mean that’d be kind of weird, but the girl in the show who was the gumiho was so cute and I’d love to have a little replica of her.  And for 99 dollars I can!  Have a look.  Smile


Isn’t it the cutest thing?!?  I’m seriously in love with this doll.  Created by Camellia Dynasty this gem has a cute face, 9 tales, and is ball jointed, so what’s not to love?  Of course there is the bummer that there were only 50 made worldwide so umm yeah, probably won’t be getting my gumiho, but just being able to look at it will have to do.  I love how if you look through the website they show the fox with bigger “human” dolls and it’s just so cute.  In all honesty I wouldn’t really have a use for an animal doll but I had to share with you guys what I found.  I am just so I awe of it.  Smile

And that is it for this post.  A few more to come, but that will have to wait for now as it’s late and I think I want to go to bed in a bit.  So I will talk to you soon with a new post. Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

Holey doll, Batman!

Ok, so do you guys remember me making a silly little post about how I have issues with things that shouldn’t go into other things, like embroidered bread?  Yeah?  Good.  Now remember my quick mention about how I don’t like food with holes that shouldn’t be in it, at least in my mind? Yeah, I’m quickly learning that those feelings go for dolls too.  But because these dolls are super awesome, I’m prepared to forgive them for being so holey and embrace them for the awesomeness that they are.


I’m about to have an emo moment in 3…2…1…


Why can’t I be that cool and artistic?!?!?  Like seriously.  I love to create, yet I don’t feel any of my stuff is work crap sometimes.  Sometimes I look at something I spent hours on and snub my nose at it.  Why?  And why can’t I have the ability to say “I will create that,” then create something so awesome like those dolls.  Ok, I know technically I can and no one is holding me back from doing it but me, but it seems almost impossible when I’m still learning many things and she’s creating masterpieces.  Jelly much?  Oh totes.  And for those who didn’t get that, I’m TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!  Wahhhhhhhh!!!  Ok, ok, emo moment has passed and is now over.  I now return you to the doll blogger who most of the time can keep her composure.

But seriously, seeing this woman’s work just makes me feel more upset at myself for not trying harder with my “craft”.  There is so much I can do and want to do but I am holding myself back. I keep having reasons come up for why I can’t do it.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I think about it everyday all day, I think it’s just that I feel I put so much work into something and it turns out like crap.  I worry no one will “get” my vision and I either won’t get acknowledgement of my work or won’t sell anything in my still yet to be opened shop.  I have so many plans in my head.  I literally think about them all the time, but I also have so much more going on IRL that just keeps me from it.  And I still have the stomach breathing issue that makes it hard to do to much sometimes.  Unless I starve for most of the day or eat bland stuff I can’t function because of the discomfort.  Right now I am having the issue because of soy sauce I had a while ago.  But some things have happened today and seeing this person’s work it just all has empowered me to just try and get an A for effort.  So I am getting all my duckies in a row and will be officially starting on November 1st.  What I will actually be doing I won’t say just yet, but I will post it on November 1st for sure so you can follow right along with me on my journey.  Now back to these awesome dolls.


Such beautiful dolls.  These dolls are handmade, handcrafted, and hand painted porcelain ball joint dolls created by artist Marmite Sue.  She’s worked in many different medias; such as fashion, wearable art, and paintings, before finding her way to her true passion, handcrafting her own dolls.  Her dolls are all works of delicate art and I can’t imagine how much time and energy she puts into sculpting and creating each one.  I would love to create my own doll one day.  If I did I would want them to stay around 1/6th because I’m a 1/6th lover at heart.  I’d want them to be close to Barbie measurements in the body so they could use some of her clothing while fitting Liv wigs.  I kind of like Bobobie and ResinSoul dolls for proportion.  I’m not a fan of the huge feet on their 1/6th dolls, but I know they are actually more correct in their measurements than Barbie is, so I would want to try to work with that, but I’d also love to make it where you could easily find shoes for my dolls that were commercial.  But if that affects the look of the doll then I guess I’d have to go against that.

