Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Eagle has landed.

The Mouse is happy.

Loves ya,

Its official.

I'm a Bronco. I've been officially accepted to college. I got my "thick" envelope today in the mail. I'm looking through it now. I am a bit overwhelmed at this right now. I'm sure its just nerves about a new school and new adventures, but I am still overwhelmed. But I plan to read the information from front to back and hopefully calm my nerves.

I'm also currently waiting for the boyfriend to call me. He's suppose to get back from Puerto Rico today to his home. He was suppose to have landed already but I think his plane was delayed. At least that's what it says on the airport website. So I am patiently waiting and praying that his trip goes ok. I miss him so much and was so excited about hearing his voice that I made my blood pressure go up. I just want to talk to him and know he's home safe and sound. I know, the wait is almost over, but its like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. The suspense is killing me.

So I guess while I wait I will go back to my mail, email the school about my FASFA, and continue playing games on Club Live. I'll let you all know when the eagle has landed.

Loves ya,

The Mouse will have a new mouse in the house.


So a couple of weeks ago...not to long after my faulty laptop hinge broke, my super expensive and super loved mouse stopped clicking with its left mouse button. I thought I just wasn't clicking right but then I noticed what used to be super easy to do was super not so much. So I had to go on the hunt for a new mouse. This time I wanted a cheap one. If they are going to break anyway I might as well get a cheaper one. And I found one I think will suit me for the time.

Its a 3BTN USB BLUE ICE WHITE OPTICAL MOUSE GLOWS IN THE DARK 800CPI by Adesso. Never heard of the company before, and usually that is a big no-no to me, but I decided to take a risk and try them out.

Product deets:

Product Features

* High 800 DPI Resolution
* Glows in the Dark
* Cool Blue LED
* Plug and Play
* Dual-Shell Design for Durability

Technical Details

* Brand Name: Adesso
* Model: MI-333U
* Hardware Platform: PC, Mac
* input_device: Mouse
* Form Factor: External
* Connectivity Technology: Wired
* Movement Detection: Optical
* Minimum system requirements: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* Warranty: 1 year warranty

Product Description
Streamline and stylish design, Plug and Play simplicity. 800 DPI resolution offers twice the accuracy of typical mouse movement. Features a blue LED on the scrolling wheel. Allows the entire mouse to gleam in the dark. Optical functionality accurate on almost any surface. Fully programmable buttons with scroll wheel; 3 buttons, Internet scroll wheel and more!

So I guess it could be cool. And with it glowing blue it would go with the new laptop I might get. Still up in the air about that. But just wanted to share about my tale of woe and its hopeful happy ending. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. :-)

Loves Ya,

Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Friday

American Flag Towel Closed

So a couple of days ago I went on a shopping spree in the local Dollar Tree. I know, you're jealous right? Anyway, when I first walked in, I spotted some placemats and kitchen towels for the fourth of July. One of the towels stood out to me. It had stripes that looked patchworked. I loved it. I thought I could make a cute folk skirt or dress for a doll. So I grabbed one. It wasn't until today I decided to open it up and take a look at the full thing. Boy did I get a nice surprise.

American Flag Kitchen Towel

It was an American flag in a unique design. I loved it even more. So much that I plan on going back to the Dollar Tree to get another one. I want to frame one and hang it and use the other for that dress. Of course now I feel guilty at the thought of cutting into the American flag for fashion. I mean of course its been done before, and it is only a dish towel...right? :-) But I just had to show you lovelies that. I will talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

Sony CF-520

Ok, so I was watching the 5 second films my sister found online and one of them was about the Sony CF-520. I was curious about it because I knew the clip was in reference to a movie...*ahem*Say Anything*ahem*. What I found brought back some fond memories.


The Sony CF-520 was one of the first boom boxes. It came out in 1978...*cough*my birth year*cough*. Well I guess it was around this time or a little later that my mom and dad purchased one of them. Also around this time we moved to Germany to live for three years because my dad was deployed there.

