Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tired. So freaking tired.

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Quickkkkk update. I wanted to post about male fashions I found interesting and wanted to try making for our highly fashion-neglected 1/6 males, but the day got away from me and now I am just so exhausted, I am ready for sleepy time. But I wanted to make a quick update on me.

So I tried this sample of medicine my doctor gave me and it worked wonderfully, but it only had five pills and I quickly ran out. So I called last Friday for a prescription, but while they did record it, they never wrote it and sent it to the pharmacy. So they got me three more sample boxes that will cover me for 2 weeks and they are getting a prescription done for me. So hopefully tomorrow I will have a call telling me to pick it up. I plan to only be on these pills for 6 months because they can damage your body at a year of taking them. I need to really focus on weight loss, which I plan to do the bribing way again. I still have two vintage dolls waiting for me from the last time I tried to bribe myself. But that is for a massive weight loss, so I want little bribes along the way. I will put my bribe list up here on the blog so you can follow along.

What else? Oh, I learned in a very interesting way that a friend is Republican. Ok, so two things I tend not to talk about is religion and politics. We all have our own thoughts on both, I respect your right to believe what you want and just ask that you respect mine. I guess my friend didn't know where I stood on the political spectrum and she sent me a link to a video that is very insulting towards Democrats. She thought it was hilarious, and I just didn't see it as funny at all. It was creative, but not funny. I was shocked to find myself so insulted really since I try to take a far stance from politics, but I think today I found out a little bit about myself. It was an interesting and awkward moment that I quickly tried to change the mood of by asking what she'd been up to lately. Please, if you ever do talk to me, please let's keep politics and religion out of the convo. There are way to many things to talk about that won't step on toes that we can pick from as a topic. *sigh* I mean I won't be rude to someone if they do bring it up, but I will try to change the topic. It's just safer people, trust me.

On top of that I've learned a friend is having a hard time due to some things that weren't her fault.I feel really bad for her and I can't help her in any other way but be a listening ear. I was slightly shocked and touched that when I mentioned my health stuff coming up she was completely focused on me and trying to figure out how to get a ride to my appointments to be there as support. LOL! She's a sweetheart. I told her let's see how I feel on my birthday and she can come see me then and we can talk about the horrors of being stabbity-stabbed. Must call her back tomorrow to catch up more, had to say good-bye early...Project Runway was on. And omgggg the judges's decision got me really salty. Now I don't know who to root for to win, my choice was kicked. So sad. *sniffle*

And on weird last note I am off. I really want to lay down and maybe *gasp* go to sleep early tonight. Well early for me. We'll see. I'll let you know tomorrow. Until then, take care lovelies. Bye for now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Confusion and 3D Printed Dolls

Hey guys. So the other day I was catching up on some Youtube people I watch and came across a review that Barnacules Nerdgasm was going for "That's My Face". Now this website has been around for a while. I remember that when they first started up a lot of people in the 1/6th doll community was excited for potentially unique characters for their photostories. I hadn't seen anyone actually purchase one, but was always curious about it. Well when I saw Jerry had one, I had to watch the review. That review sent me in search of other reviews, and well, I have to admit, I was very underwhelmed by what I saw. I'm going to post the three video reviews so you can see what they look like, and then I will post my full thoughts on the site.

I've got to admit, when he pulled the heads off without heating them up, I winced a little. Heat the heads up Jerry!!!

I love how here you can see the detail in the face and see the grit lines. It looks just like a 3D printer printed item. I wonder, the ink is water soluble, but I wonder if a acetone fume finish would ruin the face? Probably since it would make the resin or plastic melt. Nevermind, don't try that folks.

This video shows you the different techniques to apply the head to the body. And to be fair, below is a demo video for That's My Face.

Ok, so after watching all this, I had some issues with the faces. Now if you are just getting faces done for a craft or to mount on a wall, then I see this concept as amazingly awesome. You can't deny they print some very detailed items. That isn't what bothers me. Maybe the few things that bother me are silly, but as a doll collector, I'm sure many of you will understand.

First issue I have is with the bodies the heads come with. If you noticed in the videos, most of the heads didn't match the bodies they were put on. Now I am sure a lot of us have done body swaps with a variety of bodies and have either gotten the skin tone spot on or so close you'd have to be out in direct sunlight with a magnifying glass to catch the difference. So I don't understand why this company doesn't offer more skin tone options. I looked at the order form and you don't really have much to pick from. I think it is more of a one-fits-all kind of deal when it comes to skin tones. You get a pale Caucasian tone, a deep tan I assume is for Asian and Hispanic, and I believe a dark/medium brown for African American/Black tone. So while them purchasing a few more bodies to use would cover the tone spectrum more, it's just 3 you have to play with. Maybe I am snob, but that's just not enough variety for me.

