Monday, June 29, 2009

8 Top Things Meme

Ok, so since I am slowly trying to get back on track, I decided to start with a meme I found on several online blogs I was reading yesterday. I believe its suppose to be one of those tag things, but I don't really want to go tagging people, but I encourage you to steal this from me and post it on your blog and comment and let me know you did it so I can see it. :-)

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. The new Harry Potter Movie
2. Hopefully seeing "A" this year.
3. Autumn
4. Winter
5. My birthday...for the first time in years.
6. Christmas...I love the festive feeling in the air.
7. Hanging out with old friends again.
8. The new Twilight movie...please don't tell anyone. I just want to see if the story gets better.

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Had cupcakes made by moi. Yum!
2. Made my first potato salad and it was win with everyone.
3. Finally got to play the Uncharted 2 its last hour. :-(
4. Talked to the boyfriend who is still on the mend from surgery.
5. Surfed the web most of the day.
6. Slept in late, which I hate.
7. Talked to my friend for a while to see what he was up to.
8. Chatted in a group with my sister and her friends.

8 Things I Wish I could do
1. Open and run a business.
2. Enter into craft shows.
3. Sew better.
4. Knit better.
5. Crochet better.
6. Use up my stashes of stuff so I can get new stuff.
7. Sell some stuff I don't need so I can get stuff I want.
8. Get on with my life.

8 Shows I Watch
1. The Fashion Show
2. As the World Turns
3. General Hospital
4. The Lawrence Welk Show
5. Various British shows on PBS.
6. Tori and Dean
7. Big Love
8. Hung

People i am tagging!
Once again I don't really want to tag anyone, so if you like this meme, take, use it, abuse it, and then let me know you did so in the comments. I'd love to see what you come up with. :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another quick post.

I wanted to share with you one more thing. Don't worry, its G-rated this time.


Is this not the most kick-ass clock you have ever seen?!? I so want it. I believe its an actual clock you can buy, but I never found the site for it. But it has me wanting to attempt to make my own clock. All I need are the gears, a face, some paint, and my imagination. I will make this close mine somehow. *evil grin*

Ok, just wanted to share that with you. I truly am off now. Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm following you.

So I couldn't decide if I was going to follow anyone on this blog, but I just see that following makes it so convenient to keep up on reading blogs of interest. So if you are here checking me out because I recently followed you, its because I was following you on my Paisley Girl blog and just decided to start following you over here instead. So now I feel complete in moving over to this blog. And here is where I shall stay for a while...until I buy my own domain. Then they process starts all over again. :-D

Loves ya,

Find out who's your idol.

So my mom sent me this interesting email. By simple calculations you can learn who your idol is. I thought it was so impressive I had to share it with all of you. Try it out. You'll be amazed.



It's CRAZY how accurate this is!

1) Pick your favorite number between 1-9
2) Multiply by 3 then
3) Add 3
4) Then again Multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the calculator)
5 ) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number.....
6 ) Add the digits together   ;

Now Scroll down to the ROLE MODEL list below and find tour number.

1. Einstein

2. Simon Cowel

3. Walt Disney

4. Ronald Reagan

5. Bill Gates

6. Gandhi

7. Brad Pitt

8. Babe Ruth

9. Mouse (Chelle)

10. JFK

I know....I just have that effect on day you
too can be like me.... Believe it!

P.S. Stop picking different numbers!! I AM YOUR IDOL,

Hehehe, you know you love it. Feel free to copy and repost this or email this to a friend and let them see who THEIR idol is. :-D

Loves ya,
Mouse...your idol. 8:>

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1930s fashion predictions not to far off.

So surfing the web I found this video from the 1930s about fashion predictions for the lady of the year 2000. At first watching of the video I giggled and rolled my eyes. But upon watching the video several more times I found that their predictions weren't that far off. Watch to see what I mean.

The first outfit looks a bit more 1950s to me, but they weren't to far off with convertible clothing. With snaps and zippers coats can turn into light jackets easily. The third episode of The Fashion Show had the designers designing a coat for each season that could do more than just be a coat.


Andrew created a coat that could be short but if needed it could be pulled down longer for more coverage. Reversible clothing also runs along the lines of the first outfit's idea. So they really weren't that far off on this idea.