When my brother and I were old enough to talk, my mom made cute recordings of us. I can remember a recording where I assume my mom was pointing out body parts on herself or on my and my brother and was having us tell her what they were. I remember eye brow was eye bow. LOL! And I sang a lovely and loud rendition of Happy Birthday to my daddy. The last line being a dramatic and extravagant "Happy Birthday to DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" and my dad being so proud and thankful for the lovely song. :-)

I also remember us doing recordings when we got back to the states in the home we are in now in our living room. The poor Sony CF-520 was a bit beat up but it still proudly did it things. Its not until I researched this today that I realized the Sony CF-520 one day mysteriously disappeared. I'm sure its because my mom and dad got a new boom box or stereo, but I'll always remember those recordings we made. My mom has them somewhere in her collection. I want to make a copy of them one day to have and share with my kids one day. They won't believe that was their mom sounding like a total dork. LOL! But yeah, its funny how small things can bring a whole rush of memories you kind of forgot you had. Thanks for joining me on Memory Lane. Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves Ya,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crafty Thursday

More Goodie Bags

Nothing much to say today. I got 5 more bags sewn. So that's 10 all together. I'm getting my time on each one down to nothing practically. And I see there are some parts of sewing them I like more than other parts. But its all good. I know how some baggies to start with and I think I know what I will be filling my first ten with. Half doll related items and half human related items. Or I was thinking of mixing a bit of both in each back. But I still have to make my store banner and some business cards before I open shop. I found a place once online that would print off like 250 cards for free for you. I think I need to hunt that down again. Ran out of ribbon so I got some more while I was out shopping the other day. I picked up a satin ribbon this time instead of sheer to just give things a slightly different look. I'm also trying to figure out a way to add a little character to my baggies. I think I have several ideas...well at least two right now that stand out to me. So hopefully those will see the light of day soon. I promise to have more info for you soon. :-)

Needlepoint Package

In more crafty news, the other day I was at Tuesday Morning and found this needlepoint kit for $1.99. It was a beginners kit, that more suited children. But I thought, for 2 bucks I can tinker with something I am interested in trying before I spend serious cash on it. From what I see about needle point I like how the start and stop is all woven into the work and not knotted. It looks so much better. I always knot in my cross stitch. I wonder if there is a way to weave the ends in so there are no knots? I just prefer knots thought. It makes it seem like stronger work. Who knows. I'll research it.

Early Beginnings

But I worked on it for about two days. It would have been done sooner if I hadn't skipped around, got halfway done and noticed a good hunk of the stitches were going the wrong way. *facepalm* Ugh!!! I had to take those all loose and start again. Good thing the company wasn't stingy with the yarn. So I got all the stitches going in the right direction and put it in the plastic frame it came with. Its ok for a try at something I am interested in. I might try a "grown up" one in the future, but for now I will stick with cross stitch and do a little more research on needlepoint before I make the first jump in. Humm, why is it when I look at this thing I hear a childlike voice going "Charlieeeee..."? Hummm.

The Little Unicorn that Could

Speaking of cross stitch, for the past couple of weeks I have been working on this one. Its a tiny counted cross stitch. So why is it not done yet? Well when I bought this kit years ago it was on clearance. The box was pretty beat up but from what I could tell everything was still in the box. Well since I was more collecting counted cross stitch kits on the cheap for the time when I finally learned how to do it, I didn't bother actually looking in the box. Fast forward years later. The glass that was in the box broke over time so it was just the fabric and the rest of the kit. Or so I thought. So a couple of weeks ago I was so exctied to start on this cross stitch. I thought it was so pretty and couldn't wait to get it done because of how the kit worked out. I figured I'd find another pane of glass or a frame to put everything in. So I read the box and it says I have glass...nope that broke, glass hoooks...yep still got those, aida cloth...yep got that, embroidery thread...yep got that, needle...humm nope don't have that but I have plenty from other projects that I can use, instructions...yep got...hold up...*shakes box* instructions?!?!? Oh no!!! This kit is useless!!! Ahhhh!!! Humm wait. *Looks at box closly.* I can just make out the stitchs on the example. I might be able to use the box example and recreated it on the fabric. I am slowly starting to let go of the need to have my work exactly as the original.

The Cross Stitch Kit from Hell!!!

So here is my early attempt at recreating the picture from a tiny picture on a box cover. It gets frustrating to work on this after a while because one light blue looks the same as another when you take it down to just one thread or two. And I'm already running out of a certain color that I need more of. So this adventure is already very interesting. We'll see how it all turns out. I'm excited...aren't you? :-D

Loves ya,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weird Wednesday

So my sister sent me this video that made me giggle and I had to pass it on to you.

