Friday, June 5, 2009


Ok, so with this whole apply to go back to school biz, it seems I have been hitting one wall after another. It pisses me off like crazy. They have the "strict deadlines" that I just can't keep up with because they are sending me the crap two days before its due. Like now, for instance, they want me to sign up for their school insurance since I don't have any. Understandable. But I have to get a physical for it. Umm...hummm. They sent this out to me on the 29th. I got it the next day on a Saturday. They wanted the form back by Monday. And they wanted me to have a physical by then. Umm...what?

Seriously, this just got me overwhelmed. How am I suppose to afford a physical without health insurance? They say got to the health department, but I've heard tales about that place and they weren't nice. And well, I'm kind of worried about having a physical. I haven't been to a doctor in years. What if something is wrong. I guess better to find out sooner than later. My sister said she's like to know if she was healthy or not. She's applying to the same school and will have to do the same as me. I suppose she is right. I guess I am just overwhelmed. I have so much to do and so little time. I'm scared of going back in the first place and its just overwhelming. So yeah, just sucks big monkey balls right now with this school thing. I honestly don't know if I am going at this point. I will send in the forms I can and then look into this physical thing.

Oh and did I tell you, I have a root canal scheduled for I believe the 26th. *And she'll have fun, fun, fun until the doctors come and lock her away.* I honestly do feel sometimes that I am going mad with all this stuff I need to do and no of it seems possible or that its getting done. I gave up on a lengthy list I made today after I cracked open that stupid insurance thing. I should have just done the other stuff, but I allowed myself to be miserable and not doing anything but hang online which I said I wouldn't do because I am getting serious eye strain. I need to take a break from being online. So I may be gone for a day or two to give my eyes a much needed rest. *sigh*

Well I just wanted to update you on the school biz. Just a little stressed. But I am sure it will all work out in the end. Something will work out. Time will tell. Well I need to get some sleep. Gotta get up in a few hours and go to the vet. I will kindly ask you NOT to make any "bitch" jokes. We need to take our dogs there to get checked out. I volunteered to help out because one dog is a horse and doesn't want to obey and one is tiny but doesn't want to be away from "mommy", my mom. So yeah, she needs some help. LOL! Ok lovelies, have a good one. I may post again today or I may not. Either way, have a lovely weekend. :-)

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

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