Saturday, April 30, 2011

Script Frenzy 2011, that’s a wrap!

Yes ladies and gentleman, with mere hours to spare, I finished my first Script Frenzy!  It was fun.  I wasn’t stressed about it like I usually am with NaNoWriMo, which is changing and that upsets me some, but that is another story.  But yeah, done done and more done.  Anddd out of it I got 21 episodes written out.  So did I finish writing them all?  Yeah right.  LOLLL!!!  But it’s a dent and the story is quickly coming together for me.  I think working on the story brought it back to life for me and I think I’ll be able to knock out the rest fairly easy…if I sit my butt down and do it.  Then take the pictures, and then upload it and I’ll be done with that story and can move on to my next one.  Pretty cool.

Well now I am off to try to write out some scheduling for May.  Everything I planned to do in April didn’t happen because I had that “I’ll get to it” mentality and never did.  So next month is going to be planned.  I have a lot to prepare for.  If you want to keep up with any of that stuff feel free to hope on over to The Mouse Pad, that I’ve chosen to be more of a craft/lifestyle blog and just keep The House of Mouse my doll and toy related blog.  Oh speaking of dolls, I got two dolls yesterday that I want to show you guys.  They are Target exclusives and I wanted them both for characters in my new doll story I will be doing.  I got them now because they are exclusives, will be gone soon, and are so cool.  I’ll try to take a picture of them later.  I want to find a good light source so you can see an interesting comparison.  Ok, gonna go.  Hope you all have a wonderful last day of April.  Remember about your rabbits in the morning.  Bunny  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barbie Mystery Squad, Commercials, and Script Frenzy.

Ok, so I didn’t update my script total yesterday because I didn’t work on it.  I focused most of the day on exercising and dieting.  Yes, that is what all my attention was on.  I just wanted to try and see how it would work focusing hard on it, and yeah I only lost half a pound this morning and I felt worse instead of better and full of energy.  Then today my body rebelled against me and I couldn’t find anything but junk food to make it feel better.  Ahhh!!!  I’m not giving up!  You hear me body!!!  I’m not giving up!!!  Ahhhh!!!  *deep breath*  So yeah, that’s why I didn’t update yesterday.  I did however work on it today and bust out a good couple of pages.  A lot of dialog and letting you into some of the characters’ personalities.  I’m finding it a little easier to write for this story now for some reason.  I guess it’s the revisiting my characters again. But I still think of my new story I want to write so I hope I can knock out this script soon so I can start letting those other story ideas flow free.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Script Frenzy update.

Still at it.  The story is flowing for me some now.  But I am having issues because I keep thinking of the next story I want to do when I am done with this one, and it makes it hard to stay on track with this one.  But it’s starting to flow some now.  So here is my update.

I’m getting there.  I still feel I’ll make it.  I’m determined.  I am going to work on another section before I go to bed and then really work on it tomorrow really hard.  I’d like to finish tomorrow if possible.  I am hoping to have the whole script finished by June, and then “film” everything by September and get it all uploaded by Halloween so I can focus on NaNoWriMo in November along with a special visitor hopefully.  Then on Black Friday I want to release a teaser for my new story that I plan to start on New Years day of next year.  Well see how closely I stick to this plan.  LOL!  Ok I’m off to work some more on the script.  Talk to you all soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I think I’ll finish my Script Frenzy script. Uh, say what?!?

Ok, so as if like wasn’t stressful enough, ok it truly isn’t, I’ve decided to try to finish up my Script Frenzy script that I abandoned on day 1 at 10 pages.  Ok, honestly I didn’t abandon it.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind of Script Frenzy, and it’s been going off every day at 5pm like clockwork.  And I’ve been hitting snooze every day like clockwork.  I wanted to work on it, just couldn’t motivate myself to do it for some reason like I do with Nano.  Well all of a sudden, with 5 days to go, I think to myself “I could win Script Frenzy still.  I could win it and get at least half my story…a forth of my story written up.  Yeah.  Yeah!!!  I’m gonna do it!!!”  And that brings up to now.  I just finished writing up episode 4, I’m at 18 pages.  Only 82 to go.  LOL!  So I’m planning some serious script writing days.  I really want to get back into my story and I think this is the best way to do it.  So here goes, my final attempt at Script Frenzy 2011!!!