The next outfit I feel was spot on.


The sheer top dress. Popular since the 90s really, but becoming more classic in the 2000s. I don't feel its only purpose is the catch the guy though. Women are finding their shoulders sexy bits to show off, so these sheer tops are nice for that. But the parts on the breast kind of threw me. That is until I showed my mom the video and she blurted out "Well Madonna already did that!". LOL!


Humm, yeah kind of, but no I have seen that look somewhere else before. Oh wait! I know where!!!


Rupaul's Drag Race! Shannel wore this on the catwalk. Its not a look you easily forget. She even has the hair. Speaking of which, I think the video overshot that one by two decades.


The next outfit I feel once again overshot by several decades. The pantsuit was popular by the 40s and 50s. Lounging pantsuits, which look similar to the outfit in the video, were popular by then also. As for the shoes, they weren't that far off either.


Shoes of today are getting more and more shocking and gravity defying every time you open up a fashion magazine. As for the belt, I think we will just stick to our coats, scarves, and mittens for now. :-)


The next outfit, boom swish, has been a mainstay in women's clothing for a decades now also. The climate control they are talking about? Central air and heat I believe they call it these days. ;-)


The next outfit was overshot again by 2 decades along with the hair. Big hair and big sleeves were THE style in the 80s.


The next outfit is another convertible look as mentioned above. It seems the skirt can be shortened on the dress or the outfit changed all together. They weren't far off on their guess with this one. The light bulb however...cell phone perhaps? Lighter maybe?

And this last one, spot on spot on. Granted portable phones and radios were already a thing back in the 80s, and men carried bags as well, I don't it was more prominent than it is now. Men have got their phones.


Men have got their "radios" or ipods if you will.


And now men have got their bags or murses if you will.


Where they can put their coins, keys, and candy for cutie. As for the no shaving, colors, or ties? I think that's purely left up to preference these days.

So the designers back in the day were not that far off on their thoughts. Maybe its in a designer's blood to think similar. Or maybe some designers saw this video. Whichever the case may be, it seems that fashion begets fashion. I'd love to see a video made today of what designers today think will be in fashion for the lady of 2070 or even better 3000...if we live past 2012 that is. Well I hope you liked my little fashion post today and woot it isn't even Monday. :-D Talk to you lovelies later.

Ohhh, before I forget, while searching for Rupaul's Drag Race I came across this picture.


Don't you just love it. LOL! I think its just too much. LOL! I love Rupaul, even though he could out-woman me any day. *sigh* Oh wells, work it girl! :-) Gotta dash now. Tori and Dean are on!!!

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

After 100 years, finally there is a solution to toilet paper!!!

Find toilet paper archaic? Wish there was a way to wipe you rear without having to hold the dirty paper? Well now your prayers have been answered! And if you act now you get a free gift!!! Call today...not really...but yes really call today!!! :-D

This had me crying from laughing so hard. Let me know what you think about it. LOL!

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

Monday, June 15, 2009

Umm baby, you smell good enough to eat.


Ok, sorry I lied. I have one more post for you. If you couldn't tell from the picture, Burger King has come out with a fragrance called "Flame". It's flame-grilled scent boasts to put you "in the mood for anything". *Wiggles eyebrows.* Here's what the website you can buy it on says.

A perfume like no other wafts in to RED5 – Flame is Britain’s first fragrance with the hint of flame-grilled beef, endorsed by celebrity hotshot Piers Morgan and priced at a credit crunch busting £4.99!

Most celebrity fragrances offer a ‘delicate’, ‘playful’ or ‘captivating’ overtone. But not Flame. The new fragrance from Burger King bucks the trend with that hint of flame-grilled beef. And reputedly it's also a surprising scent of seduction!

Flame makes a fun gift for Father’s Day, birthdays or for no occasion in particular. Make that someone special feel irresistible again! Or, why not treat yourself to the scent of seduction and test its pulling power on your next night out?

When it was launched in the US last year, Flame sold out in just four days. So don't hang about. Get your hands on the UK version before it’s too late!!

Oh yeah baby, you know you like it. So go out and get your "flame" on today. ;-)

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

The Fashion Show!