This leads me to my second issue, after snooping through their site, it's not very clear what bodies come with the heads. You can pick from clothing you want your doll to be dressed in, and some of the female clothing were on action figures and some were on Barbie dolls. You can only see that in the thumbnails, however, because in full view they blur the head. So I don't think you actually get to choose the body, which I am sure is included in the price, and it kind of sucks that you can't. Perhaps the skin tone would be more spot on if we could choose. Now this is just with my searching the site to see what it was about. To me, the site is a bit confusing when it comes to ordering, but from what I can tell, they give you several brand name dolls and figures to choose from that you want the head put on and then send it to you with the original head, your 3D head, and some super glue and putty to adhere it.

Which leads me into my final issue with the figures. If you want to put the head on the doll you have two choices. You get a white putty so you can put it on but it won't be permanently on the body of your choice. Then you get super glue for if you want it permanently on the body, never moving position. Here's my issue. They design these heads. They know about how it's going to look. The neck hole should be about the same for all the dolls, with a bit of adjusting if needed. Since they know what heads they will be putting the dolls on, why didn't they design the neck hole to fit the necks of the bodies? That way it's a firm fit, but it's both temporary or permanent. I mean they would just need to take measurement of the necks and make the holes where they will fit snug. Sure it would be some trial and error in their program and then printing it, but I feel it would be a big boost for the company to have heads that fit snugly instead of just using putty or glue. Sure I want the option of if I want the head to be temporary or permanent, but I also don't want to accidentally lose my 50-130 dollar doll head in the trash accidentally because my cat jumped on a shelf and knocked it over.

ETA: Ok, so I've since done some research on these figures and now see that if you use epoxy or super glue, it will adhere the head to the body in a similar state is if you'd bought them like that, at least with the males. Still hunting down a female to look at, but I after looking at the site it seems they do actually have the neck holes where they fit several dolls they have listed in the order form. But for a head that could easily be washed away with single drop of water, the price is shocking. I've read you could seal it with a matte varnish and that not only keeps the head safe but also cuts down on the grain of it, but don't just take my word for it, do your research first. Anyway, here is a video showing how you can adhere the head. Keep in mind this is for the 12 inch figures. I think with smaller figures you still have the issue of if you glue it then there will be no movement in the head. That part still irks me. It just seems to take away from the originality of the figure. It's either a case of mild OCD or my doll snobbery. Take your pick. :-) Anyway, video time.

Like I said, these are just my issues that have me confused about the company. I honestly would LOVE to use it some day, but I have this issue where I like skin tones to match as closely as possible. I want a doll to look like me if I have my head printed, and those one-fits-all skin tones will not work for me. Sure I guess I could get the head printed and put it on another body that fits the tone, but there is still the attachment problem that I know could be fixed with some epoxy or something of that sort. But at 130 dollars, I want a doll to be spot-on. I don't want to have to do extra work for something I spent so much on. At the price I could go get another doll that is perfect straight out of the box. Like I said, it could be just my doll snobbery coming out, but I just feel these aren't complete figures. That doesn't mean I'll never use the service, maybe they will better perfect their figures and make them more appealing to me. However, until then, I'll pocket the 130 and put it towards my 3D printer fund so I can go to 3DKitBash and get the downloads for Quinn, the 3D printable fashion doll. Granted, if I wait a bit, I can just buy her printed for I believe around 245 dollars, but still, I'd loved the excitement of printing her on my own, but I digress. She's just so cool, and they have since made an upgrade where she is able to be posed with added joints. Take a look.

#Quin is ready to #vogue! #3dprinted #instagood #toy #bjd #makerbot

 With a 3D printer you can print her in any color, and her new upgrade has it where you can use doll eyes in her. And she's tall too.

Motion Picture Effects Master @FonHDavis visited the visited the 3DK booth! @FonCoCreative

See? We are talking male torso tall here, or msd size in the bjd world. Ok, in all fairness, she can be various sizes, it all depends on the size you make her and what your printer can handle. It looks like she may have been made bigger here, I believe she's closer to the 11.5 inch fashion doll size. She's so amazing and I'd love to print her out some day. Kind of wish her he wrists were jointed as well, but that may come in a future upgrade or maybe someone might design it and put it up for download. And now that I did some looking around, I see someone has already made the wrist upgrade. What? I told you I was a doll snob. I would just love to have a 3D printed doll, especially Quinn. I'd love to make one myself one day. I've been obsessed with this thought for a while now. It will happen. I am determined to have my own 3D printed doll out one day that can be customized with updates, colors, etc. Dream big people. Dream big.