I have been thinking about going back to school for English/Literature, and taking a sculpting class or two while there.  But I keep thinking that is not safe.  In this recession I should be thinking wiser.  I should go to school for dental hygienist and get a secure job with hopefully health and dental insurance plans instead of taking a risk on writing and forming a doll company, which has really always been my dream.  I’ve had the dolls planned out for years, I’ve had their names picked out, I have the brand name picked out, I just need to get the ball rolling.  But with recent events I’m seeing what a risk that is, but should I forgo my dream and take the “safe” route and just tolerate life or should I take the path less followed and take a risk and see where I end up?  What do I want to do?  Take that path less followed.  See where I end up.  If I’m careful I can afford a good insurance and not have to settle for a job because of wanting insurance.  Yes I would just do dental hygienist for the insurance prospect.  I don’t have a passion to become a dentist or anything, it’s just something that interests me and I think I could do.  But it isn’t my passion and lately I had been thinking about my doll company and starting it off small and building.  But I just feel it’s so risky.  I wouldn’t know where to turn to get started, but I know there are tons of wonderful people in the doll community who would be willing to help and share.  I seriously have a ton of ideas that I am just dying to make come true.  But am I risking a lot doing them?  Perhaps not.  I just have a lot to do in order to make these things happen and I am looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed.  I guess if I choose the path less travelled I will have to get organized and just take things one step at a time.  I have so much more to say on this topic but this post has gotten ridiculously long.  I honestly just wanted to show you Marmite Sue and her lovely dolls.  Since I have done so I think it’s time to close this post.

So I have several more posts to post before I am caught up and then I will probably take one more break in still trying to catch up on things behind the scenes and then I will be back full force.  So I’ll talk to you soon ladies and gents.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Is Halloween

As the creepy  and cool holiday of Halloween nears, a lot of people are letting their creepy and cool sides hang out.  From cool decorations and costumes to awesome…Halloween lights?  Humm, I understand lights for Christmas, but Halloween?  I’d never seen a big Halloween light display, until today that is.  Seems this family Riverside, CA really likes Halloween.  On their Youtube channel they have videos dating back to 2008 of their Halloween extravaganzas.  Here’s their light show for this year.  It’s pretty awesome.

Pretty cool, right?  But if Halloween just isn’t your thing, never fear, they’ve got a little something for you too.

And here I thought nothing could top all those awesome Christmas light displays people go all out for.  My favorite part has to be the singing Jack-o-Lantern faces.  Love them.  And they can carry quite a tune, don’t you think?  Winking smile

So, what are you plans for Halloween?  Me?  Not much.  I will have a friend over on Friday or Saturday and then on actual Halloween just maybe watch a creepy movie with family at home.  Not many kids trick-or-treat around here any more, which is sad, the neighborhood is getting old.  Sad smile  Oh well, such is life.  But we’ll still find a way to have fun.  I am planning on making homemade Butterfingers.  I have enough to make two batches, one for practice, and one for when my friend comes over.  I guess I’d better try to make my practice batch soon, like today.  LOL!

Other than that, not much going on really.  Stomach is still causing me issues.  Had a weird choking episode that woke me from my sleep yesterday and had me swearing I was going to literally die yesterday.  Trust me, that wasn’t fun.  That must have been my “trick” for Halloween, so now I should only get “treats”…right?  Fingers crossed on that.  Well I am off.  I am super tired, didn’t sleep last night, and I have to get dressed to go out for a bit.  My sleep pattern is off again, sucks, and I don’t see myself sleeping anytime before 12 today, which also sucks.  Meh, I’ll survive.  Talk to you guys soon.  Oh, and if I don’t get back here before then, have a happy and safe Halloween.  Smile  I’ll talk to you all soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya Red heart,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still here…

Just haven’t been feeling well.  The acid reflux has been bad as of late, and today I finally decided to try to eat a bland diet in hopes it will help heal my stomach. I am trying to avoid the scope down the throat by all means. I know this means strict weight loss to get the fat off my inner organs, but I am finding that hard to do. But I am still working on it, so I am hopeful. Smile 

I have some stuff I want to share with you guys and I hope to be able to do that in the next few days. Just haven’t felt like thinking to put out nicely worded posts, but I will get those done in the next week. I still have a lot to do and people to catch up with. If you’ve sent me an email or left me a message of some kind, I’m super sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet but I will.  I promise.