Yes, I am back again this week with my thoughts on "The Fashion Show" for last Thursday. Ok, so we start the show off with a small challenge of designing a t-shirt for a high-schooler who was going for study body president. Each designer got a backpack with a school clique them in it. They were to design a t-shirt the young lady could wear to woe them into voting for her.

Well the designers got to work and came out with some interesting stuff. But from the start I saw Angel was having trouble. She got B-girl and had no idea what one was. She said she didn't see that where she lived. I can kind of understand her though. If your area is not one to have a mixed culture then you would be missing out on certain things. And I feel the popularity of B-girl was back in the 90s. And they insist she should have seen it on tv. Well I have practically stopped watching tv over the last 10 years and lots of other people have done so too. So perhaps she didn't focus on tv and I don't think Angel's choice of music is hip hop. So she just wasn't exposed to that. And if they judges had gone back and looked at the confessions, most of the designers had no idea what they were designing for. They went with an assumption. Ol' Merlin was about to have a freaking meltdown trying to figure out what a Mean Girl wore. I think this was just a hard challenge.


Now the winner of this challenge I don't think should have been the winner. Daniella won for gluing cut out leaves on a cut out tree for Tree-huggers. Ok, I get it. But not very inventive. I love what Anna had done though. She had goth and with the little time she had she really worked that t-shirt. She put in a zipper, distressed it, and just made it look very gothic. I think she put the most work and thought into her shirt and yet Danny got it for a bunch of leaves. I was with Johnny on his thoughts on this one. But oh well, she won. What I didn't like was how Danny was so cocky saying she didn't need immunity because she had this competition in the bag. Hummm, I didn't see you winning the fashion show Miss Thang.

Ok, so after Danny is declared the winner of the challenge, they find out that for the fashion show they must design an outfit for their clique in their 20s. Well Angel was not happy. And I felt for her. I honestly did. But she asked around and got an idea about a B-girl and I think what she pulled out was a decent attempt. I'm sure if she would have gotten any other of those cliques she would have done well. But in the end it was her and Johnny standing in front of the judges.


Wait, got ahead of myself. The fashion show was interesting. Some of the outfits I really liked. Anna's goth outfit I liked, until she took her jacket off and revealed a bright pink blouse. I don't know if I would have gone with the pink. Maybe a rich red instead, if you wanted to add color. But I don't think a goth would all of a sudden go from muted tones to bright pink in their 20s. I could see them adding red, blue, more dark colors, not pink. The judges looked a bit confused at her work.


Reco's work was ok. He was designing for drama. I thought his t-shirt design with the drama faces and a line saying "To Vote or Not To Vote" was cute, so I thought he'd pull off an outfit. He made a very dramatic flowing dress, but made the front so short it look like lingerie. I didn't really like that or the plaid little vest he put on it. But the judges seemed to like the vest, but had similar thoughts about the lingerie.


Johnny's outfit was just so odd. He had jock. Now everyone had to know what a jock was and what they wear. I think Johnny is just to much into his own way of designing to even try designing for someone else. And what does he go and say again this week? "Send me home." Ahhhh!!! Such a whiny little bitch!


Lidia's design was just a bit costumey for me. She could have designed a more fashionable outfit for a nerd. Something a little sexy. Nerds can grow up and get a fashion sense you know. I just didn't like it this time around.


James-Paul's outfit did nothing for me. It was actually shocking how he really seemed to hold back on his outfit. It still had his oddness but not some much that it makes me scratch my head in confusion.


I like how this week it seemed Haven took a chance. She knew where she wanted to go with her outfit but wasn't really sure how to get there. But she pressed on until she got the look she was going for and it was kind of cute to me. And it won her a runner up position as one of the outfits most liked in the fashion show next to Merlin. Reco did not like that much, but I will get to that in a mo'.


Danny girl did her Tree-hugger thing that I just thought looked like crap. I don't know what she was going for but whatever it was, I think she missed the mark. Honestly, I thought the outfit was going to fall off the model. There was just so much going on.


Then Merlin, who cried great tears of sadness, pulled it out at the end with his fierce Mean Girl look. I agree, he should have left the sleeve longer and I would have been all over that. Pink, long sleeves, sexy all likie.


