Thursday, November 22, 2012

Junky Spot Black Xmas Sale

Hey guys, just thought I'd mention this for those who might not have heard. Junky Spot is having a "Black Xmas" sale this weekend. Starting today, on special sale pages on the website, you can get some nice deals on some dolls you my have been coveting. Right now on sale are various Hujoo dolls. If I had the funds, I would be so broke right now. LOL!

There will be more sales tomorrow and Saturday. I believe they will be different items because he said they couldn't combine shipping for multiple orders. I'm assuming people would buy all they wanted in their first order and would only buy more if there are new items for sale. So be sure to check back the rest of this weekend. He may put Obitsu dolls up for sale, and you 1/6th peeps can snag some dolls for a little bit cheaper. So fingers crossed on that.

Ok, just wanted to pop back on to mention that. I will talk to you lovelies later. Bye for now.

Still feeling sleepy after eating turkey,

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all my United States of America followers, I hope you all had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Mine was ok, nothing eventful. Good food with my family. It was an odd one as well with certain things just throwing off the balance of things, but for the most part it was good. Woke up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, some wonderful talent in the parade this year. And then I just mostly worked on articles that won't be of any use really for 365 days, and helped with dinner.

So I wanted to take a moment to say openly what I am thankful for this year. I'm very thankful that I got to have another year with my family. Earlier this year it didn't look like we may have another Thanksgiving together with my mom's health, but we did. Now I start my hoping for another year together. I never did fully update about my mom. So it seems she had two mini strokes one right after the other, one on each side of her head. On top of that none of the medicine they gave her to calm her heart down worked, so she got a pacemaker too. Since then, her heart hasn't calmed down much, and her pacemaker had to give her a slight shock once, she was not to fond of that. She's been bruising and having headaches lately, which she worries is a side effect to one of the medicines keeping her alive. I hope not, because on tv every other commercial is one of those commercials talking about becoming part of a lawsuit to sue for wrongful death due to the very same medicine she is taking. Her doctor swears she is fine. We are still working on getting her healthy, but its hard around the holidays to break her of old habits. But we won't give up.

I'm thankful I made it to another Thanksgiving. My stomach has been giving me more issues, one bad episode a few weeks ago made me 100% sure I would be dying that night. Well, I made it through and I'm fine...ish...fine-ish. My stomach still gives me issues, but I am not giving up on getting healthy either. I'm forcing myself to return back to things I love like dolls and blogging, and just trying to ignore the tummy pain and discomfort. What doesn't kill us only make us stronger, right?

I'm thankful for all I have right now. Of course we all strive to have more, but I am very thankful for what I have. It may not be much, in United States terms, but it's more than I really should have. So I refuse to complain about what I'm missing in life, because I have the basics of food, water, shelter, and clothes on my back, I truly have all I need right there and have no room to complain.

I'm thankful for all of you who read my blog. I know the past couple of years have barely had any updates due to me not feeling good, but I truly do thank all of you for sticking around. In the next year I plan to do more updating as I relearn how to have fun in the hobby again. Ugh, and I still owe some people some things as well, I'm so behind on things, but I will get there. I'm also thankful for doll people in general. From you I have learned so much and have been so entertained for the last 13 years since my return to the hobby. Please continue to be awesome and continue to teach me more about the plastic little things that we so happily let take over our lives.

And lastly, I'm thankful for this life. I may feel depressed about certain things going on with me, but this life given to me was a precious gift and I'm thankful for it. I can and will make it better again, and will continue to appreciate it with each day I am given.

I feel I have forgotten a lot, but in the end, whatever I've forgotten, I am thankful for. I hope all of you are well, and if you go out tonight or tomorrow to shop for some super deals, please please please be safe. Unfortunately we all know we will hear about someone being seriously hurt tomorrow, but I hope no one loses their lives. Just be cautious and courteous. Nothing is worth knocking a few dollars off an item. You will get another deal again, just let it go if it means someone might get hurt or worse. Ok? Ok.

Alright, big hugs and kisses to you all and I will talk to you in the next post. Bye for now. And again, Happy Thanksgiving!!! Bye for now.

Feeling sleepy from eating turkey,

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Monday, November 12, 2012

I've Got Two Free To Play Guild Wars 2 Codes

Ok guys, I'm back with 2 codes to play Guild Wars 2. If you are interested please leave a comment with your email address below so I can send you an invite. Feel free to put spaces in the email address to keep it from being picked up by crawlers. They say that codes are limited so I am also going to post this on Facebook with the few peeps I know on there and give them a chance at the codes too. This is open to everyone and it's first come first serve. If I end up giving the codes out I'll update here about it. Ok, I'm off to post this on Facebook now, talk to you lovelies later.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Ok, so I can say "happy" right? I believe I can. LOL! Well I couldn't let today go by without giving a nod to the men and women protecting our great country. Without getting political on how great or how not so great our country is, I'd like to just have us all take a moment to be grateful to those who put their lives on the line so that we can sit here on our rears and debate how great the country is. These brave men and women do something I honestly don't know if I could do it.

