Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Milk Toof

Hey guys!  I know, long time now chat. I’m still around, been working on some stuff and trying to take care of my health.  A lot has been going on with me health-wise and it’s just been a long and lonely road of trying to get back.  I finally went to the doctor but wasn’t given much info about anything.  I’m taking Prilosec and fiber supplements and as long as I don’t drink too much water I’m ok.  Must find an alternative to water.  He also wanted to put me on Zoloft, but I have decided against taking them due to the fact they can cause you to have seizures.  For those of you who have read my blog you understand why I don’t want to go that route.  I have the pills just in case I “do” need them, but as of now I don’t.  What I need is for my stomach to stop hurting and then I wouldn’t panic so much, but doctors hear you have seldom panic attacks and they latch on to that and prescribe you something for it.  Don’t need it, so won’t be taking it.  I’ll keep you updated on how my health is going, but so far so good.  It’s been a couple of rough days, but today I cut back on the water from 64 oz to 40 oz and I feel a lot better.  I could sit up and watch a 2 and a half hour movie and I haven’t don’t that really since December last year.  So yay for getting better!  But enough about me.  Smile

What I came to post about today is My Milk Toof.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s this cute webcomic by a creative gal named Inhae Renee Lee who made cute clay teeth that she photographs their daily adventures.  It’s so cute.  She recently got a book deal for her toothy pictures and has made a promotion video for the book.  I wanted to share it with you all because it’s a behind the scenes look of how she creates her characters and sets up the scenes.  I thought you fellow doll/diorama peeps would find this interesting.  She went as far as to carve bits of her doors and furniture for her art.  Smile  Now that’s cool.  LOL! Here’s the video.

Cute right?  Well be sure to check out My Milk Toof, I read through the whole blog in no time and you will want to go back and read the earlier stories.  She’s also holding a very cute contest until March 6th.  I was thinking of entering, but don’t know what to do.  Still have time to enter so maybe I will work on it tomorrow. Basically you make your own My Milk Toof character and she along with two other judges will pick the three they like best and give those winners free signed copies of her book.  That would be an awesome win!

Well I am off again people.  I will try to pop back in more regularly when I can.  I’m still reading your blogs, just not commenting much.  Be good until next we meet.  Bye until then.  Winking smile

Loves ya,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have I just become bitter guys?


So if you haven’t heard already, Barbie and Ken have made it “official” that they are “back on” again.  Even going as far to merge their Facebook pages.  *fake doe-eyed sigh* So in love.  No seriously, when I read the official press release, I must admit, I wanted to gag.  Now is it because this is the stupidest thing known to mankind or is it that I’m an just a bitter old witch who needs to melt off a few layers of ice around her heart?  I don’t know.  I just found the whole Barbie breaking up with Ken to be stupid.  I know they were trying to generate sales and they are doing the same thing now and well they have to keep trying new things, but still, it’s stupid.  Why not try something else when it comes to Barbie like oh I don’t know, kill the pink, give her better quality clothing that covers her more and is more modest, bring her price down some, and just make her more interesting.  *sigh*  I don’t know, maybe I’m just bitter.  I still find Liv dolls more interesting, but my sister’s sudden interest in dolls again is making me look at other dolls as well.  I think I am going to get her a doll for her birthday.  Just trying to decide what kind of doll.  She wants about a 15 inch or so bjd.  I’m looking around but nothing so far.  I’ll keep looking.  She is making me want to play with my poorly neglected Bobobie sprite again.  I need to find some elastic cording for her that will make her joints hold better and get a wig that fits finally.  *sigh*  But meh, I just wanted to hop on here to really do nothing.  LOL!  I am bored and in a funky mood.  I want to do some shopping on Amazon for some books on amigurumi, so I may do that.  I also need to use up some gift cards and plan to use them online as well.  I need to get up early to make some doctors appointments, yay - not really.   Meh, don’t mind me peeps.  Just in a blah mood.  Congrats to the happy couple ^.  May they have many long years together, or may they be together until Mattel’s sales drop again, whichever comes first.  Bye y’all.

Loves ya,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Katers! Don’t do it!

So I was catching up on Youtube videos and started watching one by Katers17.  Well on her daily vlog channel she likes to show the mail she got.  Today she got an action figure which turned out the be a doll.  A very special and expensive doll.  Well expensive by my means.  And there was a threat to burn the poor thing because she was thought of to be scary.  I want to rescue her.  Sad smile  At about 13:48 into the video is when the dolly reveal starts.  So sad.  I hope she doesn’t destroy the doll.   Fingers crossed.

Ok, that was my geeky doll moment of the morning.  I’m off to bed now.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Monday, February 14, 2011