Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dynamite Girls and Nokia Unite

Hey all, just wanted to pop on and show you these two videos I just found today. Yeah, I'm sure they are old news to all of you, but this is new to me and thought I'd share.

I just loved seeing how they made the video. It takes customizing dolls to a whole new level. Could you image what we could achieve in our stories with the help of that team? LOL! Hey, a girl can dream.

Well that's all for now. Going back to hiatus for now. Still working on me so I can come back better than ever. Oh one thing I'll let you in on, I've finally been sewing. I'm currently working on a sock pattern. I know, I know, nothing exciting about socks right? Well I've been having fun making some cute socks for girls and guys. I'm hoping to really work out a nice hosiery pattern I like and then start churning out some nice stuff for my dolls. I'll let you in on another little secret, although I need to finish my old photostory first, I am secretly working on props and clothing for the next one I have in mind. Isn't that always the way, working on one project but thinking about the next? *sigh* Ok, now I'm off. Talk to you lovelies soon. Be good until then. Bye for now. :-)

Heading to bed at just after 9 a.m. (yeah I rock it like that),

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't Call Them Dolls!

So recently Anderson Cooper had a couple on his show who have a big obsession, with dolls.  Not just any random doll either. With Cabbage Patch dolls.  Now while I've never owned a Cabbage Patch doll myself except for two miniature ones and a knock off one I had as a child, I had the chance to buy one once a few years back from Walmart that had my birth date, and that alone almost had me shelling out the big bucks for a doll.  It was 60 dollars at the time for this doll that I honestly can't recall what she or he looked like. I just was a sucker for finally finding one with my birth date. Sadly they stayed on the shelf because I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on the doll. 80 dollars on a tiny resin doll, sure, but 60 on a big poly filled doll, now way. Priorities people.

But back to Cooper's show, this couple really loves their They don't say the "d" word. The Cabbage Patch dolls are their kids or their babies. And no, this didn't come about because they couldn't have kids of their own, they have a grown daughter. It just started from curiosity and just expanded from there.  This couple was recently on a show on TLC showing their extreme collection. I have to see if I can watch it somewhere. I have to see how extreme this is. I do find it extreme that the couple lives in a tiny mobile home while their "kids" live in a climate controlled house roughly 6 times the size of their house. Now that's love and dedication for you there.  You have to hear some of the interview Cooper had with the couple, their daughter, and Kevin...their "son".

I don't know how I feel about how far the couple has gone with their collection. I mean I think it's amazing what they have collected, but they still have yet to build a house for themselves. The "kids" came first. You would think they would think about themselves first. I guess its the weird order of the priorities that gets me. I promise you I'd build myself a house first before building a big house for my hobby. But hey, to each his own. They seem genuinely happy, so more power to them.

And that's all I have to share with you today my lovelies.  Not doing much else dollwise right now because I am focusing on my health right now. I can't jump back into the hobby like I want until I am better, so please bare with me and the lack of posts.  They will return more frequently later on this year. For now a girl has got to be selfish and think about herself. :-) So yeah, talk to you awesome peeps again soon. Be good until then. Bye for now.  :-)

Exhausted from doing 20 miles on her bike (say what?),

Friday, March 2, 2012

Still here.

I miss you
Hello my lovely doll lads and lassies, it's been a while.  I apologize for not updating here as much lately. I've either not been feeling well enough to do so, have had nothing to really write about, or have had other stressing issues like today. My mom had a "small" surgery, but she's been having issues with her heart and there was a worry that putting her under could make her have a heart attack, stroke, or even die. I think we all had that secret worry that we just refused to share until she mentioned it when she got home a couple of hours ago. I'm glad it's all over and hopefully we will learn something about what's going on with her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for me, will you.  Thanks in advance.

So as for me and the hobby, I'm still very much in it.  I just got a Jake Liv Boy the other day because I heard rumors the line was being discontinued, still have slight and hopeful doubt on that, and I needed at least one more boy to round out my characters for the story I want to work on AFTER I finish my initial story I started. I need to get started on that, but I don't have the space I had before with lack of the table I had. Still looking for a table or something and everything I find doesn't work. Thinking of going industrial and getting a folding table from Lowes or Home Depot. We'll see. I'm tired of the hunt and just want a flat surface to work on.

But I guess that's about it on what I've been up to. Just spending a lot of time not feeling well and very tired and exhausted. Been working on exercising and blogging on my weight loss Tumblr for motivation. I did start a doll and craft Tumblr to collect inspiration from. You can check it out here if you'd life. Follow me on there, especially if you are a doll blog. No, not switching to Tumblr, just really needed to blog about something and Tumblr is easy and barely needs any brain muscle to blog if you are in a lazy state of mind, which I have been lately. :-) 

And on that note I shall let you lovelies go.  I'll be back. Just need to get over this hurdle of a slump I'm in.  Hello to all my new followers! Thank you for your interest in my crazy world of dolls. I will have more to share with you all very soon, promise. Until then you guys and gals take care and I'll talk to you all really soon.  Be good until then. Bye for now.

Feeling sleepy again,