Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Doll Page Is Closing

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Hey guys, just wanted to jump on here real quick because I was going through my email and saw an email from TheDollPage saying that it was closing. This may be old news to some, but I know a lot of you out there use this site and may not have checked you email in me. They say you have roughly until June first to get your images copied and all your stuff moved somewhere else. This is so sad. I didn't use the site much but it has been there forever and I just remember it always being a part of the doll hobby for me. It will be missed. I just wanted to hop on here and let you guys know in case you didn't "get the memo" on it. Also I want to wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you had a lovely day and that the Easter Bunny brought you some delicious goodies. :-) Bye for now my lovelies.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why I Hate @ToysRUs – Warning, Long Rant Ahead

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So I have had an interesting two weeks when it comes to trying to order one clearance item from Toys R Us. So I decided to order some clothing for Midori. I was curious about Little Missmatched Doll clothing because I heard some of the clothing fit. FYI, the clothing fits Liv dolls, a bit loose, but it fits. Anyway, I made a nice big order of some things I wanted and figured I should go for the free shipping. Got it and waited for my package. Package came, I opened it, and was bummed to see I got two Little Missmatched Doll Fashion Forward clothing packs and no Little Missmatched Doll Casual Comfort pack. Well I figured it was human error, and wasn't going to go through the hassel for such a cheap item. I decided to just order it again. I mean my order was big so it would be easy to make a mistake, right? Hummm...

So today my order came in, and guess what? It was the Little Missmatched Doll Fashion Forward clothing pack. Ok, now this time it wasn't funny any more. I was irritated by now. I was figuring out how to go to the store to return the two I got in the free shipping order, so I wouldn't be out of the shipping price, and hit Ebay in hopes of finding it there for a decent price. I found it for the same price as Toys R Us, for cheaper shipping. Seller had 98% feedback, so I decided to go for it. Then I got a message from Paypal saying my order to Toys R Us went through. Umm...what? I went a looked, ughhhhhhh!!! The seller, why didn't it hit me, is KB Toys!!! Toys R Us bought them out!!! So now I began to wonder if I would get the same outfit again. This bothered me. A stupid clearance item has now cost me some serious money and it is all due to Toys R Us and their website error. So I decided to call them, just to make sure I get the Casual Comfort outfit and not the Fashion Forward one again. As pretty as Fashion Forward is, I really didn't need a 4th one. So I called, and I kid you not, the woman who took my call almost landed me in the hospital.

So the woman who picked up seemed nice enough, she said hello at least. I explained to her what happened with my order, so she looked it up and explained what it said on the website, and in longgggg detail. She literally read it out loud to me. I hate being read to. Anyway, when she was done I explained that the description she read was for the item I got, but it was not the item I ordered. She said that I ordered the Casual Comfort outfit. I said yes. She said then that I got what I ordered. I explained to her that the website is wrong and I did not in-fact get what I ordered. She proceed to get heated with me saying that I did get what I ordered. I kept explaining to her that I ordered a different item but I kept getting the wrong item. She then proceeded to tell me that no matter what I think, I got the item I ordered. She said what I was saying would be like me going to the store, looking at the shelf and seeing something that is clearly labeled it was blue, bought the item, went home, and then got upset because it wasn't pink. That comment right there got her hung up on. What a rude individual who is too dumb to see that the website is wrong. And I'm going to prove it now.

This is what I ordered. The Little Missmatched Doll Casual Comfort clothing pack. Click picture to see it bigger.

Little Missmatched Doll Fashion Pack Casual Comfort

This is what I keep getting instead. The Little Missmatched Doll Fashion Forward clothing pack. Click picture to make it bigger.

Little Missmatched Doll Fashion Pack - Fashion Forward

I wanted to show the website page so you can see I am not lying. Different item numbers and names and they do not look anything alike. So to that lovely lady on the phone. it's not about picking up an item that clearly says it's blue then being disappointed when I get because it isn't pink. I'm not that kind of person nor am I that stupid. By the way, thanks a lot Toys R Us for basically calling me a stupid individual. The website is wrong. Even when I got the item home and looked at the receipt, the numbers for both items were different, so how did I end up with the same one twice and then another sent to me again? So that's when I went to Ebay foolishly thinking I'd find another option. Guess what, all the ones being sold are by toy stores that I think are all under Toys R Us. Nice, right?

