Friday, May 22, 2009

LiveJournal Cuts on Blogger

I just wanted to post here about how to get LiveJournal cuts on Blogger. I googled it and it was a bit tricky to find. I'm guessing because not a lot of links exist for it. So I figure I'd add to the slowly growing list of links out there for it. Check under the cut for more.

One of the places I learned how to make the "cut" was on Hackosphere's blog. There are some neat hacks there that I am currently looking into. I also found out about the "cut" hack from another helpful blog that I forget the name of, but I will find it and post about it later on. But yeah, if you are on Blogger and would like to make your posts look a little neater, this hack is for you. Its fairly easy to use. Word of advice to help make things go easier, copy the template and paste it in Notepad of whatever html editing software you use. Then use the find option to locate the part of the html you are needing to edit. Good luck and feel free to ask me if you need help with it.

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