Quin Development Pics

And as many filament options as there are out there, you could have her in any color, material, and she could even glow in the dark if you wanted. I know there is a wood filament out there, I wonder if you could make her out of that too. I'd like to look into seeing if i could get her printed out at some place like Shapeways, of course not to sell, just to have her. I think it will be a while before I can afford a 3D printer, and I want her now. LOL! I must look into that. Hummm, after reading their licensing agreement for purchasing the kit, it seems you have to print it off yourself in one location and one location only. Guess I will just have to buy the kit one day and save it for when I finally get a printer. *sigh* A girl will have to wait...or make friends with someone who owns a 3D printer. :-D

And on that last silly note, I am off my lovelies. I've wasted yet another day sleeping late and feeling sick. I need to call about my pills tomorrow. It's almost been a week. I NEED them, especially for next week. I am barely going to sleep next week and my stomach will be in knots, but it will be better to know in the end. Just sucks it all happens within days of my birthday. I had plans!!! I may not be able to walk properly on my birthday and if I can, I may still have a hickie mark on me that I am not sure I want to walk around with. No, I don't have make-up to cover it up. *sad face* Oh well, I'll still figure out a way to have fun on my birthday and then plan to share a friend's birthday. He could use a fun day as he is tended to be forgotten on his birthday, it's September 11th. So either way I will celebrate another year down and many more to go. :-) Ok guys, talk to you tomorrow. Take care until then. Bye for now. :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What? Why? How??? Oh nevermind...

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Can someone explain to me how I am a member to almost 400 Flickr groups??? Seriously??? Wow, I think I have a serious problem. I keep thinking I am just too interested in to many things, but I think curiosity and learning is always great. Maybe instead I should keep my focus on one thing for at least 6 months and when I move on from it I need to leave it completely to try something new. I am now unfollowing a ton a groups, and I believe I will have to stop following so many people so I can start making some friends on there. I can't find it all interesting at the same time, it leads to too much noise. Wish me luck. LOL! Bye for now guys.

Don't Take Your Dreams To The Grave

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Ugh, I am hating how doom and gloom my blog has been sounding lately. It's almost to the point where I don't want to blog because I am sounding so dark, but this post really isn't meant to be dark, more motivating. I hope it comes off that way.

So in the past couple of months, on both Deviantart and Youtube, people I have been following passed away. One person I am not sure how he died but he took beautiful pictures, and a woman on who did these amazing DIY fashion videos was murdered by her ex while she slept. Both of these stories were so tragic, but all of their followers agreed on one thing, that we were glad we got to know them some and that they got to share their goals and dreams with us.

All this got me thinking about goals and dreams. We've got plenty of them. I'm sure you could make a list of them. However, how many of us reach for and achieve our dreams, or at least try? I want to become an author some day as well as a toy designer of some sort. I want to strive to make that happen sooner rather than later, but up to this point I've really done nothing to make that happen. No one is promised any length of time on this planet, From newborns to 100 year old people, we are all granted with the same amount of time each and every day, what we do with that time is up to us. If you aren't working towards your goals and dreams, you may end up taking them to the grave with you, and that would honestly be a such a waste. The world will never know how awesome you are at whatever you master at. If you truly have a life goal, start this moment to go for it. Sure, you may never reach them, but what if you do? What if all the work you put into it pays off. Won't you be glad you started right now rather than a year from now or never? And if you don't reach your goal, don't give up hope, it just means that wasn't the right goal to strive for. Rework it and go at it from another angle or try for a whole new goal, just as long as you are going for it, that is all that matters.

