Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

As you can see, I suck at the weight loss this week. I know its an excuse but I blame it on the fact that my boyfriend is in Puerto Rico and we only have contact through one or two emails a day. He left Saturday and won't be back until Saturday. For those who don't know, we are in a long distance relationship and have been so for a long while now. In this time I have never gone a day without chatting to him or talking to him. It was so form of "live" interaction. Now I have to go a week without that and its killing me. The first night was hard, and I knew it would be. Whenever he accidentally falls asleep and doesn't call me at night I have a hard time sleeping. Saturday night was no different. Sunday was a little harder because I had to go another night without him. Monday was a hair better. Tuesday was a little better than that. I'm hoping tonight will be better than that. I joked in an email to him that I am getting used to not hearing his voice at night, but that wasn't an excuse for him not to call at night. :-) On the plus side, he misses my voice too. :-) So I think once he's home safe and sound...and off the plane...I will be able to get more hardcore with my dieting. School is coming fast. Oh, speaking of, I got accepted. Yeah me...I suppose. Not having that happy gotta do the Snoopy dance feeling, but I am sure things will get more exciting the closer I get to school time and once my FASFA goes through. Ok, I've gabbed enough. Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,

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