Hope you enjoyed.

Loves ya,

Writing Wednesday

Honestly, nothing to post this week. I didn't work on writing at all this week. Just been to down becsuse of the boyfriend being in Puerto Rico and I can't talk to him. So I've been sewing mostly to get my mind off things. Hopefull I will have something to report next week. I think I need to start a novel writing month. I think I will. So the month of June is novel writing month for me. I am going to aim for 100k. By then my first novel should be done. Exciting thought actually. So with June starting next Monday I should have something to report to you by then. Sorry there was nothing for this week, but a girl needs her time to deal with missing her man. You understand I'm sure. Thankies and talk to you lovelies later. :-)

Loves ya,

Weigh-in Wednesday

As you can see, I suck at the weight loss this week. I know its an excuse but I blame it on the fact that my boyfriend is in Puerto Rico and we only have contact through one or two emails a day. He left Saturday and won't be back until Saturday. For those who don't know, we are in a long distance relationship and have been so for a long while now. In this time I have never gone a day without chatting to him or talking to him. It was so form of "live" interaction. Now I have to go a week without that and its killing me. The first night was hard, and I knew it would be. Whenever he accidentally falls asleep and doesn't call me at night I have a hard time sleeping. Saturday night was no different. Sunday was a little harder because I had to go another night without him. Monday was a hair better. Tuesday was a little better than that. I'm hoping tonight will be better than that. I joked in an email to him that I am getting used to not hearing his voice at night, but that wasn't an excuse for him not to call at night. :-) On the plus side, he misses my voice too. :-) So I think once he's home safe and sound...and off the plane...I will be able to get more hardcore with my dieting. School is coming fast. Oh, speaking of, I got accepted. Yeah me...I suppose. Not having that happy gotta do the Snoopy dance feeling, but I am sure things will get more exciting the closer I get to school time and once my FASFA goes through. Ok, I've gabbed enough. Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crafty Tuesday

So, I have been slowing getting back into sewing. Since I want to make my own goodie bags, I kind of had to. But in my efforts to make a pattern I like and find a process that worked for me, I decided to try my hand at doll clothes again. This time with my Teen Trends doll named Kat after my favorite Eastenders character.


The first thing I tried to make for her was a nightshirt out of this circus fabric I bought as a remnant from Walmart one time. It turned out ok for my first try. I got the pattern/idea from Dorriebelle. She designed a way to make peasant blouses that can be altered to whatever you really fancied. It works nice, I just need to tweak it some and make it my own more.

The next thing I made for Kat was a skirt from some scraps of fabric I was using to make mock-up goodie bags.


It looks ok. The waistline gave me a bit of trouble as the fabric slipped and some of the waistline didn't get sewn in. So I went back to sew it closed but sewed it to narrow to get the safety pin through without a struggle. But I forced it through. Was happy with the result, put it back on and noticed another part of the waistline wasn't sewn. I decided to just take the picture to show my first attempt and will just take it apart later for scraps and try another skirt from cotton instead.

Skirt Side View

Here's the side view of the skirt. I'm not sure what it is exactly. Its too poofy in the back. It sticks out a mile and gives her to the look of a big butt. I don't think she liked that too much. :-) But it bothers me. I tried pulling the skirt down, thinking it was caught up in the elastic. Nope. Didn't work. I am thinking its a mix between the fabric, the way I cut it, and the waistline. Not sure.

Skirt Mistake

You can see a bit of the skirt waistline better here. It just looks weird. Sticks out some. I think if I would have used cotton it would have look better. It certainly would have ironed out better. Just not sure with this one. Not to much of a loss here. My Kat is suppose to be a younger character and this skirt makes her seem older than I'd like. So its ok this will be going to scrap. I plan on making her a cute circle skirt from some fun fabric. Maybe a bit more of the circus fabric for practice since its almost gone. Now let's talk about the goodie bags.