I was really sad to see these talented people were no longer with us, but they have left behind their works of art that I can continue to look at and view and be reminded how awesome they truly were. They left their mark on their world, don't leave the world without making yours. Until next time ladies and gents, take care, bye for now.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Becoming Too Lazy

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I think with the looming medical procedures next week I am becoming super lazy. I just watch Youtube videos or play my new video games. Not good. So I am going to force myself to get back on track. Right now I am still tinkering with condensing my online stuff so I can become more focused. Youtube is proving to be irritating. You can only subscribe to like 75 channels within a couple of hours and then you are cut off for a couple of hours. Their way of cutting down on spammy people, which is cool, but slows down the process. I should be done with Youtube in a few days. I guess in between waiting for the cool off period to end I could work on Tumblr. I am not sure if I am going to cut back on following people, or just put the ones I really want to watch into a rss reader so I can keep up with them better. I also want to do a blogroll here as well as another place to keep a list of people I am following and share them with you. I also want to make a...forumroll??? Basically a list of forums I am on. I could just have them in my bookmarks, I really need to explain why that's not a good idea right now? No? Thank you. ;-)

So yeah, I just keep telling myself, next week is coming regardless, might as well start working on some things so when the tests all come back as good I won't have wasted this time I could have been using for good. Just wish I wasn't so tired. Not sure if that is because I barely see the sun lately, staying up until 9 or 10 am and then sleeping until 3 or 4 pm, or the thyroid, or just my general health. I mostly see the night, which I had changed before I let a certain someone back in my life, staying up late again to text him. * sigh * I will get it all back on track. As my doctor says, it's all fixable.

And on that note I am off, back to sorting through these many channels I watch. I need to cut back on them. So many people are just so interesting and I want to follow them all, but in the end I miss out on them all because I follow so many people. Time for some people to get the cut. * sigh * Why must I find everything and everyone so interesting? LOL! Talk to you all tomorrow. Take care. Bye for now. :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Listen To Your Gut!!!

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Ok, so I feel like I am so behind on everything because I can't for the life of me stay organized or get organized or just start to get organized. So I decided that with my new movement in what I wanted to do with my life, blog, etc. that I would need to condense and pull back and become more focused. I thought making several Youtube channels to focus my various ideas on would be a great way to do so, but I also wanted to blog, create, run a shop, write, have a social life, and oh yeah I might want to catch some Zzz's in there somewhere as well. Focusing on several of anything just isn't what I am capable of doing. One channel, sure, the 3-5 I had planned, not so much. And the thing that irritates me is that before I separated all my the channels I sub to into different channels, so I could focus my channels on those topics, I told myself that I should just have one channel and use the collections and playlist options to do my channel. I should have listened to my gut because now I have to change things around. *sigh*  So now I am pulling back to one main channel for it all. Just like this blog I want it to be all about me and my interests, so I am going through the longgggg process of doing so; switching over subs to my one main channel and still thinking about my logo to kind of brand myself.

All this between my extremely sleepiness and trying to get into better health. Sucks. Sucks all around big time, but I am managing...kinda. I need to work harder at it though. Right now though I will work on condensing things, this I can manage in my half asleep mindset right now. Just typing this is mentally exhausting and I really want to go to bed, this is of course after I spent most of the day sleeping. Being unhealthy sucks, but I will change it. I just hope the appointments next week will reveal good news and not bad. Sorry guys, gotta end this for now. Just so tired. If you've left a comment on previous posts, I will comment back very soon. Just super tired to focus on making a good response. I will talk to you all tomorrow, hopefully more awake. Take care until then. Bye for now.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

It's What Time?!?

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Wow guys and gals, the time seriously got away from me today. I slept late after a long night of Shaytards watching, I'm trying to catch up on their videos. Then a package I was waiting for came in.  I got a surprise out of it, which I will tell you about in a future post. Then I played my new 3DS game I got today, Disney Magical World. It's actually quite addicting. Before I knew it the whole day was gone. Didn't help that the clock on my wall, I can see easily, stopped around 7:45 this evening and so that really threw my timing off until I realized it stopped. So a really lazy and boring day today, besides when I accidentally toppled my 16 ounce smoothie onto the carpet. But for some reason it worked out because a rug shampooer was sitting ready to go that was going to get put away today. It was like things were meant to happen today. But that was the bulk of my day. I had plans, but they didn't happen. But tomorrow is a whole new 24 hours to get things done, and I will. I'll post a longer post tomorrow. Hope you are all well. Take care. Bye for now.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Still Taking It Easy

Ok, so today was a bit better. I barely slept, going on 2 and a half hours of sleep, because I had to be up early to see if I could make an appointment for December, and to see if I could get an prescription for a new medicine I'm taking. Got the prescription sort of done and the appointment I will have to call back in late August or early September to do. I could have gone back to sleep, but decided to stay up instead. But now I am super tired and can barely keep my eyes open.