I think Merlin deserved his win and was happy for him. He stressed so much over it and won. Woot! Check it out here and here. I'm actually really pissy they didn't include the jacket with it. That was one of the main things I liked about it. I would have liked the longer arms but I loved it nonetheless. Oh well.


And finally Angel. Like I said, I think she got a somewhat idea about B-girl, but not a good enough one to keep her out of the bottom. She made kind of like an outfit you could expect to see on any woman walking the street. She added a cap and glasses which was a nice touch but still. What gets me is how the other designers were like "She's so stupid, she doesn't know who she is designing for." when they all basically had the same problem. Don't go sweeping around someone else's back door until you have swept around your own. So I thought those comments were pointless.


So the judges leave Johnny and Angel to stew while they talk it over. During this time Reco decides to chime in that he didn't think Haven should have been up there as one of the most liked outfits and how Johnny basically brings a bad name to the career "he" is helping create basically. He wasn't fashion design to have a good name and Johnny is just messing it up. He wanted Johnny to go home if he so wanted to so he could win the competition sooner. The other designers chimed in and Reco finished with a dramatic he'll be standing there at the end and no one else will be there because they don't have what it takes. Cocky much? I think so. But I think that is what will get him far in this competition and career. In fact I was reading today that competition in fashion design is so big that designers require at least a bachelor's degree in fashion design before you are even considered fashion worthy. Hummm. So I think Reco's mindset and attitude is perfect for the career. But it tends to make him look like an ass, which is a bummer. I would not feel comfortable around him just from meeting him. But I don't like to go from appearances alone. I only know him from the few minutes I see him on tv when he knows he's "on", so who knows what he's like at home.

But he is right, some of the designers don't need nor deserve to be there. Namely, Johnny, who got to stay over Angel. The judges decided that Angel could not design, and picked Johnny, who clearly felt he didn't need to give more than he already was, should stay.!? No, they should have sent Johnny's ass home this week. He said it again for them to send him home. Well damnit, give him his damn wish! Send him packing! Give Angel another chance to up her game. I know if she would have gotten nerd or anything else she would have done fine. She makes good stuff. And she can design. She just had an off week. Johnny just doesn't give a crap and he's only being kept around for the drama. I so hope he goes home this week.

So yeah, that is my recap of The Fashion Show for last Thursday. We are getting down to the last few shows, then I will have nothing to watch on Thursday again. Oh well, just means I need to get back to sew my own stuff then. And then there's always Project Runway in August. :-) Well I am done posting for now. Going to catch up on a soap and then sleep some. Got a massive headache coming on. Ugh! Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

Barbie FTW!!!

Ok, so this amused me the other day and I just have yet to post about it. I found this through another website I love looking at called 9GAG.


Its a Foosball table with the players being modded Barbie dolls. I just find this so funny. I would LOVE to have this table. I do kind of feel bummed there are no Barbies of color slipped in there, but I'll just consider this the prototype and imagine the "real one" will have it a little more colorful. ;-)


I could see this sitting in the middle of my gigantic den...if only my parents didn't call it their bedroom. Oh well. LOL! I wonder where the inventor got this idea. From what I can make out from the little blurb about it here, it was for a design event in Berlin. I wonder where this table is now. Who gets to call this gem theirs? Well whoever has it now is one lucky duck. ;-)

And the comments for these post are just as amusing.

I for one always play soccer in my tank top and mini skirt.

This next one made me giggle:

The killjoys at Mattel are drafting an unamused cease & desist letter as we speak.

In response to that comment:

Probably the same killjoys responsible for the demise of the infamous Bratz dolls, so I don't mind them.

Worst Rockette's line up ever.

The feet are conventional, but the miniskirt says: "Sports are hard, let go shopping!"

Come on Barbie, let's play soccer! Oo oo oo oo! Come on Barbie, score a goal now! Oo-whoa, oo-whoa!

Bend it like Barbie.

If I had that table, my signature move would definitely be the "Ponytail Whip" to score!

This just reminds me of this unexplicable anger I feel when I see women -all dressed up, full-on make-up and with their hair down- working out. Can anyone relate and try to explain this to me?