There you have it.  There is my little Raisin Man, well he looks like a raisin to me, to let you know how I am doing.  Now granted this one is mostly used for NaNoWriMo, so it says novel and words instead of script and pages, but I love this meter and well just imagine it says script and pages for me, ok.  Pretty please with sugar on top?  Thankies.  Smile  So there you have it, I am 18 percent of the way there, and I have until Saturday at 11:59 pm to validate my 100 page script.  Can she do it?!?  I’m sure as hell gonna try!  LOL!  I’ll update you as the pages mount.  Stay tuned.  Winking smile

Loves ya,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What have I been up to lately?

So my sister bought some doll heads for her Volks and Obitsu dolls and as a trade I volunteered to root some of her heads.  One is done as of today.  Going to start on the next one in the next couple of days.  I want to work on a Liv doll wig I started a couple of weeks ago.    But here are some pictures of the doll head I completed.

Hair Rooting Full Shot

Hair Rooting Close-up

Sorry for the crap pictures.  My camera seems to be slowly dying a slow painful death.  But until I can get a new one I’ll have to make do.  So the colors here are like a neon orange and blue color mix.  Did you know orange and blue are complimentary colors?  My sister has originally started the rooting of this doll, but then the Volks body she was working with broke.  Well I have figured out how to fix it, so hopefully there will be a finished picture of this gal soon.

But that’s all I’ve been working on as of late.  I have been wanting to work on amigurumi patterns, but I can’t figure out how to make what I want to make.  I have an idea, but then I will have a problem when it comes to the eyes.  I might have to crochet them too since I don’t have safe eyes and I want to make my stuff kid safe from toddler on up.  But since I won’t be selling the actual items but the patterns then I guess I could just get some eyes for the pattern as a suggestion.  I’ll have to look into that.  I want to get some Suncatcher Eyes so badly.  I think a purchase from them is in my near future.  And I’m also thinking about making some sewn stuffed animal patterns as well.  I have some ideas in mind for special animals and items.  Stay tuned for that.  Smile  Still working on some stuff to get things organized and sorted, but it’s coming along.  I have two more doll posts coming this week and then I may go quite again for a while as I continue to organize.  Man I wish I could sort out my camera issues.  That would make me so happy.  This pictures were taken on the quick so I knew they’d basically suck, but my camera is just having issues with normal zoom pictures.  Maybe I need to tinker with the settings.  It’s getting testy in it’s old age.  I hope to be able to buy a new one soon.  I don’t know if I could ever go as far as a Nikon although they are mighty beautiful.  Maybe one day.  Hey, a girl can dream.  Red heart  Bye for now kids.  Smile

Loves ya,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Screw it people! I need to talk!

Yeah, I’m back here talking again because I need to just talk and really don’t know where to do it.  In the past couple of days life got hectic for others around me and I can’t help but feel stressed over it.  I don’t even know where to start.  I guess with my family.  So both my parents have diabetes and high blood pressure.  Now my dad’s is more under control, but my mom has had both longer and it’s out of control and she doesn’t take care of herself, well neither of them do, but she’s worse off.  I’m worried about her big time and don’t want anything bad to happen to her.  And I know life is so crazy that something could happen to her and that thought just scares me.  I can’t imagine my life without my mom in it.  I know one day I will have to face that truth but I would like to think I have a good amount of time before I have to face that horrible moment.  My sister and I have been trying to get her to watch her sugar but it’s not easy when my dad keeps bringing unhealthy crap into the house.  I can’t say I’m innocent of such acts, but I worry more about others than myself.  Yeah, my mom’s the same way.  Sad smile