Living in a military town, you notice when the country is in a state of duress, it gets eerily quiet as troops are deployed to places unknown. You hear stories while standing in check-out lines at the stores, and as a child you see the kids respond to good or bad news. I remember in middle school one day, in the middle of gym, a girl I knew was crying, and we all asked her what was wrong, and all she could say between tears was something happened to her daddy. We were at war then in Iraq I believe, and I felt so bad for her. We never found out if he was ok, but I do hope he's still with his family. But it's things like this that always kept the truth about what these people did fresh in your mind.

So today, if you know a veteran shake their hand and let them know how thankful you are for what they do. And if you are a veteran, again, thank you for all you have done for the country. And on that note, I'm off to hug my veteran dad for all he's done. Talk to you guys in another post soon. :-)

Proud to be an American,

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anyone Play MMOs?

Ok, don't hold me to this right now, but I may be getting three friend invites to give away to play Guild Wars 2 from November 15-18. They are adding a new land on November 15th and it will be a great time for you to join in the fun. One friend invite is already gone so I have two left to consider when I get them. I thought I'd offer them here on my blog to you dolly peeps. I don't mind if you want to give the invite to someone you know who will play the game or if you want to keep it to try the game out yourself, I just really want someone who will play the game to have the codes. I personally love the game and love how it allows me to play when I have time, and even if your friends are level 80, like my sister is, their levels will be lowered to come play with you if you aren't their level, like my sister does with me. You may even decide you want to play the game after the trial and get a copy for yourself.

Now like I said I am offering this to my doll peeps, but if you are a gamer who has a blog and comes across my blog looking for codes go ahead and leave a comment that you'd like it as well. I will pick dolly peeps first but if no one says they are interested in the codes then I will pass it on to a gamer. You must have a blog or something to show me you are a gamer and not someone just collecting codes. If I can't find proof of you being an actual gamer then I won't give you the code. Oh, also leave me a way to reach you, this goes for everyone, so I can send the codes when or if I get them. I will update you all on that in a few days. I'm super excited about the new event and the new land.  Oh, and before you leave a comment for the code, please check to make sure your system meets the game requirements.

Ok, so I will know more about the codes in a few days and will make a post about if I have them or not. Just thought I'd mention it here now since it may take a while for people to see I am blogging again and for those interested in gaming to see it. Ok, I'm off to work on articles again. Bye for now my lovely peeps.

Writing and article about apps,

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Super Sale On Liv Doll Jake

I hope I have time to type this out for you guys. If you are in the market for a Liv Doll Making Waves Jake, he is being sold for $4.97 right now. There are only 3 left though, so if you want him, snap to it.

However, if you do miss out on this deal, never fear. Toys R Us has him for $7.98, but I believe that is an online price only. I would advise you only buy him from Toys R Us if you are making a purchase that gets you the free shipping because Toys R Us shipping is crazy expensive otherwise. So this would be good if you want to get other discount Liv dolls or other dolls or doing Christmas shopping. Ok, hope I got this message out in time to you guys. Bye for now.

ETA: Umm, correction guys, there are 2 left. My mom found out my sister didn't have a Liv doll and so she got my sister a Liv doll couple for Christmas. LOL! Sorry. ;-) I promise, the last two are all yours! :-)

Off to write,

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Today was an interesting day. I decided to do something I'd been avoiding, fearing I couldn't do it. I decided to switch out some Liv doll eyes. Sounds simple, and for all the dolls I did it too it was simple. I decided to practice with several before I did the doll I really wanted to do it to. Yeah, what should have been a 5 minute craft with this one doll turned into a 3 hour adventure. For an hour I couldn't figure out why her right eye was wonky. I finally saw, after taking the eye out and putting it back in a million times, that the vinyl was very thin in one part of the eye well and ripped. So I couldn't put the eyes in as is. So I decided to cut off the cap of the head and install the eyes with some putty. I put some bjd acrylic eyes in, tonssss of putty, and now her head is drying from glue. I used plain clear glue so I can change her eyes if I want. In the morning I may not like her eyes. If I do then I will go back in and use E6000 to make it more sturdy. Ugh! It was suppose to be simple. I switched eyes and bodies all evening with no issues, and then the one I really wanted to turn out right doesn't. Oh well, I wouldn't have been able to use the eyes I finally did if I hadn't cut the eye well open. I just hope the cap glues well so the wig won't pull it off again. Fingers crossed. I'll update on it tomorrow. It's crazy, I was so crafty today. I finished the lips on the doll and it turned out really nice. I'll have to post about that later as well. And on that note I am off peeps. Time to get to work on some lenses. Bye for now.

Frustrated and tired,

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mattel...Get It Together!