Umm, yeah, can anyone explain that last one? Why do women get all dolled up for the a workout? You are going to be sweating. You won't look cute with gunk running all over your face. Seriously. Humm. Well I just wanted to post about that real quick. I'm off again. I just remembered one more post I wanted to make before laying down and catching up on a missed episode of "As the World Turns". So yeah, one more coming at you.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

Fashionable Monday

Its funny, I don't intend to post on my past themed days but I always seem to post fashion related items on Monday. LOL! Well this one is an odd one. Its a video about a woman being stripped by at crane. Nope, I'm not joshing you. Check it out.

So here's my ish. Why would they even bother putting in all the time and effort to practice doing this? Did they win money for it? Seriously, it seems pointless, but it was interesting. I swear when that crane got close to her body I freaked out a bit. Could you imagine the pressure a pinch from a crane would put on your body? OUCH! Well I hope you were mildly entertained. I'll be back to posting here soon. Here lately I've been posting about personal stuff on a second blog. If you want to know the personal stuff you will have to email me at (mouse1996 @ nc . rr . com) taking out all the spaces. I need to know you from somewhere before you get that link though, so just let me know where I might know you from. Ok, that's about all for now. I might be posting again soon with another silly post. Until then take care my lovelies.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yep, its fashionable.

So in searching through some LiveJournal communities today I found some fashions that were said to be not so fashionable. So of course they would all turn out to be things I just loved. LOL!



The first thing I found so interesting were these pantyhose. Yes, those are veins on them. Isn't that just cool?!? Ok maybe I'm the only one who thinks so but I just love them. Could you imagine walking the street in those. Granted you may get some looks, but who cares! Its just jealousy baby. :-)


Next up are these kick ass boots. They may seem a little grandma meets leather, but I seem them more Steampunkish. I honestly love them. Does that make me quirky or odd? If so, I'm proud of being both. :-)



Next on our list are these Keds shoes. Not only do they have cat food on some but a variety of human food on others. Can anyone say bacon and not together. They also just have kawaii designs on others. I'd love one of each pair honestly.


So guess what's making a comeback? Scrunchies. Or if you want to get technical Scuncis. However its not Scunci bringing them back. I kind of wish they were, they would do them class. The company bringing them back is trying to do it in a sexy or artistic way and I feel they failed at this. Why? Check out there picture show. Now if the girl had been in a bathing suit that covered everything then I could see it as artistic or sexy, but that thing barely covered her. So I don't know what they are going for, perhaps to make scrunchies look sexy, but umm...just no.


Ok this next one I think it just stupid and dangerous but I still love them. Heels on Wheels baby! Fashionable and fun. :-D Come on, you can't tell me you wouldn't take these for a ride. :-D

And last but not least. I won't include a picture for this and will just link you to the blog post about it. I don't know if its fashionable but it surely is creative. Its partially not safe for work and not kid safe. A design had attempted to make blow-up dolls fashionable. You heard me right. Clicky-clicky to see what I mean. Don't work, its not THAT bad.

Well that is all for today lovelies. I shall return to you soon with more interesting posts. Until then, be good. :-)

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

Friday, June 5, 2009

A little fun for your day.

6 Phases of Working (Which stage are you at???)

Phase 1


You are listening to jazz --
Your first day at work is great..
Your co-workers are wonderful, your office is cute,
you love your boss.
Phase 2

You are listening to pop music --
After a while you are
so busy that you are not sure if you're coming or going anymore.

Phase 3

You are listening to heavy metal --

This is what happens after about SIX Months!

Phase 4

You are listening to hip hop --
You become bloated due to stress,
you're gaining weight due to lack of exercise because you are so
tired and have so much work to do and when you get home you have more work to do.
You feel sluggish and suffer from constipation.
Your fellow co-workers are too cheerful for your liking and the walls of your cubicle are closing in.

Phase 5

You are listening to GANGSTA RAP --

After more time passes, your eyes start to twitch,
you forget what a 'good hair day' feels like as you
just fall out of bed and load up on caffeine.

Phase 6

You are listening to the voices in your head --

You have locked the office door to keep people out,
You wonder WHY you are even here in the first
place and WHY did I come to work today!

Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>


Ok, so with this whole apply to go back to school biz, it seems I have been hitting one wall after another. It pisses me off like crazy. They have the "strict deadlines" that I just can't keep up with because they are sending me the crap two days before its due. Like now, for instance, they want me to sign up for their school insurance since I don't have any. Understandable. But I have to get a physical for it. Umm...hummm. They sent this out to me on the 29th. I got it the next day on a Saturday. They wanted the form back by Monday. And they wanted me to have a physical by then. Umm...what?

Seriously, this just got me overwhelmed. How am I suppose to afford a physical without health insurance? They say got to the health department, but I've heard tales about that place and they weren't nice. And well, I'm kind of worried about having a physical. I haven't been to a doctor in years. What if something is wrong. I guess better to find out sooner than later. My sister said she's like to know if she was healthy or not. She's applying to the same school and will have to do the same as me. I suppose she is right. I guess I am just overwhelmed. I have so much to do and so little time. I'm scared of going back in the first place and its just overwhelming. So yeah, just sucks big monkey balls right now with this school thing. I honestly don't know if I am going at this point. I will send in the forms I can and then look into this physical thing.

Oh and did I tell you, I have a root canal scheduled for I believe the 26th. *And she'll have fun, fun, fun until the doctors come and lock her away.* I honestly do feel sometimes that I am going mad with all this stuff I need to do and no of it seems possible or that its getting done. I gave up on a lengthy list I made today after I cracked open that stupid insurance thing. I should have just done the other stuff, but I allowed myself to be miserable and not doing anything but hang online which I said I wouldn't do because I am getting serious eye strain. I need to take a break from being online. So I may be gone for a day or two to give my eyes a much needed rest. *sigh*

Well I just wanted to update you on the school biz. Just a little stressed. But I am sure it will all work out in the end. Something will work out. Time will tell. Well I need to get some sleep. Gotta get up in a few hours and go to the vet. I will kindly ask you NOT to make any "bitch" jokes. We need to take our dogs there to get checked out. I volunteered to help out because one dog is a horse and doesn't want to obey and one is tiny but doesn't want to be away from "mommy", my mom. So yeah, she needs some help. LOL! Ok lovelies, have a good one. I may post again today or I may not. Either way, have a lovely weekend. :-)

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

I wish I had gone to fashion school.


I would have loved it. I know I would. I was searching the web recently and came across the online portfolio of Evelina Bratell. Evelina is a fashion design student, perhaps even graduate, that has designed several lines of clothing. One of her lines was creating a real life Barbie girl. I honestly don't know what I love more, the clothing or the background. I love the almost life size dollhouse. It looks vintage and just so perfect for these pictures. But the clothing is very nice too. Its like Barbie of yesteryear, once again leaning towards that vintage feel; I would say from early Barbie to 70s-80s Barbie. After that Barbie just kind of got cheap looking. Yes, I am calling Barbie cheap. I think Barbie designers should take a page from some of the portfolios of some of these amazing fashion designers...of course giving them creative design credit. Can you tell I have fashion on the mind today?



I watched The Fashion Show tonight. All I have to say is Angel needs to pull it together. Her and Lidia. They both seem to be losing their confidence and are making stuff that just reeks of fail. Seriously. What Angel put on the runway tonight was the most hideous purple mess. That belt she put on her model was just bad and looked tacky. What is it with tulle people. Didn't they learn from Laura that tulle does not work? So I hope next week these ladies will move away from the tulle and start getting on their game again. Now as each week goes by I feel so upset when a designer leaves. Tonight it was Keith. His dress was odd to me. The judges were right, it honestly did nothing for the model's figure. So I think they made the right choice. Angel can do it and I know she will be back on top next week.


Now one person who is getting to me is Reco. Such a snob! But this will be more insulting. I think he deserves to win. Boy's got talent and he would fit in with the designer bitchy attitude. But he needs to realize he has to start from the bottom and work up and work with other established designers. He will have to check the 'tude at the door if he hopes to go far, but who knows...maybe people like overconfidence. Well I guess technically he is doing something already. He sells to celebrities and he does have this to his name now:


I'm sorry but I honestly hated this dress. It makes her hips look big. Now why did the judges jump all over Haven and Angel for making their models look like they have big hips with one each of their designs, but Reco's dress wasn't attacked at all. In fact it won and you can go purchase it right now. Click here to check it out. If you like it or buy, could you come back and comment why? What appeals to you about it? That goes with any of the garments that were made into ones you could buy. Come back and comment on them. As for this one, I think it makes her look like she's a bell. Granted a lot of work went into the dress, but I honestly don't see that as meaning his was the best.

