Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spread To Thin!!!

I seem to recall titling a post like this before.  I guess I didn’t pay attention the first time around.  So, what is this post about? Probably the same thing the original post was about.  Ok, so in my effort to just be out there and explore all the neat things the net has to offer, I have signed up to a ton of social media sites, only to either forget about them or avoid them because I just couldn’t give my attention to them all.  But I needed an outlet still to talk.  Of course I had my blog here, but still, I needed more because I felt no one wanted to hear all about my interests in one place, but I truly think that is where I went wrong.  So he’s the low-down peeps.

I have decided to make some changes here and across the web at the various other places I “hang out” so that I can focus on building my audience as well as connecting with my audience.  I don’t want to go into to much detail just yet because I am still working out what will be going on.  All I know is that I am consolidating myself and bringing it all back home.  I hope the changes I make will make me a better blogger, hobbiest, and friend.

I need about a month to sort things out fully.  I am going to be focusing on doing a super clean of my things to sort out what I don’t want and what I do want and just where I am heading with my hobbies, still inspired by your AndreaSmile  Also I need to get my areas ready for some workers to come in to work on my bathroom and my light needs working on again, so my areas need to be clean and I need to help clean the rest of the house for plumbing issues.  Then I am still trying to sort out my tummy business and I need to sort it out because I have a mini crisis going on with someone I care very much about and I need to get healthier to help them.  Add on top of that, June is the first month of Camp Nanowrimo, August being the second, and I want to participate in both months plus November.  I told myself I was done with Nano, but after not writing really a lick of anything this year I saw I needed them to at least write something.  Yeah, outline is still being worked on as I type. So I really just need the next month to get sorted. But I will come back with my plan to be the blogger I want to be.

So until I return, I will wish you all a happy June.  I hope you enjoy the last bit of Spring because Summer will be starting soon and bringing all the lovely hot weather, hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, bugs, rodents, etc. to a town near you.  Can’t wait.  Winking smile  And to you Southern Hemisphere peeps, you enjoy that cold a little bit longer, but come late September early October I am so coming to take it back!  Smile  And on that note I shall take my leave.  Oh, but I can’t dash just like that.  I have to leave you with something upbeat until I get back.  Hummm…oh I know!  How about some Perfume?  Smile

You’re welcome.  Winking smile  Be good until I get back.  Bye for now. Left hug&Red lips

Feeling a little better,