Monday, May 25, 2009

Fashionable Monday

Ok, so seriously, what is my deal? I always have my hand in one to many pots, but this time I am putting my hand back in a pot I had it in before about *cough*13 years ago*cough*. What is this pot I speak of? Fashion design. I have loved it for years. I bought Vogue magazine just to ooh and ahh at clothing I could never wear but loved to look at. They shape and design of all those beautiful clothes. They jewelry. The shoes. Hell, the scents. It just all mingled together perfectly in some elegant form. I took sewing in my 12 grade year of school and fell in more in love with sewing. I would stay after school late sewing and come in early to sew. I loved it. But once I graduated that all just went away. I'm so sad I let that happen. Who knows who or where I would be now if I hadn't. But I refuse to think that I have a sell by date on my life or on who I can be.

So recently I have found myself adoring fashion again. Drooling over it. Wanting more of it every chance I get. This being evident from the other day when I "borrowed" a very large Vogue magazine from a doctor's office.

"Borrowed" Vouge Magazine

Oh alright, I stole it, but it was from September of last year. I couldn't help it. I was thumbing through it and the fashions we just so lovely. Albeit, out of fashion now, but so lovely. I couldn't just leave it there. Forgive me fashion Gods!!! I mean how could I leave it there. Just look at this ad, its one of my faves in the magazine.

Dolce & Gabbana ad from "borrowed" Vogue magazine.

Another point that proves that fashion is in my blood is I love going into a fabric store, touching each and every piece of fabric. I feel so wonderful when I take a bit of fabric home with it, but its always just a yard or less for sewing for dolls. But I got intimidated by that thinking I couldn't do it so I never did it. I didn't even know how to draw my own fashions, although that never kept me from trying. My drawing leaves one with much to be desired but I tried anyway. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn't. Oh maybe that's just me being critical of myself. Anyway, I was all ready to give up on fashion completely until I came across a ThreadBanger video.

I'm behind on watching them so I haven't been keeping up, but I saw this one by accident and went searching for a croquis website. And I found several with free ones.

Free Croquis (DOT) Com *Free Downloadable Croquis*

Designers Nexus *Free Printable Croquis and Fashion Designer Website*

Suite 101 (DOT) Com *The Croquis Template*

Suite 101 (DOT) Com *Ways to Improve Drawing Ability*

Threads Magazine *Fashion Sketching for Untrained Artists*

VODPOD *Videos on Working with Corquis*

So in looking at these websites I see that I have two templates in my collection of stuff that I can use to make 4 croquis. They come from a kit I had a long time ago when I first got interested in fashion as a teen. I just never got rid of it and now I am glad I didn't. I plan on pulling them out and tinkering around with them and seeing what I come up with.

Now does this mean that I am planning on changing my plans and going to school for fashion? Not even. It just means that I am going to keep my options open and see if maybe there could be something for me in the fashion world, however small it may be. It may only be fashion for dolls that I have been forcing myself to sew, or maybe it will just be my own personal fashions I make a statement with. Whatever it may be, I refuse to let fashion leave me life again, and I plan to incorporate it some way into what I do already.

Hope I didn't bore anyone with this blog entry. Just had to blog about my findings and about my re-ignition of my love for fashion. :-) Next on the list, finding how to draw fashion books at a decent price. Hummm...suggestions anyone? *Runs off to Amazon to search.* ;-)

Loves Ya,

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