Ok, so about a year ago, while browsing through Tuesday Morning right after Christmas, I was lucky to find one single Monster High doll. That was lucky alone, but the extra luck came when I saw it was one of the ones I really wanted and hadn't had a chance to purchase yet. It was a Draculaura doll, The "Day At The Maul" one, to be exact. I looked at her in the dim light and thought she looked perfectly cute, and at $9.99 she was steal. So home she went with me.

Now, when I got her home, I bust opened her box to enjoy my plunder of the doll shelves and was instantly disappointed. Her eye shadow on one eye was scratched, her eye was scratched, her fangs were completely off center, the heart on her face was only half finished, and she just looked so derpy. I tossed her to the side and forgot about her, thinking I'd try to fix her when I could. Today I picked her up and thought "I'm going to wipe her face and try giving her a new one.", but first I had to remove her head. So I went and used a hairdryer on her and got the head off in about 5 minutes. I thought I was ready, but figured her broom stiff bangs would cause an issue with customizing, so I washed her hair with hot water and Lever2000 bar soap. I am not sure if she is keeping her hair yet so I didn't care what the soap would do to it because it tends to be fixable.

So after a good wash to get the glue out of her bangs, I dried her off and looked at her and noticed something odd. The wonky eye I mentioned was her left eye, but it was her right eye that shocked me.  Her right eyebrow is completely gone, her eyeshadow on that eye is only half there, her eyelashes on that eye have been cut in half, and on her wonky eye her eyebrow is just a bit worn and her eyeshadow on that eye is a bit worn. So the perfect looking eye was just wiped clean off. I wondered if it was the soap, since it is meant to get tough stains and grease off of hands, so I went back in and gave it a really rough cleaning in really hot water, nothing happened. So it wasn't the soap, I don't think, I think it was crap work at Mattel. The thing that gets me is that little kids are taking these dolls into their baths and the soap I used was meant for all over cleaning, it doesn't have those granules in it like the original, so it makes me think any soap would have ended in the same outcome. If a little kid had gotten my doll they would have been gutted to see their doll's face half gone. I know quality control will slip, but this is just a bit much. The doll was clearly not painted right in the first place and her face just washed off with soap and water. Oh and her hair is just pulling out and it's not from brushing as I have never brushed her hair at all. So yeah, I wonder if others from this batch ended up so bad.

I mean tell me guys, is it just me or are Monster High dolls quality just like this? Is it a hit or miss on what you will get? I only have three dolls and I plan on selling them eventually, that's for another post, and so I don't really know what to expect on Monster High dolls quality. I'm sad the paint was so messed up on this little one, but it also gives me a reason to do what I had planned to do after seeing her wonky face. I want to try customizing her and giving her new life. Excited to try it after watching some tutorials on face-ups. So yeah. I'll update you guys on how that is going. Need to get my craft area cleaned up before attempting it first and that will take a while since I need to write several Christmas articles and actually start Nanowrimo. I started on day one but haven't really worked on it. *sigh* It's day 7, I still have time. One time I had 40k to go with only three days left, and I won. So I know I can do it. Ok, getting off track here. But do tell me if you have had negative quality when it comes to your Monster High dolls.

And on that note I am off guys. I need to go see how some doll lips I painted and sealed are doing and then start working on some articles. Hope everyone is doing well, playing with their dolls, and aren't too bummed about yesterday's election. Whomever you voted for, just remember, in the end we may be divided by parties but we are united as a nation and we're all shooting for the same goal, one great country and nation. So dems, hug you fellow reps, and let's get back to playing with dolls. :-) Bye for now guys and gals.

Off to touch some lips and hope she doesn't get red on her fingers,

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Friday, November 2, 2012

In a Toy State of Mind

Hey all! So while I was surfing around the web tonight, I found myself on a website...that I have no earthly idea how I got there in the first place, that had some interesting articles on it. It's one of those media sites that once you read one you find another interesting related one and before you know it a few hours have passed and you have read some of the most interesting useless knowledge in the world...but i digress.

Now, not trying to get you hooked into a hour long reading frenzy, I did find 4 articles of interest. All related to toys of course. LOL!  Take a look at these interesting articles. Warning, if you don't want to get stuck on this site for an hour or more only read these links I have provided. If you look on the sidebar or at the related links you may never get off the site. You have been warned.



 What did I tell you? Interesting, right? Ok, maybe not, but it gave me a giggle. LOL! And I am in shock to see they has a Six doll. My sister had Blossom and Joey. I would have loved a Six doll. I loved her personality. Oh well, maybe some day. ;-) And on that note I am off. I am working on an article for Squidoo and then I need to start my Christmas articles. I think I will so all doll related articles. So expect me to share those here eventually. Talk to you lovely peeps again later on today. I should be able to get my doll's head swapped out today since I feel a little bit better lately. So I hope to have her ready for viewing today. Hope you are all having a great Friday. :-) Bye for now.

Feeling sleepy and cold,