Sunday, July 27, 2014

Listen To Your Gut!!!

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Ok, so I feel like I am so behind on everything because I can't for the life of me stay organized or get organized or just start to get organized. So I decided that with my new movement in what I wanted to do with my life, blog, etc. that I would need to condense and pull back and become more focused. I thought making several Youtube channels to focus my various ideas on would be a great way to do so, but I also wanted to blog, create, run a shop, write, have a social life, and oh yeah I might want to catch some Zzz's in there somewhere as well. Focusing on several of anything just isn't what I am capable of doing. One channel, sure, the 3-5 I had planned, not so much. And the thing that irritates me is that before I separated all my the channels I sub to into different channels, so I could focus my channels on those topics, I told myself that I should just have one channel and use the collections and playlist options to do my channel. I should have listened to my gut because now I have to change things around. *sigh*  So now I am pulling back to one main channel for it all. Just like this blog I want it to be all about me and my interests, so I am going through the longgggg process of doing so; switching over subs to my one main channel and still thinking about my logo to kind of brand myself.

All this between my extremely sleepiness and trying to get into better health. Sucks. Sucks all around big time, but I am managing...kinda. I need to work harder at it though. Right now though I will work on condensing things, this I can manage in my half asleep mindset right now. Just typing this is mentally exhausting and I really want to go to bed, this is of course after I spent most of the day sleeping. Being unhealthy sucks, but I will change it. I just hope the appointments next week will reveal good news and not bad. Sorry guys, gotta end this for now. Just so tired. If you've left a comment on previous posts, I will comment back very soon. Just super tired to focus on making a good response. I will talk to you all tomorrow, hopefully more awake. Take care until then. Bye for now.

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