Friday, May 29, 2009

Sony CF-520

Ok, so I was watching the 5 second films my sister found online and one of them was about the Sony CF-520. I was curious about it because I knew the clip was in reference to a movie...*ahem*Say Anything*ahem*. What I found brought back some fond memories.


The Sony CF-520 was one of the first boom boxes. It came out in 1978...*cough*my birth year*cough*. Well I guess it was around this time or a little later that my mom and dad purchased one of them. Also around this time we moved to Germany to live for three years because my dad was deployed there.

When my brother and I were old enough to talk, my mom made cute recordings of us. I can remember a recording where I assume my mom was pointing out body parts on herself or on my and my brother and was having us tell her what they were. I remember eye brow was eye bow. LOL! And I sang a lovely and loud rendition of Happy Birthday to my daddy. The last line being a dramatic and extravagant "Happy Birthday to DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" and my dad being so proud and thankful for the lovely song. :-)

I also remember us doing recordings when we got back to the states in the home we are in now in our living room. The poor Sony CF-520 was a bit beat up but it still proudly did it things. Its not until I researched this today that I realized the Sony CF-520 one day mysteriously disappeared. I'm sure its because my mom and dad got a new boom box or stereo, but I'll always remember those recordings we made. My mom has them somewhere in her collection. I want to make a copy of them one day to have and share with my kids one day. They won't believe that was their mom sounding like a total dork. LOL! But yeah, its funny how small things can bring a whole rush of memories you kind of forgot you had. Thanks for joining me on Memory Lane. Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves Ya,

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