Goodie Bags

Oh my gosh gosh gosh, please pardon the mess! When I get crafty I also get very messy. But back to the topic at the mo', here are my first "good" goodie bags. I have made some mock-ups that just weren't right. I went to bed trying to figure out how to make them better. I would lay up for hours after saying good night to everyone just thinking about it until I figured out a way that I personally like it. It makes everything look good and smooth. So I will stick with it for now until I figured out a better way. I would eventually like the line them, but that will take another late night brainstorm session to figure out how to do that with my way of doing it. I thought some on it last night and I think I pretty much have it figured out. Maybe will try a mock-up today.

As for these bags, the first one I made was the green striped one, and then they go in order to the denim. The green one was the first successful one, then the next day I churned out the other 5. It took several hours for me to do, but in doing it I found my time getting quicker and quicker. I am hoping one day to have it down to just a few minutes. I would have been done sooner with them than I was if it wasn't for my machine's stitching messing up. I had to tinker with the knobs for a while until I got it right.

I think its time for a machine cleaning and oiling. Just been afraid to try it. Worried I will mess up. But this past week has been the week of trying new things. I decided to get over my fear of stringing Christmas Noel and took her apart. OMG!!! She was a PAIN in the butt to get back together. I have some pictures I will be uploading to my Flickr soon, maybe later on today, to show what she looks like. I tried wiring her with some pipe cleaners, but I want to see if I can find stronger ones for her. Also I want to get some strong elastic. I changed her eyes too from her default ones to poppy colored ones. Loves it. So pictures of that coming soon.

Well I guess that's about it. I need to go get something to eat and then think about working on some more goodie bags. Talk to you lovelies soon.

Loves Ya,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fashionable Monday

Ok, so seriously, what is my deal? I always have my hand in one to many pots, but this time I am putting my hand back in a pot I had it in before about *cough*13 years ago*cough*. What is this pot I speak of? Fashion design. I have loved it for years. I bought Vogue magazine just to ooh and ahh at clothing I could never wear but loved to look at. They shape and design of all those beautiful clothes. They jewelry. The shoes. Hell, the scents. It just all mingled together perfectly in some elegant form. I took sewing in my 12 grade year of school and fell in more in love with sewing. I would stay after school late sewing and come in early to sew. I loved it. But once I graduated that all just went away. I'm so sad I let that happen. Who knows who or where I would be now if I hadn't. But I refuse to think that I have a sell by date on my life or on who I can be.

So recently I have found myself adoring fashion again. Drooling over it. Wanting more of it every chance I get. This being evident from the other day when I "borrowed" a very large Vogue magazine from a doctor's office.

"Borrowed" Vouge Magazine

Oh alright, I stole it, but it was from September of last year. I couldn't help it. I was thumbing through it and the fashions we just so lovely. Albeit, out of fashion now, but so lovely. I couldn't just leave it there. Forgive me fashion Gods!!! I mean how could I leave it there. Just look at this ad, its one of my faves in the magazine.

Dolce & Gabbana ad from "borrowed" Vogue magazine.

Another point that proves that fashion is in my blood is I love going into a fabric store, touching each and every piece of fabric. I feel so wonderful when I take a bit of fabric home with it, but its always just a yard or less for sewing for dolls. But I got intimidated by that thinking I couldn't do it so I never did it. I didn't even know how to draw my own fashions, although that never kept me from trying. My drawing leaves one with much to be desired but I tried anyway. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn't. Oh maybe that's just me being critical of myself. Anyway, I was all ready to give up on fashion completely until I came across a ThreadBanger video.

I'm behind on watching them so I haven't been keeping up, but I saw this one by accident and went searching for a croquis website. And I found several with free ones.

Free Croquis (DOT) Com *Free Downloadable Croquis*

Designers Nexus *Free Printable Croquis and Fashion Designer Website*

Suite 101 (DOT) Com *The Croquis Template*

Suite 101 (DOT) Com *Ways to Improve Drawing Ability*

Threads Magazine *Fashion Sketching for Untrained Artists*

VODPOD *Videos on Working with Corquis*

So in looking at these websites I see that I have two templates in my collection of stuff that I can use to make 4 croquis. They come from a kit I had a long time ago when I first got interested in fashion as a teen. I just never got rid of it and now I am glad I didn't. I plan on pulling them out and tinkering around with them and seeing what I come up with.