So after the calls, I decided to open some stuff I got about two months ago and take pictures for a blog post coming soon, and then I finished the last needle felting kit I bought. I will say now I don't think I will be purchasing any more Dimensions needle felting kits. The wool was disgusting. Out of all the kits I got, that was the only kit that was just nasty. I'd read someone had the same issue happen but thought maybe it was a one-off. Nope, it's just their wool. I believe it had chunks of wood in it that got dyed with the wool. There has to be a way to get wood out of wool, or at least most of it. This wool had bits all through it. I'll explain more in my post about it.

Then I ended the day with a little bit of "Girl Meets World", cute show and actually quite similar to "Boy Meets World", more on that in another post as well. And now I am settling down to play a little Tomodachi Life on my Nintendo 3DS while catching up on some vlogs and videos on Youtube. Not really an eventful day, but not bad either. Super tired guys and gals. I'll update more tomorrow. I've got a lot of stuff on my mind. Take care until then. Bye for now.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm taking off my big girl least long enough to get a nap.

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So I went to my appointment today. I went to bed super early because I was exhausted, and I woke up 2 and a half to 3 hours later and couldn't go back to sleep. So by the time it was time to go to my appointment I was a nervous wreck. Will that stupid box get stuck mid-floors? What would she do to me? Am I going to come home crying? So let me take you out of your torture. No, the extremely small box did not get stuck, but it stressed me out enough that my blood pressure went through the roof, and no amount of explaining to them that I was scared of the appointment, scared of the elevator, and sleep deprived would get them thinking that this was not me having high blood pressure. Oh well. Found the stairs at the end of the appointment. My dad went with me, and he swore there were no stairs even though there was a sign on the wall next to the elevator that said "In Case Of Emergency Use Stairs". And, well, the fact that buildings with multiple layers have stairs, but whatever. Oh well, found them for next time. Next time I say? Oh yes, there will be a next time, in less than two weeks actually. I get to go back and get a biopsy! If you couldn't guess, I went home a little weepy.

She found nodules on my thyroid. One is small that she thinks is fine, but the other had some white around it that she was worried about. She told me 95% of biopsies come back negative for cancer, and even if it was cancer, she says no one dies from thyroid cancer they die with it. Now all this I was trying to let soak in as I tried to settle my stomach, let my brain settle from being partly upside down for a thyroid ultrasound, and realizing she was going to stick a tiny needle into my throat several times in the next week or so. I honestly want to say some expletives right now, I'm so angry and upset, but I will keep this a family show.

So from what I understand from her, she says I don't just have hypothyroidism, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and it's hereditary. And it will greatly affect my ability to have a child and if I don't get my levels right my child could end up with mental retardation. Add to that I am getting ready to turn 36 next month and well, I am angry. I blame myself for this. Yeah she said it's hereditary but what if I caused this to happen. My sister and I are the only ones who have it in the family. We don't know about my dad's side of the family much, so it could be from his side, but what if it was dormant and my weight or my yo-yo dieting caused it to happen? She told me if I lost weight my levels could go down, so that is all that is on my brain right now, losing the weight.

It's so silly, but it's at these moments I miss the old ex, as in the way he used to be in the very beginning. I would be able to confide in him and get his comfort. I foolishly let him back into my life back in April, but I have gone back to no contact because I need to close that chapter on my life. His part in my story is over, but I do wish I had someone like a boyfriend or husband I could talk to about this. It's moments like these that make me so mad at my ex. If he had told me sooner he didn't want to be with me, I could have found someone else and maybe had a family now before I got ill. But I don't want to be that girl, blaming the ex for how my life turned out. While he is far from innocent, I need to take some responsibility for how things turned out as well. I guess I am still in shock and in need of comfort. So I have decided to take my big girl panties off...figuratively of course, crawl into bed, and take a nap. Yeah, I should stay up so I can go to bed early tonight but I really want to rest and allow my brain and stomach to rest and settle. After a good nap I will put my big girl panties back on...still figuratively, and deal with this.

So two days after my throat biopsy I will be going to the dermatologist about a large brown spot on the bottom of my foot. People if you have a large brown spot on the bottom of you foot, no matter what complexion you are, get to a doctor to have it checked out. My doctor thinks it's just hyper-pigmentation but he saw a dot in the center of mine so he just wants to be sure. He doesn't think it's cancer, but just in case. I kind of feel that dermatologist will cut it off, just in case. So I get stabbed with needles on day, and I may be walking about with something that looks like a hickie for a few days, but so won't be healed by my appointment on the 7th to probably have skin punch-cut from the bottom of my foot and then removed. Then my birthday is two days after that, which will probably be around the time I get the results back from both tests. What a fun gift that will surely be. Well if it's all good then yes it will be. If it's bad, well...I don't want to think about that right now.

