Thursday, September 11, 2014

19 inch GentleTouch Vinyl Super Hero Doll Baby Boy Doll By Jen Print

Whew, say that title 10 times fast. LOL! So my mom has recently gotten the collector's bug, and found herself interested in realistic looking baby dolls. Not being sure if she'd like these kinds of dolls, she decided to get into the hobby slowly with a cute and affordable doll. Searching through one of her favorite only marketplaces, who doesn't love Amazon, she found several cutie pies, and she found one she just had to bring home. Be sure to click the pictures to see them at full size.

This is the Super Hero Baby Doll produced by Gentle Touch Vinyl by the artist Jen Print. This little guy comes in his Super Hero costume, has a cloth body, and a super precious face. He's got a bit of weight to him, but isn't overly heavy. His body is a soft cloth body, and it's good for holding or cuddling. His costume is super cute with an attached cape and a felt mask. Now with the cape you'll want to be careful because we noticed that it can snag easily. My mom got a second doll and straight out of the box the cape was snagged in two places. Just something to keep in mind.

My mom decided she wanted a second doll after she got her first boy, but decided she wanted the second one to be a girl so he could have a twin sister. The face works perfectly for that. My mom tried different outfits and 0-3 months baby clothes works "fairly" ok. Premature baby clothes might work better for them because the onesie kind of bags in the crotch, but get them some good fitting pants and you won't notice really. The head has a good amount of hair in it, and you can create cute hairstyles with it.

I am in love with these dolls, they are super cute and look charming in their new outfits. The horse in the background is a toy my brother, sister, and I all played with as a child. And yes, that means it's vintage, *sniffle* I'm so old. LOL! But I think they look so sweet "playing" with their toys. But I think my mom has been firmly bitten by the collector's bug...she's got a new doll coming in tomorrow, and this one is a super cutie too. I'll post about it tomorrow once UPS drops it off. Until then, take care my awesome readers. Bye for now. :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Impressive Sailor Moon Collection

I've seen tons of Barbie collection rooms, but this is the first time I've seen a Sailor Moon collections room. Very impressive.

I love all the bright colors. Who knew Sailor Moon had so many dolls? I really like the baby dolls. I kind of want to get one Disney Princess doll but I can't decide which one. I would usually always pick Ariel, but I love Anna now too, so it's a toss up between the two...and Snow White...and Rapunzel...and...Tiana...and...I think you get the idea. LOL! I just wanted to share this with you guys as I am sure some of you will find it interesting like I did. :-) Talk to you guys soon. Bye for now.