I guess I just don't get the "brilliant" mind of Mr. Reco. But I must admit, I do love this about him:

When it comes to fashion tips, Reco declares, "Do it!" And then, pause of reflection, states "…but don’t overdo it."

Humm, maybe I like him after all. I suppose the jury is still out on this one.


You know who I was really sad to see leave? Kristen. I so hoped she would make it far. Granted she started off wobbly, but I was really disappointed when she just quit like that. She got a chance to stay and she just quit. I don't know if she's just to sensitive for the market or if she's to young. Whichever it is, I hope she will be able to make something of herself one day. Can you imagine how bad it is, the show is on and she sees herself in the credits each week and she knows she quit. I bet when she sees the challenges she kicks herself thinking she could have easily done that. If she would have just gotten ahold of her nerves I bet she would have done better in this competition. She just gave me that feeling. Oh well.


Anna, I don't really have much to say about her. I see her as an old soul. Her designs tend to learn towards the older woman who wants a little flare in her style. I'm still feeling her out. I feel she doesn't shine right now but just kind of lingers back. But maybe she's just saing herself for when she really needs to pull out the big guns.


Johnny, hummm, I like him. His work is unique and different. He's a bit of a finger-pointer and whiner, but I like his work. He doesn't shine much either to me, but he's still in the long as he stops telling them to send him home. *rolls eyes*


I guess he kind of shines. His shoes were picked to be made into a pair you can buy. Click here to check them out. They aren't really me, but they are nice looking. The only down side really to Johnny is he reminds me a lot of this guy I knew in high school who stalked me. It was creepy. But I do wonder how he is doing stalker not Johnny. :-)


Keith, Keith, my darling Keith. As mentioned before, your dress tonight was just so odd. I am not a fan of the different lengths hem on your dress. It was just odd to me. And the bust part was sad too. So I understand why you went. But I feel you still have potential and I hope you continue to let it shine. Damn he's hot. *ahem* Moving on.


Merlin, the name alone makes me giggle. That and the outfit he wore on the first show. But I have a soft sport for foreign men seeing as my love is Cuban himself. But you are right there with Reco with the 'tude my dear sir. What is it with designers and 'tude that they are God's gift to the nude? My mom likes to say my dad lives life according to his own rules. Well this is how I feel about Merlin. He lives and designs according to his own rules. Chunky chicks who don't won't to show off their stomach poofs be damned. Merlin's gonna slap some shiny fabric on that bitch and you had better make it look good underneath that bust enhancing top that makes you DDs into EEs. I agree with the judges completely on tonight's dress. Oh that poor woman will forever be on film looking like crap. She's a pretty girl, a little chunky...not picking more hating because I would like to be her size myself, and well Merlin just did not do her justice. He did not produce the magic. *snerk*


Haven, I have not been able to stand her since the week she insisted her group design her line based on how she dressed. No. Just no. She's ok, but I can tell I would not want to hang with her. She seems stuck up, and yes this is unfair judging, but you'd think we'd get a feel of her character after several weeks don't you think? Her designs are ok, nothing to interesting. I think her ditzy blond...speaks volumes louder than her designs.


Marcus, ok this is sad. Couldn't even remember if Marcus was eliminated or not. He totally didn't shine. He didn't catch my attention at all. Is that mean of me to say? Well its true I'm afraid. I seem to remember that I fully backed up the judges' choice to send him packing. Sad, sad, sad. Oh well.


Daniella, umm...I don't know. I mean I like her but she talks to much. She's loud. She whines. Everyone else is wrong, not her. I don't like those kinds of people. I honestly don't. So I just don't know about her. I like her work, most of the time. Just I don't know. Now tonight I felt insulted about how she cried over having to design for a size 16 woman. I could have punched her in the face every time she mentioned how her model was BIG ALL OVER and not just in one spot. Umm hello, you are a designer, so shut up and do what you were taught to do. Design. Take a little more pattern paper and design. Cut the fabric and design. Wake up your muse and DESIGN!!! But in the end she completely pulled it off. I think her design was picked because it was for a fuller woman. I didn't really like either her's or Reco's outfit. They were nice, just not something I really liked. But I am curious how far Daniella will get in this competition. She's a crybaby and I think eventually her "the world is against me" 'tude will catch up to her.