And that’s all for today guys and dolls.  I’m going to go back to relaxing, my anxiety is up because the acid is stealing my breath from me today, and just focus on how much better I will feel tomorrow and the day after that.  Small steps, taking it day by day.  Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the end of the weekend.  Talk to you again soon. Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves yaRed heart,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 Years Ago Today

January 5, 1997-October 12, 1999

And I still can’t believe you are gone forever.  You are always in our hearts and thoughts.  We love you.

Love always,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hey guys! Guess what?!

Halloween will be here soon!  Just a little PSA from your friendly mousey gal.  Are you excited yet?!  I know I am.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

Anatomy Of A Toy


Every wondered what the inside of your dolls looked like?  Well you might be surprised to find out.  Check out this cool inside look on some popular toys.  I think you will see your dolls and toys in a whole new light afterwards.  Winking smile

And that’s all for today.  Just wanted to share that fun find.  I will be back again soon with an interesting post.  Be good until next time we meet.  Bye for now.

Loves ya Red heart,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pan the Faun. Oh yeah, and Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits. :-)

So in my attempt to continue to procrastinate instead of finishing this task with my email…yes I am still working on my freaking email people, I found the cutest doll I want to call mine.  I never will ,mind you, but a girl can dream.  Meet Pan the Faun.


Only 15 will be made worldwide and there at 12 left.  I doubt for long since he’s actually a decent price for a limited edition tiny doll.  At 4 inches tall and can fit Kelly and Tommy clothing and accessories this little guy is a complete package.  he comes with a free face-up, magnets in his horns, and random 12 mm eyes…he can fit 8mm-12mm eyes.  He’s got a special skin tone done just for him as well.  And if all that didn’t sell you just look at his sweet face.  So cute.  Yes, I am currently making grabby hands at the screen.  Ok, maybe not really, but I am doing deep dreamy sighs.  Oh well, at least I can enjoy him in pictures.  Smile Can’t wait to see owner pictures of him one day.  I doubt anyone has him yet because he just recently released and it takes 40 days to make him, but heck, no harm in searching Flickr right?  Smile

And I still need to take some pictures of my sister’s Bei.  Sorry no box opening of her.  My sister refused to do one.  LOL!  She just wanted to tear in and enjoy.  And yes I got to tinker so I could change her eyes, fit her wigs on her, and try some clothing on her.  I’ve already noticed some issues with her that I have to keep in mind when I start to make clothing for her.  She’s a very pretty doll.  Oh and to correct myself, she is not a Bobobie.  Not sure if anyone made a comment about this, yep still need to catch up on those too.  LOL!  But she is a ResinSoul doll.  Junky Spot just has them all lumped together under Bobobie.  She has her maker tag on the back of her head, a kind of rust color rubbery tag with an RS on it.  She’s super cute and has big feet compared to other 27cm dolls.  I know she’s in more proportion than the dolls we find on the shelves, but wow.  BIGGGG FEETTTT.  You will either need to buy shoes for her or make shoes for her.  I’m all for the making.  And since I will be getting a girl of my own some day, hopefully soon, I plan to use my sister’s as a model since she is kind of just laying on a shelf now not getting any attention.  I’m just doing her a favor and letting her girl get out some.  Smile  But I will have pictures of Bei soon.  I want to make some clothes for her before I take any.  Wait until you see her, she’s a cutie.  Smile

And that’s about it for this lovely Oct. 1, 2011 evening.  It’s chilly here today and I LOVEEEE it.  It’s suppose to get up into the 70s next week but then I think we are cooling off from there.  Heck yeahhhh!!!  Ok, I’m returning back to my email.  I’m almost done and then I can start on my comments for the blog finally.  So I’m back in lurk mode.  Be back soon.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,