Now does this mean that I am planning on changing my plans and going to school for fashion? Not even. It just means that I am going to keep my options open and see if maybe there could be something for me in the fashion world, however small it may be. It may only be fashion for dolls that I have been forcing myself to sew, or maybe it will just be my own personal fashions I make a statement with. Whatever it may be, I refuse to let fashion leave me life again, and I plan to incorporate it some way into what I do already.

Hope I didn't bore anyone with this blog entry. Just had to blog about my findings and about my re-ignition of my love for fashion. :-) Next on the list, finding how to draw fashion books at a decent price. Hummm...suggestions anyone? *Runs off to Amazon to search.* ;-)

Loves Ya,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another freakishly right quiz.

Ok, so during a hunt for more blogs to read, I found myself over on Dolls Ahoy's blog. In an older posting on her blog she took this quiz. I was sucked in by the rainbow and had to try it.

Your rainbow is shaded red and white.


What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate energetic people. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

The outcome is so me its creepy. At first I didn't think it was me but it truly is. I do get bored quickly and need to move on and prefer to have friends who move right along with me. I guess that's why I like crafty people so much because they are always doing something new. Viva la craft! ;-)

Loves ya,

LiveJournal Cuts on Blogger

I just wanted to post here about how to get LiveJournal cuts on Blogger. I googled it and it was a bit tricky to find. I'm guessing because not a lot of links exist for it. So I figure I'd add to the slowly growing list of links out there for it. Check under the cut for more.

One of the places I learned how to make the "cut" was on Hackosphere's blog. There are some neat hacks there that I am currently looking into. I also found out about the "cut" hack from another helpful blog that I forget the name of, but I will find it and post about it later on. But yeah, if you are on Blogger and would like to make your posts look a little neater, this hack is for you. Its fairly easy to use. Word of advice to help make things go easier, copy the template and paste it in Notepad of whatever html editing software you use. Then use the find option to locate the part of the html you are needing to edit. Good luck and feel free to ask me if you need help with it.

Loves ya,

3d Art

So, you remember about 10 or so years ago how 3d art was all the rage? You had to try to find a picture within a picture? Well, I could NEVER see anything in those things. I even one year bought a discounted Christmas book that was made of those pictures so that I could try to see the pictures. Nope, nothing.

I had all but given up on ever seeing the picture until one day I looked at the back of a Golden Grahams cereal box. On the back was one of those 3d pictures within a picture. I thought I'd never see the picture but thought I'd give it a chance. And wouldn't you know it, I saw it. I have to tell you, it is so weird when you finally see the picture. The focus in your eyes gets weird and its like you are inside the picture and its 3d and you know its not but you see it that way. Its so weird but cool and I am so glad I was finally able to join the clan of those who could see the picture.

So now I pass the chance on to you. Click the picture below to go to a bigger version of this picture. I uploaded a large one but I think Flickr is shrinking it some. I think you can download the bigger version but not sure. Could someone let me know? I think I will upload the original picture to my website just in case the picture is so small.

3D Picture

Wanna know what you are suppose to see? Its under the cut.

3D Picture Answer

Yep, a skateboarder riding down a rail. Keep looking, you'll see it. I think around Christmas time as a sort of advent calendar deal I will do the Christmas book, yep still have it, and just upload a page each day for you to try to see. Enjoy this one for now. :-)

Loves ya,

SD's in the Media

Ok, so about a year or so ago my sister got this magazine in the mail. Its a magazine about business. I think she gave it to me because it was about business and had dolls on it. I was so excited and shocked to see SDs on the cover.

SDs in the Media

Click on the picture to see it larger. I just love seeing dolls that I adore in the media. I wonder what made the designers of the cover choose to use the dolls as their subjects? I wish we could see the male's face. I have not read this magazine but I plan on doing so tonight. I'll let you know if there is anything interesting in it or if there are more doll pictures in it. But yeah, had to share that with my doll/toy peeps.

Loves ya,

Taste the rainbow.

So I am in need of new mouse for my laptop. Well honestly I am in need of a new laptop, but the mouse is affordable right now. In my search for a cheap mouse that will break one day like my 20 dollar piece o' crap one I am suffering with now, I found this cute set of a rainbow colored mouse and keyboard. When I get a desktop computer I will want something like this for it. I love rainbow colors mixed together so this is perfect for me.


