Friday, March 2, 2012

Still here.

I miss you
Hello my lovely doll lads and lassies, it's been a while.  I apologize for not updating here as much lately. I've either not been feeling well enough to do so, have had nothing to really write about, or have had other stressing issues like today. My mom had a "small" surgery, but she's been having issues with her heart and there was a worry that putting her under could make her have a heart attack, stroke, or even die. I think we all had that secret worry that we just refused to share until she mentioned it when she got home a couple of hours ago. I'm glad it's all over and hopefully we will learn something about what's going on with her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for me, will you.  Thanks in advance.

So as for me and the hobby, I'm still very much in it.  I just got a Jake Liv Boy the other day because I heard rumors the line was being discontinued, still have slight and hopeful doubt on that, and I needed at least one more boy to round out my characters for the story I want to work on AFTER I finish my initial story I started. I need to get started on that, but I don't have the space I had before with lack of the table I had. Still looking for a table or something and everything I find doesn't work. Thinking of going industrial and getting a folding table from Lowes or Home Depot. We'll see. I'm tired of the hunt and just want a flat surface to work on.

But I guess that's about it on what I've been up to. Just spending a lot of time not feeling well and very tired and exhausted. Been working on exercising and blogging on my weight loss Tumblr for motivation. I did start a doll and craft Tumblr to collect inspiration from. You can check it out here if you'd life. Follow me on there, especially if you are a doll blog. No, not switching to Tumblr, just really needed to blog about something and Tumblr is easy and barely needs any brain muscle to blog if you are in a lazy state of mind, which I have been lately. :-) 

And on that note I shall let you lovelies go.  I'll be back. Just need to get over this hurdle of a slump I'm in.  Hello to all my new followers! Thank you for your interest in my crazy world of dolls. I will have more to share with you all very soon, promise. Until then you guys and gals take care and I'll talk to you all really soon.  Be good until then. Bye for now.

Feeling sleepy again,

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