Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Still Catching Up

I'm still reading blogs, and being entertained by all you have been up to. I took a few hour break to play some Guild Wars 2. Anyone else playing that? Let me know. Today was an ok day. Still not 100% after last night's attack but feeling better, so that is something. I had planned on introducing my new doll that I plan to use kind of as a mascot, but I just wasn't feeling up to do her head swap, so I decided to just take a mystery picture with my phone and tinker with it so you just make out something but not the full effect. It wasn't the bright before, I just wanted to leave you questioning for a bit. ;-) I'll hopefully get her swapped tomorrow or this weekend and show you her in her Halloween costume. She is wearing it in the picture, but umm yeah. Once agian, better late than never, right? And now I am going to focus on my mid grade novel for the next 2 hours because Nanowrimo starts at midnight. If you are doing Nanowrimo look me up and friend me on the Nano site. I'm mouse1996 on there. Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. Talk to you either tomorrow or this weekend. Bye for now.

Reading to start writing,

Omg guys, you've been busy!

I'm picking out some blogs to read and I now realize I'll be reading for a long time. You've all been busy! I so have to stop taking breaks from the hobby. *sigh* Ok, just has to come say that. Back to reading. If you need me, I'll be several months deep in a doll blog somewhere. :-)


Better Late Than Never?

Hey guys, I have been meaning to post this story since last year and just never got to it. It's a little something silly I put together, but I think since it was Halloween and the character in the story is ready for it in a way, I figured I'd share this with you guys today. So I hope you enjoy my latest photostory "Clothes For Disco", please pay no attention to the actual title on the page. I had a mind fart while I was doing the html for the website and didn't change the title and I'm honestly too exhausted to change it now. LOL! It doesn't affect the story so please do enjoy. I still have the haul video to show you, but I need to edit it first. I will work on that soon, its kind of long now and I need to cut it down big time. So that's coming too. Ok peeps, I'm off again. Take care and bye for now.

Back to catching up on blogs,

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope all off you are having a spooktacular time today. First let me say if you have been affected or know someone who has been affected by Sandy, you are in my thoughts. Please stay safe. I'm in so much shock the upper east coast got his so hard. It's usually Florida up to roughly Virginia that gets hit, so it was surprising we didn't get hit hard. I know it seems weird, but I kind of wish it was us that get hit instead because we are so used to it, perhaps it wouldn't have been so damaging. Like I said, seems weird for me to say that, but I hope it's also understandable.

So, where have I been? I've been writing articles while also dealing with my health issues. I really hate being in the place that I'm at. It takes away from my life so much. I had my worse panic attack today and was so sure I was going to die, so it just irritates me how bad my health is right now. So tonight I am going to spend some time relaxing and trying to catch up on some doll blogs. I haven't been able to read any in a couple of months, so I am picking one or two and catching up to help me relax. If there's one thing I know that can get my mind off things its the words of my lovely doll peeps. And on that note I'm off. Please be safe today if you plan on going out for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties. And if you plan on staying home today, that's great too, I hope you have something fun planned. And I will talk to you lovely people later. Bye for now.

Off to escape into the world of dolls,

Image of Doll Eating Pumpkin (By Craiglea) From Flickr

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time To Think About Christmas!

Hey guys! Oh my goodness, you won't believe how much I've missed posting here. It's always been in the back of my mind to post, but then I just didn't know what to post. I am completely out of the loop of what anyone is doing in the hobby and have only been keeping connected to dolls through some bjd videos on Youtube. It's not the same as reading blogs guys, it's just not the same. So I decided, yes I am super behind on reading blogs, yes I have no idea what's going on in the hobby, and yes I have no earthly idea what I am going to blog about really, but I'm back.

I guess the thing keeping me away really is that last one. What do I blog about? What do I have to say that is impressive? I mean I can show you guys my ill attempts at sewing, but I'd be so shy about what you guys would think of it. But then again I could ask for advice on how to improve. I read an article today about asking for help from your peers, and I realized I didn't do that because I don't want to be a bother. So I've decided to ask for help when I need it and give it when I can. So that leads me on to my title. Christmas is coming!!! Yes, I know it isn't even Halloween, but I have come to realize time is passing quickly.

I came to this realization about time while writing on Squidoo. Fair warning, that link is my referral link, if you decide to write there and use my link, when you make your first 15 dollars we both get a nice extra money perk. Now, about Squidoo, I've been writing there for almost 4 months. I have a little over 50 lenses now, lenses are what they call articles there. A lot of them not so good, but they got me writing, a lot. And hey, I even got paid this month. Ladies and gents, you are looking at a gal who has made $6.08 from her writing. Actually $6.20, but Paypal deducts it's fee. No, no, don't get jealous. I worked hard for that $6.08, and it's all mine! Now what shall I spend it on?  Hummm...oh sorry, got sidetracked. So anyway, with Squidoo, if you want to get your articles viewed you need to get them being picked up by Google months in advance. Those of you who do Etsy can kind of relate to this getting things, like inventory, done way in advance. Well I started strong there at Squidoo, doing Halloween articles in July, but now I am still slowly chugging along with Halloween articles knowing they won't be picked up by Google but I have to finish them for a quest there, and Christmas is quickly approaching and I have no niche topics to write about. Ahhh!!! Well this lead me to thinking about Christmas in general.

As some of you may remember, I start out a tiny bit before Christmas sewing wardrobes for two dolls. One being my sister's and one being my mom's. Yeah, I never finished them. They are still as I left them last year. Heck, I haven't sewn a thing since then. So my goal this year is to not only finish that wardrobe, but to create a second wardrobe for them. Too much? Maybe not if I start now. Keep in mind, though, that I will also be writing for Squidoo, also trying to get my foot in at two other websites, and writing an article can take me a few hours to a few days. *faints* But I love these deadlines and the forced writing. Oh that reminds me, I forgot to mention, I'm doing Nanowrimo this year as well. *gulp* So, can I do it folks? Can I manage to achieve all these work on losing weight? Yep, another goal I am working on, along with trying to learn how to draw.  Ahhhh!!! This post is starting to make me doubt myself. LOL! But yeah, these are the goals I have for the rest of the year. And since I am getting better at putting myself out there, I have decided to show you the pieces of the wardrobes I make as I make them. Some are already made but I think they will be getting remade as some are just not right in size or look. I'll show you those so when I correct them you can hopefully see the improvement.

So yeah, that's about it guys and dolls. I've been keeping myself busy just writing articles, hoping to make this a thing that gets me income while I continue to work on some other stuff behind the scenes here. I want to help my mom finally set up her Flickr account. I'd forgotten until the other day I set one up for her so she can set up dioramas, take pictures of them, and post them. I want to customize some Liv dolls to get back into that again. I want to sew more. Oh and I think I've decided on what my niche in doll clothing will be. That was part of the reason I never opened my shop. Everybody and their mama was making doll clothing, I wanted to make something that set me apart. I have decided on what, now I have to figure out how. LOL! Oh the joys of learning. And well, on that note, I am off! I need to go update some lenses, yeah it's not like blogging you have to keep updating the lenses. Oh, also I will be doing a layout change here, doing a layout change at my cross post blog after learning more about SEO, and I am just working on getting completely caught up and organized so next year will be a more productive year. I hope everyone is doing great, and I will talk to you soon!

Ready to fall asleep,

Image From Free Digital Photos