Who says everything has to be boring and grey/silver/black? Let's add some color to our lives! :-)

Loves ya,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A crafty sort of business.

So I had plans today to post about some stuff I have been working on, but I'm not really ready to post about them yet. I am still working on the website and getting all the html to work right together, but I don't want to leave you empty-handed. So today I hunted around the interwebs and found some goodies for you.

First of all I found this neat tutorial on how to make beaded rings. I wanted to pick a fairly simple tut for you all and one that I love doing myself.

Eyn1327 from the ThreadBanger forums has made a tut to show you how to make a very attractive looking ring. I recently got into making beaded rings for fun. You can knock a few out within an hour and its relaxing to do. This design is fairly simple to do but with practice you can begin to make greater designs. Try it out, I know you'll like it.

Now for some Etsy promos. I decided to promote some shops that have recently started listing items but have not had a sale yet.

My first Etsy promo is for the shop "Beth Can Draw". This store first caught my attention with the original hand drawn illustrations done by the store owner...who I am assuming is named Beth. :-) She puts her creations on onesies for babies. If I had a baby now she would so be getting my business. Her art is so original and I just love how cute they are.

The next shop of interest is "The Little Fox". This shop sells prints made from whimsical paintings I assume are done by the shop owners. I wish they would have put that in their store description. I'd love to know if they did paint the original art. Or if it was done digitally. Or if its just free-use art they found online. *sigh* Oh well. I think the art is very cute and I love the big-eyed expressions on all the faces. Must pull back to my liking of Blythe dolls. Humm speaking of which...

This next store, "Pickle Lily Pie", offers clothes for dolls, one of them being Blythe dolls. I love the look of the clothing. Now since the shop is still freshly opened, its to be expected that the few things they have for sale have a similar shape. However, the fabrics and attention to detail make them each separate in a little way.

In keeping with doll theme, this next shop called "Cappomaggi" offers a wild selection of handmade cloth dolls that range from varied animals to humans. As a child I loved cloth dolls and still find them fascinating to this day. Making a cloth doll seems like its an ultimate way to unleash your creative side. You design the doll or character you are going after from their look to the fabric they are made of. You create their clothing and accessories to complete the look and their persona and personality and for the lifetime of that doll it will display a inner part of you and you creativity. I would love to make cloth dolls, but I am not sure if I am just thinking about it "too" much that it keeps holding me back. Who knows. But mark my words, I will make a cloth doll one day. It just have to try it at least once.

And to round out our promos for this post, I found this shop called "Proteales". This shop sells one of a kind jewelry made from vintage odds and ends. I love everything in the shop. Once again it has just opened, so it doesn't have much in it. But what it does have in it is simply amazing work. I will definantly be keeping a watch on this shop as it grows.

All the shops have actually been faved by me and I hope my little promos can get some traffic their ways. If you've got a shop on Etsy, leave your link in the comments and I'll check it out. I love to see what other people are creating.

Well that's all for this lovely crafty Thursday. I hope you were entertained, inspired to create, and maybe looked around some new shops that could use some business. I will talk to you lovelies again tomorrow. Bye for now. :-)

Loves Ya,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writing Wednesday

So I haven't posted about my writing much simply because I haven't been writing much. Why? I don't really know. I guess because I have no been motivated. But it upsets me so much. I have these stories in my head and I think about where on-going stories could go but I just don't have the motivation to write. Well yesterday I decided to load up my old NaWriNoMo story and start editing it. I got to page three before I quit. I need to edit it though, at least I feel I have to, in order to finish it. So I will update you on how the editing goes. More under the cut.

So I have three stories going on right now. One about vampires and werewolves, one about a magic school, and one that is sci-fi. I also want to start working on a two part yaoi story that I am working on. A tragic love story actually that tells the point of view from both lovers. I think that one could be one of my best stories, but I don't want to have all of them started and not going anywhere. I learned that from crafting. You have to stick to one project or you will never get anything done. So I am going back to my sci-fi story and edit it to where I like it and then I will finish it. I'm close. I just need to figure out the ending. It suppose to be the first in a series. We'll see how THAT goes. But yeah, I plan on putting some excerps here from my work. I won't put a lot of here because I plan on publishing my work some day and I don't want to much of my stuff out there where it could be stolen or not used because it was technically "published". But I plan to give you enough to get you interested. I hope to have something for you next Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Loves ya,

Weigh-In Wednesday!