I need some sleep. Sleep is good. Just a few hours...or days would work too. Nah, I want to watch the new season of Project Runway tonight so I know I won't sleep past 8. Hopefully I'll just sleep until 3ish so I can exercise. This news may have been a sucker punch to the gut, but I refuse to let it take me down. Now that I am home in bed, cooling in front of a fan, I will take some deep breaths and just remain calm. I mean hey, the worst is over...I don't have to go back into that elevator any more. I'm thinking the odds are in my favor. Bye for now guys. Oh, and thanks for letting me vent. I really needed it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

They Better Not Take My Thyroid!

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I am tired. I am always tired. Now while I can put some of that on being overweight, working on that, some of it is also put on staying up super late at night, changing back to an early to bed early to rise schedule asap, I also put that on my bum thyroid gland. So when I first learned about my thyroid being slow I was placed on 25mcg Levothyroxine tablets. 3 months later I was placed on 50 mcg tablets. 3 months after that I was placed on 75 mcg tablets. Then I didn't see my doctor for almost half a year, secretary at the clinic told me I didn't need to see her unless I had a problem, well when I demanded to come back...secretary was wrong, I was placed on 88 mcg tablets. We decided to wait another 6 months to see if weight loss or something would change the levels. So then my doctor up and quits and I get assigned a PA. When I go talk to him, my levels had spiked high. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad until he put me on 125 mcg pills and made me a referral to see a specialist. *sigh* I am so worried this woman is going to tell me that I should have my thyroid removed. I don't want that. Pills for the rest of my life, I finally came to terms with, thyroid completely removed...that's just not a comforting thought to me. Nor is the idea of having surgery. So I am nervous.

My appointment is tomorrow. It's upstairs in the clinic I go to, which you can only access from an elevator. I HATE elevators with a passion. Yep, I'll admit it, I hate being in closed up spaces, and though it will be a few seconds worth of torture, I am dreading it and it's adding to the stress over the appointment. But it will be worth it if she can help me feel somewhat normal again. I really want to get my thyroid to a functioning level because I would like to have kids one day and that gland not only plays a big part in me getting pregnant but it also plays a big part in baby formation. So yeah, tomorrow's appointment will be a big one for me. Fingers crossed it will be a positive one. I know there are higher doses of medicine she could put me on, and I am really hoping for that. I also want to ask her if there is anything I can do naturally, like lose weight or maybe take certain vitamins and minerals, to help get that gimpy gland of mine working again. I have read that it's impossible to get a bum thyroid gland working again, but I've also read some people had theirs working again with weight loss. So who knows. Crazier things have happened in life, why not a gland miraculously working again? I'll be sure to ask about that tomorrow. For now, I am just focusing on staying calm and relaxed. If I have time today I will finish up that last needle felting kit I have and then I will start to entertain you all with my first 5 attempts. I promise you, that will be a post worth viewing. :-)

And on that note I am off. I am going to go have a cup of coffee, I'd given it up for a few days but decided it's my one vice so I am taking it back, and then I am going to try to get some things done before an early bedtime. Haven't been sleeping to well lately due to stress over appointments and a rather stupid decision I made back in April, that I finally corrected the day before yesterday. So while things are slowly getting back to normal, my sleep is still lacking. Hopefully an early bedtime will fix all that. I'll let you know tomorrow. Until then, take care my lovelies. Bye for now. :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well That Took A While

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I have been kicking myself like crazy for not coming back sooner to make that post I promised. But here I am, better late than never. Honestly I've been dealing with some depression and anxiety over my health and some other personal things that I am starting to get in order. The new doctor I am seeing, he's really a physician's assistant but he's miles better than my old doctor so he's a doctor in my eyes, has helped put the thought in my mind that it's all fixable. My health issues are fixable, my personal issues are fixable, and life in general is fixable.

So let's see here, where do I begin. First off, I have decided to change the direction of my blog because, while I love dolls and they will always be a part of my life, I'd like my blog to become more about me in a complete package instead of me having to blog in several places about my different likes. Some days, well recently most days, I don't have much to say about dolls as I am working on getting back into the hobby, but I have other things I am doing I would love to share with you all, so I am hoping you will find that interesting as well.

I'm going through a lot of changes as I get older, big day coming up next month, and so I am trying to refocus my life. I have finally figured out that any goals and dreams you have in life you must take active participation in order to achieve them. For the longest time I felt if it was meant to be it would happen, but now I am seeing that you make your life what you want it to be. So that is my goal. I am going to make a mark on this planet and hopefully help a good amount of people along the way.

