Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who’s your fave monster?

From Monster High that is.  Why do I ask?  Because you or someone close to you may be forced to make a choice.  Why?  Well for Halloween of course!





Frankie Stein

Aren’t they cute?!?  I love Frankie’s outfit the most, but they are all cute.  I saw them in the Party City flier today.  But they really aren’t monsters to me.  Humm, I’ve gotta be able to do better than this.  Humm, oh I know!

A mix of me and Ariel.

Hehehe.  This is a morphed picture of me and Ariel.  I have to say we do not make an attractive morphed person.  Should I tell you which belongs to who?  Hummm…nahhhh…I’ll keep you guessing.  :-D  Ok, I really need to try to get some sleep.  I just feel icky to the tummy, and it’s hard to sleep when it feels bad.  But I’m going to try now since it’s so late.  Later lovelies.

Loves ya,

One more to torture you with.

So I made one more morph of a friend I forgot to make.

Baby Making Series - Brian

This one is of me and my friend Brian.  He always said he’d love to be the mommy of his child.  He’s gay but would like to be a daddy one day and it honored me that he considered me as potential mommy material.  So I had to try a morph with him and not to bad if I might say so myself.  :-)  Ok, now I’m seriously taking off.  Night all.

Loves ya,

Boredom, babies, and Brad Pitt.

I know what you are thinking.  “Um, Chelle, what’s up with that title?”  :-D  Hehehehe.  I was bored tonight after doing some cleaning and not really getting to other things I wanted or needed to do and I decided to take a break and try out this morphing website I heard about.  I had always wanted to try those “See what your baby will look like,” sites but they want an email and a cell phone number and umm yeah so not worth it to get spam.  So when I heard about the Morph Thing website I had to try it out.  Following is my adventure in baby making…with random men.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Prince

We’ll start off with this little beauty.  She’s a mix of me and Prince, as in the singer.  He and I have decided that we are either going to name her Diamond, Pearl, or Nikki.

Baby Making Series- Taye Diggs

Next up and my baby with Taye Diggs.  Seems to be a little messed up in the genes there.  We aren’t sure who’s genes messed things up but we love this little one just the same.

Baby Making Series - Steve Martin

This next little darling looks a lot like her father Steve Martin.  Why Steve?  Why not?!?  Ok, I had a mini crush on him back in the day…and maybe still do have a tiny one on him now.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Adrien Brody

My next beautiful baby comes from my brief affair with Adrien Brody.  We lived, we loved, and then I left.  He had to many issues.  So not a situation to raise children.

Baby Making Series - Hitler

Now this next one is a prime example why you shouldn’t sign up for those free science evaluations.  I thought I was going in for sleep therapy and nine months later this little one came along.  Come to find out, I was one of many experimented on to produce the spawn of Hitler.  I know!  But alas, he’s mine, so I love him.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Harry Potter

So my next child is the next great wizard of all time.  He’s just missing his daddy’s scar, thank goodness.  I think Harry Potter proved that having a cool lightening bolt scar isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Baby Making Series - Brad Pitt

Now this next one gets more to the title of the post.  Brad and Angelina have decided that instead of running all over the world to adopt a child they’d just open up a program to allow people to reproduce for them.  Since I had nothing going on at the mo’ I decided meh why not.  This young lad is the product of that program.  I was paid handsomely and you can expect this little one’s photo spread in the next issue of People Magazine.

Baby Making Series - Obama

Now after having Brad’s baby, I decided I needed to up my stats and make it a little harder to get my quality genes.  I wanted my next child to really make an impact on the world.  It was at this time I got a call from Obama in search of the original Michelle.  Well, this was an opportunity I was not prepared to turn down.  So here is our little one Miylieta.  You like that name?  So do I.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Ewan McGregor

Now my last, and I must admit, favorite celeb baby is with my believe Ewan MrGregor.  The cutest thing, right?  So cute, and I’m sure Ariel and Ewan’s wife will understand.  :-D

Baby Making Series - David

Now these next few are just babies I could potentially have with some friends.  David.  This one I had to try because he was my first boyfriend and we’d always planned to have kids one day.  So this was interesting.

