Monday, May 18, 2009

Who knew being sick could be so fashionable?

I surely didn't, but I've recently been proven wrong. Word on the street is that Katy Perry, yeah the chick who kissed a girl and she liked it, has recently become the owner of a new ring that pokes fun at the recent epidemic that is going on in the world. Curious about what I mean? Check it out under the cut.

While in Miami, Katy stopped by Big Drop and picked up a new ring.


Yep, a swine flu ring. Ok, as tacky as this ring is, I have to admit that I LOVE this ring. I want one so bad. It honestly is to cute for words, although you may not be able to guess that by my ranting about it. But yeah, swine flu ring anyone? Why yes, don't mind if I do.

Ok, so be honest, how do you feel about this lastest trend making illness into fashion. While I know its sad what is going on around the world with this illness, I think poking some fun at it helps ease the tension of the fear and stress we are all feeling at this time. But how do you feel about it? Too awesome for words, or too tacky to give a second thought?

Loves ya,

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