Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't Call Them Dolls!

So recently Anderson Cooper had a couple on his show who have a big obsession, with dolls.  Not just any random doll either. With Cabbage Patch dolls.  Now while I've never owned a Cabbage Patch doll myself except for two miniature ones and a knock off one I had as a child, I had the chance to buy one once a few years back from Walmart that had my birth date, and that alone almost had me shelling out the big bucks for a doll.  It was 60 dollars at the time for this doll that I honestly can't recall what she or he looked like. I just was a sucker for finally finding one with my birth date. Sadly they stayed on the shelf because I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on the doll. 80 dollars on a tiny resin doll, sure, but 60 on a big poly filled doll, now way. Priorities people.

But back to Cooper's show, this couple really loves their They don't say the "d" word. The Cabbage Patch dolls are their kids or their babies. And no, this didn't come about because they couldn't have kids of their own, they have a grown daughter. It just started from curiosity and just expanded from there.  This couple was recently on a show on TLC showing their extreme collection. I have to see if I can watch it somewhere. I have to see how extreme this is. I do find it extreme that the couple lives in a tiny mobile home while their "kids" live in a climate controlled house roughly 6 times the size of their house. Now that's love and dedication for you there.  You have to hear some of the interview Cooper had with the couple, their daughter, and Kevin...their "son".

I don't know how I feel about how far the couple has gone with their collection. I mean I think it's amazing what they have collected, but they still have yet to build a house for themselves. The "kids" came first. You would think they would think about themselves first. I guess its the weird order of the priorities that gets me. I promise you I'd build myself a house first before building a big house for my hobby. But hey, to each his own. They seem genuinely happy, so more power to them.

And that's all I have to share with you today my lovelies.  Not doing much else dollwise right now because I am focusing on my health right now. I can't jump back into the hobby like I want until I am better, so please bare with me and the lack of posts.  They will return more frequently later on this year. For now a girl has got to be selfish and think about herself. :-) So yeah, talk to you awesome peeps again soon. Be good until then. Bye for now.  :-)

Exhausted from doing 20 miles on her bike (say what?),

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  1. I'm a doll lover but they got me beat on the grand scale. I love the ideal of them having all those "kids" and really enjoying them. As for them leaving in a trailer and their "kids" in the house, that's a little different for me. I like what the wife said in the end. She would like for them to be enjoy by everyone in so I kinda feel sorry for their daughter she was quick to say Ebay but you and I know the whole collections is worth so much more. I really love it when I met collectors!


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