But I suppose she must be doing something right. She has two outfits...technically three if you count Andrew's, that won to be made into an actual garment. Click here, here, and here to check them out. For the one Andrew made off her designs keep reading.


James-Paul, I do not like ANYTHING he's made. How is he even still on the show?!? He talks like one of those weird creators that are constantly "in the zone" and see maybe a bit too far outside of the box.


I can't believe his outfit was picked to be made into an actual garment to be sold. Click here and here to check it out. I like the bolero, but the dress I hate. It looks like someone draped a sheet over the model. How does that win? I am curious to see what else he will come up with. So far I just haven't liked his designs or his eccentric way of thinking and designing.


Jonny, I felt bad for Jonny. First week out. But someone has to be the first. I can't really remember his design, but I seem to think it wasn't that bad. I think he will continue to work on his dream and that he will make it one day. Not much more I can say on him...he was kicked out the first week after all.


Laura, honey no one was jumping on you. They were trying to save your butt girlfriend. Your stubbornness cost you the competition. Somewhere in life we have to learn its not all about us, and then we need to stop and listen, process, and then act. In a word, the tulle sucked.


Now let's hop back a bit. I didn't talk about Lidia or Angel separately. Lidia will go first. I like her. I love her name, Bettlejuice anyone, and I just like her. She's spunky and sweet. And the girl can design. The ONLY reason she didn't pull of her design last week was because she didn't have enough time. There is not a design of Lidia's that I have not liked. She's got a unique flare and I hope she stays in this competition. If she can just try not thinking to to far outside of the box, she'll be just fine.


Angel, I like her work too. Now there have been several times she made it to the fashion show and was still working on her outfit as the model was heading out the door. Not good. That kind of attitude got Marcus kicked off. Now I remember! Marcus kept insisting he was getting better, but he truly wasn't. And if Angel keeps putting up these shoddy outfits she will learn how sad Loser's Row is. In the end its not her outfits...this week's monster excluded...its just her lack of finishing on time to give a nice show. We'll see how she does next week. Fingers crossed everyone.


And last but now least, Andrew...little copycat! In the end he couldn't come up with anything original. I hate how his garment got made into a real garment for sale when it was clearly all of Daniella's design. Whoa, am I defending Daniella and her crybaby ways? Yeah, but just because Andrew clearly didn't have an original thought in his head in the end. You saw in the show that all the ideas Daniella mentioned to him he used and then at the end claimed as his own. Uh, Copycat-Idea-Stealing-Andrew say what? I know that art imitates art, but most people try to embellish on their imitation and put themselves into the work. Andrew didn't seem to do that. I am guilty of looking at pictures and saving them in hopes of recreating the look in them, but I am always thinking how I can change, make it better, or put some of me in there. I never saw this with Andrew. He copied and designed for design's sake. I mean don't get me wrong, he can create, but its just spewing back what he took in, only in a different location on the body and in a different color.


I will always feel this is Daniella's work and that Andrew just sewed it up for her. Wrong but true. Don't get me wrong, its work well done, but not original. Click here to check it out.


And the judges, snarkish...much like me in this post. But I was doing this all in fun, honestly. I'm not really that snarkish in real life. Just want to set the mood. ;-) But the judges are super harsh sometimes on the designers' work. I know this is a competition, but I feel they forget that they started from the bottom too. Maybe they were treated that harshly so they feel this is their chance to stick it back to the design world. Whatever the case may be, I'd hate to meet any of them while insulting their clothing. Who knows what they'd do to a gal that couldn't even fit into their clothes tipping her nose up at them. LOL!

Wow, I didn't mean for this post to turn into a review for The Fashion Show. I wanted to basically talk about Evelina Bratell, but it was nice to chat and blog here again freely. Inspires me to find something new to post about later on today or tomorrow. Oh now that I think about it, I do have a post I want to put up before heading to bed. I'll post that up in a bit after this. Bye for now lovelies.

Loves Ya,
Mouse 8:>