Friday, April 8, 2011

Hamster Wheel

*Warning, there are a few curse words ahead, but nothing overly bad.*

Hey guys and dolls, how are you?  I'm hoping you are all doing well.  I just wanted to pop on here and let you guys knows that I won't be posting for a while.  Just typing that makes me roll my eyes, but I like bloggers to tell their readers when they are leaving for a while not that the readers wait for them to come back and they never do.  I fully intend on coming back to you guys, just not sure when.  Things have just been going on in my life that have made me depressed which in turn makes me not have much to say and makes me shy away from social interaction.  Issues with me, issues with my family, issues with life just have put a lot of strain on me and I’m just worn out truly.  And I feel so guilty just leaving this blog sitting here and not doing anything with it.  Not doing anything I’ve been wanting to do for years.  I’m just not happy with how things are going right now with anything and trying to force it isn’t helping me to come up with anything better or new or mildly entertaining, it’s just crap and an embarrassment when I look at other awesome blogs that I could be like if I just tried a little harder and put some effort into it.

So instead of just posting crap up that just well plainly looks like crap I’m going to just take a pause, gather myself and thoughts, and then come back refreshed and renewed when I am ready.  Once again I’m not really sure when that will be.  Please feel free to still be a follower or friend of my blog, but I understand if you decide not to.  This isn’t forever.  It’s just for now while I try to get my head on straight and try to get my health in better shape.  While the new medicine for my thyroid condition is helping, I am still having scary issues and I can’t drop any weight no matter how much exercise I do and no matter if I starve myself, eat properly, or overeat.  Nothing makes it budge, and while I do know that thyroid issues can cause problems with weight loss I just don’t want to “blame” the illness for this lack of weight loss and maybe I am screwing myself by doing that.  But I place the blame on me.  I feel I am not working hard enough to lose weight so I can be healthy again.  Then add on to this that my whole family is unhealthy and their unhealthy ways are in some ways affecting my health well yeah, it’s like I’m on a hamster wheel.  I’m working my little ass off but I’m getting nowhere.  So I’m ready to get off the damn wheel and get back to life, sadly already in progress without me. Sad smile

But I can do it.  I know I can.  I just need to take some stressors off of me right now in order to do it.  So while I love my blog and love writing in it, I am going to let it go for now.  I know not many people read my little blog here, but to those of you who do I thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and leaving all your kind words in the comments.  Thank you for supporting me in my hobby and for being a friend.  I hope that we can continue on with the fun times when I return.  Like I said, I’m not really sure when that will be, but I do hope at least by my birthday in August.

Well, I guess that’s about it guys and dolls.  Thanks for reading this far if you did, and thanks to those of you who understand why I’m doing this.  I’ll be ok.  I’ll be better than ok.  I’ll be awesome once this medicine starts to work more and I start to finally lose weight.  But until then I feel like everything I do is less the what I know I can do.  So I will just stop before it turns into a royal train wreck.  I will talk to you all soon.  If you need to reach me, feel free to click the email me button on the side and drop me a line.  Peeps on LJ just come on over to my Blogger blog if you want to see the button…I never put one up on LJ which I will do when I get back.  Promise.

Well I’m off everyone.  It’s hard for me to say good bye.  Blogging was a nice creative outlet for me, but I really think the break is best.  I’ll still be checking in on your blogs and commenting when I can.  You can’t get rid of me that easily. Winking smile 

Love you guys.  Be back soon.  Be good until then. Bye-bye for now.

Loves ya,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Posts coming tomorrow…errr later on today.

I got glutened yesterday by a product that is gluten free, and might I add super yummy, but processed on flour lines.  I didn’t know that until after I had helped my sister polish off most of it.  An hour or two later had me in bed sick as a dog and getting a rash.  I’m feeling a lot better now but still a bit of breathlessness and panic.  So the posts I wanted to make today will have to wait.  *sigh* Well they will be better if I am not rushing through them so I can lay down again.  So expect a post from me soon. Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,

Monday, April 4, 2011

I never knew Ken was into bondage!

So I was cam chatting with my friend last night and she showed me a picture of one of her daughter’s Ken dolls.  So what was so special about this guy?  Well let me try my best to tell you the story.  Sarah correct any of this if I am wrong.  So Sarah heard her girls laughing and was wondering what was up, so she walked down the hall towards their rooms and as she got to her youngest’s room a Ken doll landed at her feet.  Looking down and seeing what was done to the poor guy she instantly felt sorry for him.  Why?  Have a look.