I've always had an interest in dolls, toys, fashion, children, charity, and writing, just to name a few. So with those interests I have decided to take steps to becoming a toy maker, making playline toys and dolls as well as higher-end toys and dolls, I want to make toys that help children with disabilities, and I want to help charities and maybe even start one some day that helps those less fortunate. I'd also like to focus on my writing more and have at least one novel published. More would be awesome, but I am just going to focus on the one for now. I think I want to write a romance novel veryyyyy loosely based on my past relationship. Just using a few examples from it to build my character's life. I've also decided, ok this may seem silly, but since I always have issues with sitting my butt down and writing, I thought if maybe I had a muse looking at me all the time I would focus more. So I've decided to get a doll and customize him or her into my main character, since I will be writing from first person I will just customize that character. So I will be showing that process here as my character develops. I want to create her whole look, her clothing, and maybe a diorama for her surroundings, the last part is kind of based on time, but the look and clothing is a sure bet. And those are my goals for right now. Sure I still have the big goal of finding Mr. Right and having children some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, but I have learned I need to have my own life first before all that happens. So this is my attempt.

So for years I've been trying to get my Dollywood Productions photostory started up again, but since the main characters were of me and my ex, I just can't do it any more. I can't find it in myself to rewrite it or change the story at all. It was going to be our story as well as a bunch of side arcs, but I just can't do it any more. It would be too hard. So I am dumping the story. Sometimes writers have to learn to let go of a bad story and move on. So I have decided to focus on my doll story I want to do with Liv dolls and I am contemplating a comic with Polly Pockets, the newer version, or Lego. Just some ideas I am thinking about. It is all based on time truly because I also want to start up a few Youtube channels as well as open up shop finally. My mom and I are planning on working together on a few shop ideas. The first one we plan to open will be a doll based shop. We both want to sew clothing for dolls, my mom wants to make doll furniture for dolls, and I'd eventually like to try sculpting dolls to be cast in a resin and one day I'd like to create a 3D printable doll and sell those too. I've got tons of ideas for all that as well. Over the years that I've been dealing with illness and depression, I spent a lot of time daydreaming and researching and writing things down. I have a truckload of ideas that should keep me busy for a while, and I hope all of you will like what I come up with.

I also want to showcase the crafts I am working on. I love crafting and would love to show what I do here. Since I love to dabble in new crafts all the time, don't be surprised if you see a monstrosity show up here from time to time, as my first attempts are bound to entertain. I've got four, maybe five by the time I post about them, such lovelies waiting to be shared for your enjoyment. I have fallen in love with needle felting lately thanks to Marqaroon, a craft Youtuber and jeweler, and her needle felting tutorials. I've seen needle felting for years now, but I will shamefully admit, the needle poking part scared me off of it. And I was so ticked at myself for being scared off that when the daughter of a woman's blog I read has done needle felting since she was around 8 or maybe even younger. I don't know what it is about Marqaroon that just got to me, but her tutorials had me looking through Amazon for some kits to try. I found 5 relatively cheap ones and had them sent to me. I've done 4 already, with mixed reviews, all positive from my family and all negative from me. LOL! Ok, I want my work to look as awesome as it does on the package, you know, the items that were made by people who've been needle felting for years. LOL! I'm so hard on myself. I know in time my work will look just as lovely. I'll get an idea and an eye for it more and will produce some lovely work, I just hate that it isn't there now. But I will stick with it and I hope to do a "redo" photo where I post a picture with what I have done now next to a picture with a do-over piece I create. So you can expect to see my meager beginnings in a post real soon.

What else do I have to tell you? Oh, so I've been wanting to wait to return here until I had a new layout made, new banner, and kind of a logo to connect me in all the places I hang out online, but it's been taking a while to decide on a banner and layout and whatnot, so I decided against waiting and just decided to jump back into blogging, the rest will come when it comes. So there will be a change in the look of the blog too, and I hope to eventually have a website one day soon as well to kind of be a central hub for everything me. But all in good time. First thing I need to do is get myself back into better health, try to reconnect with people in my various hobbies while meeting new people, and get back to blogging on a regular basis. So I am going to try blogging a little every day to try to get back in the swing of things. I am going to take my comments off moderation now because it seems the spam is being caught fairly well and not ending up on the blog. I have lots of plans for the blog and for you guys in the near and far future. I'm so excited to share it all with you, one shaky wobbly but inspired step at a time. :-)

And on that note I will talk to you lovelies later. I have several things I need to do and not nearly enough time to do them all. I hope all of you are well, and I will talk to you all tomorrow. :-)  Bye for now.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Ok, so I figured, no time like the present to talk about the movie I just watched. Get this, once I was done watching it, I went back to make a review and Netflix had already removed it. *sad face* But I am so glad I got to see it. This movie was funny and entertaining, and yes, it's about butter. Yes, the stuff you spread on toast. LOL!