Baby Making Series - Shawn

Shawn, who almost didn’t make it in this post because he had an issue about me posting this picture.  Um yeah, you can’t tell what he looks like from this picture alone.  I will say this much, I don’t wear glasses so those are his.  The rest I’ll let you guess on.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Kenny

Kenny.  I don’t know why I’m kind of disturbed how girlie she looks in this one.  If you all knew him you’d understand more about what I mean.

Baby Making Series - Ariel

Now these last two babies are products of me and Ariel.  This one I see as being our son.  He has my nose and cheeks and his daddy’s brows and chin.  The eyes seem to be a mix of the two leaning more towards mine.

Baby Making Series - Ariel

And this one I see being our daughter.  And oddly enough she looks a lot like me with a strong hint of him in there.  They eyes are my shape but the coloring really isn’t either.  Maybe a mix.  She has my cheeks, his mouth and chin, and I believe a mix of our brows.

Now one funny thing about all these pictures are no matter how I morphed them they all ended up with the Serba nose.  The folks on my mom’s side of the family have this little ball at the end of their noses and I got it also and it passed on to all these babes.  It does make me wonder if that will carry on to any kids I have.  Ariel has strong facial features like a strong nose so his could win out or it could be a mix of both which would be interesting to see.  LOL!

Just a regular morph.

And for a final morph, I decided to try morphing me and my favorite actress ever Audrey Hepburn.  It’s interesting to see myself morphed with her.  There’s a lot of her in there, but even she has the Serba nose.  LOL!  The nose reigns supreme!!!

So I hoped you enjoyed this and run off to morph yourself with celebs or people you know.  It’s a fun way to kill some time.  I wanted to post something doll related, but since I have nothing to report on right now I decided to just post this instead so I have something to post today.  But I’m off now to get some sleep.  I still have a lot of things to catch up on *coughemailscoughcommentscoughetccough* But just wanted to make sure I posted today.  Talk to you all tomorrow.  Bye for now.  :-)

Loves ya,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey! Buy this house…but only if you are a doll lover. :-D

What?  I’m dying to know who will buy the recently finished house across the street.

Let me just say, drawing compared to actual house is spot on.  It’s been interesting to watch this house be built from destroying the woods that once lived in it’s spot, to building the foundation, to loud early mornings of banging and sawing, to the finished look.  Let me just say, it’s the newest house in a neighbor hood that was built in the 70s.  We have like two houses that were built in like the 90s but the rest were 70s and 80s.  There is another plot next to this house that will have a house on it eventually.  I’m so surprised they will get two houses on this plot of land.  But let me just say, that when the second house is built, if you fart your neighbor will hear it.  :-D  Ok, so some internal pics.

Living room with fireplace.  This is at the back of the house.

I actually love the kitchen.  It’s big enough and it’s open.  But the cabinets look kind of dated to me, or cheap.  One of the two.  The counters look ok.

This right here seems like a wasted picture.  Showing the ceiling fan.  I think that is common in most new houses now.  But it does show the crown molding which is not common for houses in this neighborhood.  Perhaps the rich neighborhood they built behind mine but not my middle class neighborhood.

Double vanity in the master bathroom.  Nice.  Counters still seem cheap or out of date to me.

I believe this is a garden tub.  I think I read it had one.  And I believe it’s under a frosted window.  This is on the side of the house at the front.  I believe this is the master bathroom since the house has only two bathrooms.

And here’s the second bathroom.  So the other tub must be the master one.  This one looks nice.  Simple bathroom for guests and kids.

Backyard.  It’s kind of on the smallish side so if you aren’t much for gardening then this is for you.  I think I’d want a privacy fence because the yard is completely open.  I can see half of it from my craft room upstairs across the street.  And since the house is for right now the corner house the people on my street which is the main street and the street that it corners with can all see into the backyard.  So yeah, I’d want a privacy fence.