Hey all, so as some of you know, I am in need of losing weight. And I am not talking about a few vanity pounds. I'm talking about another person of pounds. So I have decided to post here about my weight on Wednesday and let you know how I am doing. This will help me be accountable and maybe help me lose weight. I will only post about my weight on Wednesday and I won't post about weight on any other day but that day so this blog won't turn into a weight loss blog. More after the cut.

So I have a goal in mind what I want to weigh by the end of the year, when HOPEFULLY my boyfriend will come visit me. Which will be the time I will try my hardest to convince him to move here to be with me. So I have to be in good health and shape to do that. So I am trying to diet, but so far, with holding myself accountable I have been eating what I want when I want. Depression is a bitch ladies and gentlemen and she likes chocolates and cookies. *sigh*

So here we go, day one. In a week I will weigh in and post a tracker on how I am doing. Not sure if I will post my actual weight or just how much I have lost. I'll think about it. So be here next Wednesday to check my progress. Yeah!!!

ETA: So I decided to go ahead and put the ticker up now. This ticker shows how much weight I have to lose to get to my first goal weight. I hope to reach it fairly quickly. It was holiday weight I never lost. LOL! So here's hoping. :-)

Loves Ya,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I made my first PDF file!!!

I know its not craft related really, but in a way it is. I am going to be using this a lot in relation to my crafts and patterns, so its kind of crafty. I made a pdf of the cross stitched kitty I recently finished making my sister. I don't see myself ever making it again but just in case and in case maybe one of you want to try to make it for yourself. I am going to post the pdf file on my new website for you and will post about it when I get the site up and post about the kitty pic I gave my sister. I just had to post about this because I am so excited and it was super easy. I have this video to thank. Just download OpenOffice, its free, and make pdfs until your heart is content! Woot!!!

Loves ya,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Who knew being sick could be so fashionable?

I surely didn't, but I've recently been proven wrong. Word on the street is that Katy Perry, yeah the chick who kissed a girl and she liked it, has recently become the owner of a new ring that pokes fun at the recent epidemic that is going on in the world. Curious about what I mean? Check it out under the cut.

While in Miami, Katy stopped by Big Drop and picked up a new ring.


Yep, a swine flu ring. Ok, as tacky as this ring is, I have to admit that I LOVE this ring. I want one so bad. It honestly is to cute for words, although you may not be able to guess that by my ranting about it. But yeah, swine flu ring anyone? Why yes, don't mind if I do.

Ok, so be honest, how do you feel about this lastest trend making illness into fashion. While I know its sad what is going on around the world with this illness, I think poking some fun at it helps ease the tension of the fear and stress we are all feeling at this time. But how do you feel about it? Too awesome for words, or too tacky to give a second thought?

Loves ya,

Welcome to The House of Mouse!!!

Hey all, and welcome to my new place to blog, The House of Mouse or Das Haus der Maus. The House of Mouse was taken on Blogger but it wasn't in German. Since I am part German I thought it fit. :-) And it still rhymes. Yeah me! :-D

Ok, I feel I owe it to you to explain why the move. Well, I have been trying to find a persona that fits me. I've gone through several as some of you know, and I just couldn't get one that felt right. However, one persona I just used for forums and emails I kept for a while but never thought of using. Until recently.

I decided to go with mouse because I love Mouse from Reboot and I love all things mice related. Living, cartoon, figurine, if its a mouse I love it. But this didn't really click for me until I started being called mouse some places on the net. So I decided to just go for it and be Mouse. So here I am, for your viewing pleasure, and I plan on staying here a long time to come. However I don't really know where the angle of blog will go. I like so many things and I don't feel like I should dedicate my blog to just one aspect of my life. I kind of have the days sectioned up for how I will post, which I think will work nicely for me and have the blog update more often with scheduled posts. I am thinking of not posting at all on Sunday but that's still up in the air. But we will see what happens.

Oh the above picture is a quiz I took that has me down perfectly. I was kind of worried my time would be 3:33. LOL! But I thought this would be the perfect way to jump start my new blog and website. So welcome once again. Wipe off your feet at the door and enjoy your stay at The House of Mouse.