So here is Netflix's description:

When a gifted butter sculptor announces his retirement, his ambitious wife sees her hopes for future fame -- and the presidency -- melt away.

This is the movie in a nutshell, but there is no mention of the cute little orphan girl who steals the show, or the home-wrecker you can't help but love, or the loving foster turned adoptive parents that you just want to pat on the back for a job well done. There is just so much going on in this movie, but it all works. And the characters are all likeable, yes, even that plucky home-wrecker was fun to watch. If anything there was only one person I wanted to pop in the nose because his actions were to hurt someone and though it did slighty derail things, there was a happy ending for everyone. I can't help it, I just love a good movie that ends happy for everyone. Take a look at the trailer below, and can we just comment on how catchy the Butter song is. LOL!

The cast was A-list, and I personally feel the actors and actresses were perfectly picked. However, I did have one tiny issue. Alicia Silverstone...what was with all those crazy faces she was pulling? I mean I do remember some of them in Clueless, but it was like she'd lost control of her face. I kind of think it was part of her character, a naive mom who's not really hip to what's current, is just going with the flow as best as she can. So I can kind of see it, but damn woman, those were not the prettiest of faces. LOL! But I love Alicia, so she gets a pass. ;-) So yeah, if you can rent this movie, or get it on DVD from Netflix, orrrr watch it in any other way you umm tend to watch naughty thing you, this is so a movie I would suggest. Warning, it has an R rating because there is some raunch in the movie. It's not overly bad, but this is so not a family movie. Keep that in mind if you choose to give it watch.

And that about does it for this post. You might be able to tell kind of what direction I am planning to take this blog. NO, I am not turning it into a movie review blog. In fact, I'll be talking more about dolls and toys again soon. Just going to change things up a bit. Like I said in the last post, new posts explaining it all coming very soon. Until then, be good, take care, and bye for now. :-)

In A Day

So I do have some posts coming very soon about my blog and the direction I am deciding to take it in. That will be coming in the next day or so. Until then, I thought I'd pop in to mention this cute indie movie I watched tonight called "In A Day". It's a British movie on Netflix that I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching it. Here's Netflix's description of it:

A struggling London musician meets a quirky stranger who persuades her to join him in a day of indulgent amusements and stimulating conversation.

That's a pretty good description of the movie, but I saw it more as a sandwich shop worker ends up having a horrible event happen to her one morning, she comes across a stranger she knows as a regular at her shop, and he turns her day around in more ways than one. Meh, the Netflix description was more poetic about it. LOL! So there is a big secret that is finally revealed at the end of the movie that kind of shocks you but then it kind of all makes sense. And the movie just kind of slowly unfolds in front of you as you follow these two on their day.

This movie is more subtle romantic comedy than your regular mainstream loud and crazy antic rom-coms. I appreciate how it was more of a moving movie than an in your face trying to make you laugh throughout the whole movie kind of movie. I wrote this in my review on Netflix, but I saw it more as your favorite romance novel or chick lit come to life in a movie. It takes you on a fun adventure and leaves you with a smile on your face in the end. Here, take a look at the trailer.

If you are interested in watching this movie and you have a Netflix membership, this movie will be available only until 7/9/14 and it will be taken off the site. It may return later, but if you can, I highly advise you to watch it before then. It's about an hour and a half movie, so a quick simple watch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :-) I'm off to watch another movie that is being taken off the site today. Wish me luck I get it watched before its removal. I'll post a review on that one tomorrow maybe. I know, you can't wait. :-D

And that's it for this post. Like I said, more posts coming soon, just needed to figure things out first before I came back to blogging. Now I know what I want to do, and I think it will bring life back to the blog as well as to, well, my life. LOL! Oh and I've been having a lot of trouble with spam comments, so comments are on moderation for a bit until I can get more into a blogging flow and can check them more often and delete the spam. So feel free to leave comments and I will approve them and response when I next check in. Talk to you lovelies soon. Take care until then. Bye for now.