They really took crap  pictures of the house.  They should have taken one of the front and not take internal ones until the house was done.  And not one of the garage.  It doesn’t even tell in the listing that it’s a double garage.  And the listing has it in the wrong zip code and on the wrong street.  LOL!  No one it hasn’t sold yet.  But I am surprised it hasn’t because it’s in one of the best school districts in town.  I’m sure it will sell soon with all those military people being moved here over the next few years.  But still, I wish I knew who will move there.  I hope they aren’t jerks.  If I could I would move there, but alas I can’t.  Oh well.  I don’t think they will be starting on the second house until that one sells and two others on the main street outside of our neighborhood.  But the lot is for sale so I’m sure the person who buys it will be able to build a very nice house just how they like it.  So if you are in the market for purchasing a house or wanting to build your own on a corner lot with a nosey but polite neighbor living across from you, and you happen to like dolls, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up.  ;-) 

And just so this post isn’t completely boring, here’s a sneak peek into what I started on today.


Ignore the messy desk, it always looks like that.  The focus are the ten pieces of fabric slowing drying from no-sew glue.  Tomorrow I will sew across those sewed hems and make “hopefully” ten cute little dresses.  I have the threads I want to use all ready to go right there, so tomorrow will be a busy sewing day.  :-)  Looking forward to it.  :-)  Ok, I’m off.  I want to go watch an episode or two of the new Korean drama I started.  I finished the last one that I will review for you in a bit.  It was ok, nothing to write home about.  Ok, talk to you later.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss A - Breathe

So today has been a rather crap day.  One of my “friends” did something really wrong to me and it caused me to get so upset it affected my health.  No one should have that kind of pull over your life, so I have temporarily banned them from my life.  Sorry to post negative stuff in the blog but sometimes you just have to tell what’s going on in your life to help deal with it. 

Anyway I needed a pick me up bad.  I was going to sort out some Fall fabrics for my sew-a-thon when I learned Miss A’s new video came out today.  It’s so bubble gum pop that it put me in a good mood.  So I bring it to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy.

I won’t be blogging about much else today.  Sorry about that.  Just really sad over what happened.  I’ll be fine by tomorrow, just today I need to go into hermit mode.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more to share.  Take care until then.  Big hugs to you all.

Loves ya,

Dark Hunter

So there is a book series out there called “Dark Hunter” by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Not sure what the series is about.  Seems like hunters that hunt demons or vampires.  Not sure, but I want to find out, it seems very interesting.  I wonder if they are in ebook form so I can pop it onto my Nook?  Must find out.  But anyway, so this series has a big following, and you know what that usually turns into right?  :-D

The characters are turned into 12 inch poseable dolls!  :-D  And I have to say I love the two dolls so far in the series and wish I had 300 dollars just laying around collecting dust.

Isn’t he beautiful?  I have to say I have a soft spot for cute guys with black and read hair.  I rooted an Obitsu male doll with the same color combo, but he has read hair in back under his black hair.  But I love how this one is done also.

This is Acheron, from what I gathered, he’s the main character of the storyline.  I think the first book in the series was called Acheron.  Please don’t quote me on any of this info as I have yet to read the series and I can’t gather much from the websites or wiki of the series.

He comes with some pretty cool accessories too. A very detailed doll here.  He’s so well done I could even overlook the side glancing eyes.  If you have read my blog long enough you will know that I HATE side glancing dolls.  But he’s so beautiful I’d get over it.  Heck, he’s got shades, I’d just use them more often than not.  ;-)

The second doll in the series is Simi.  I don’t know who she is, but something tells me she’s either the hunted, or the hunted love interest.  Think of Buffy and Angel.

I love this picture.  I love how the red light makes her hair look red.  You can almost picture she’s in hell and the light from the flames are making her hair appear red.

She’s very pretty, and I love her horns.  Her outfit is cute too.  But one thing that stand out to me are her eyes.  The reminded me of another doll.