Oh, and when I asked the lady on the phone if she knew how I could contact the people who handle the Ebay sales, because logically if Toys R Us is going to take my money they should have a way for me to contact them right, she said she had no idea what I was talking about. What? Um, ok. That's slightly understandable, not her department, but surely she knew how to contact them right? Nope, she told me I'd have to call Ebay and ask about the seller there. Ask about the seller? The seller is Toys R Us. But no amount of me explaining that to her got me any closer to an answer. I asked if orders for the website and Ebay were handled by the same people or the same warehouse, just hoping to see if I should expect the same outfit again or maybe hopefully might have a chance to get the one I wanted. Nope, she just kept saying I need to call Ebay and find out about the seller that way. Ok, I gave up on that then. She got me so “calmly” worked up the acid in my stomach was in my throat cutting off my air some, that is never good because it takes a while to settle down. I was polite to her, I didn't raise my voice, and all I wanted was to get the outfit I ordered. That's all I wanted Toys R Us! But I guess that's to much to ask for these days.

Now after reading about the site some I learned this is not uncommon. They do this a lot. People have ordered items and been sent other items instead. It's funny, when I opened the first order I said to myself, I hope they didn't mess up my order, and right when I said that I saw the duplicate items. This has been a rather upsetting situation, and to be called stupid by a Toys R Us employee when I was clearly in the right was rather upsetting as well. I know Toys R Us won't care about one person they have seriously wrong and insulted. They won't care that I will avoid their store as much as humanly possible. They won't care that I used to be a faithful customer but will take my business elsewhere. But I had to let my thoughts be known. Perhaps hate is a strong word. I'll change it to seriously dislike. Yes, I seriously dislike Toys R Us, and that woman who basically called me stupid on the phone. Perhaps she was having a bad day, and if so I am sorry she was having a bad day, but she works in a position where she needs to keep her cool and not tiptoe around straight out calling people stupid. I know Toys R Us will never see this, but just in case they do, these practices you do are low, dirty, and cheap. You need to have someone check your website because you have items listed wrong. I bet you have boxes full of that Casual Comfort outfit because no one can properly buy the thing. And it seems neither will I.

You want to know the whole sad part of this? I'm not bothered by the repeat outfits, I could do something with them or return them to the store. I'm only slightly bothered by the lady on the phone because I got to hang up on her and talk about her stupidity here. What bothers me is I was done wrong by a company I trusted, and in the end, I just really wanted that outfit. Maybe some day I will get lucky and find it, maybe not. I know the outfit I get from Ebay will be the same Fashion Forward one and I don't know if I will even bother opening it. Maybe I will throw in the closet and come across it in a couple of years, open it, and laugh about the whole silly situation. But for now I am just defeated. I had to battle with Brady Games over invalid codes and that took a week of constantly being on them about it, and now this whole situation just has me exhausted. Oh, I did get my codes from Brady, so that was a good turn out.

I wish this Toys R Us thing would turn out good as well, but I just know it won't. I just don't know what else to do about it. I've called, emailed, sent messages through Ebay, I've done it all. Right now it's gotten to the principle of the matter. They did me wrong, they need to fix it. They won't, and that's what burns me. I'll get over it eventually, but for now I sulk and look at the back of the Fashion Forward clothing box at the little drawing of the Casual Comfort outfit and sigh. You know, if Toys R Us would fix this problem and apologize to me I would take back what I said about them. At first I was upset at Brady Games, but they finally followed through. It took them a while to get it right but they finally did. Can I still be hopeful that Toys R Us will do the same? Fingers crossed.

*sigh* But anyway...please, someone tell me about your day. Tell me you had something awesome happen. Got a new doll? A new puppy? Finally beat that game you've been playing? Tell me it all in the comments. I want to feel happy for someone. Talk to you lovelies later.


PS – I will respond to comments sometime this week and finish updating the blog. I have just been busy with my articles that I get writing overkill. So expect some updates very soon. Love you guys. Bye for now.