Victoria from the Twilight doll series by Mattel.  She also has red eyes.  So is it a running thought that evil beings have red eyes?  I’m curious about that because I am writing a novel with vamps and I am wondering what color their eyes would turn when they vamp out.  I think red has been over done, I don’t like gold, maybe silver, I thought blue but that has been done.  So far their eyes turn pure black but I just don’t like that.  Oh well, it may end up being red after all.  LOL!

Like Acheron, Simi comes with some cool accessories.  I am curious about the hot sauce.  Is it a think in the books or is it just a cute accessory added to the doll?  I’m thinking it’s in the books kind of like a true blood thing.  I love her coffin purse.  Once again, she’s a side glancer, but once again she’s so pretty and cool that I could overlook that.  :-)

I’m so curious about this series, I wonder if my library has the series?  I’ll have to find out.  But I just wanted to show you guys these dolls.  This was the post I was going to make before the shoe post, but I had to put if off until I did the shoe post.  Oh speaking of shoes, I was on Etsy looking for stuff for a new segment I want to do on my blog and I saw people were actually making Armadillo shoes for their dolls, mostly Blythe.  I don’t know if it says much that they have not sold yet.  I’m sorry, but even on dolls those things look weird, and that’s my non-final say on that.  :-D

Ok peeps, I am off.  Gonna lay down here and finish my Korean drama that is turning out nice, and I hope it ends on a happy note.  I’ll do a review about it when I finish it.  Talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

Do want!

Sims 3 for console.  PS3 to be exact.  Coming out next month.  Can’t wait.  Here’s a teaser trailer for it.  Very funny.  There are other videos of each person separately that also entertaining to watch if you are interested.

Love the Sims.  Any other Sims fans out there?

Loves ya,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Armadillo Shoes: Doll Scale

Ok, so I may be risking being ridiculed by the next comment I am going to make, but one of the latest fashion trends I could never understand and truthfully think are so ugly are Alexanander McQueen’s ‘Armadillo’ shoes. May he rest in peace, and I mean no harm, but these shoes were just the freakiest invention ever. Take a look.

Ok, not that you’ve seen, what do you think? To me these things just look ugly. Along the line of Christian Louboutin's Ballerina Heels.

I don’t like the much better, but they at least look like heels should look, minus the killer heel part. I think both these shoes are pointless IMHO, but I guess they both server some kind of fashion purpose. If you know what, feel free to tell me. :-)

So it took me a while to figure out why the shoes were called Armadillo shoes. It wasn’t until I looked at a picture of an Armadillo that I caught on. Have a look.

So, do you see it? Not yet? Humm, well try this instead.

See it now? The body is the bulk of the shoe and the tail is the heel. I mean I must admit that it’s genius that he saw this shoe in an animal, but I still think the shoe is ugly and pointless.

Well while searching for a doll series I wanted to do a doll post on, I found these shoes and that other post went bye-bye for now. LOL! It seems that someone in the doll world, Angelic Dreamz to be precise, has taken this phenomenon and translated it into doll scale for their JAMIEshow line.

I don’t know how someone can see this being a fashionable shoe, but these are just my thoughts. If you like them then you like them. I just don’t see them as attractive. Not even in my fave scale.

Now the doll line looks interesting. 16 inch bjd from what I understand. The dolls will be able to fit the shoes as well as I believe Tonner’s American Girls and Sybarite dolls. Now I thought American Girl dolls were taller and bigger in all aspects than 16inch dolls. So I am wondering how they fit these shoes.

They also have black Armadillo shoes coming out in October, but as of yet no picture for them.

Oddly enough they have a lot of recent style shoes that they made into doll scale. A lot of them seem to be bases off of shoes that Lady Gaga would wear and were in her Bad Romance music video.

Sigh, is this a sign that I am getting old? Funny, I didn’t think at 32 I’d be old, but these fashions just confuse me on how they could be “cool” or “hip”. Now not all the shoes on the JAMIEshow line turn me off. I like a lot of them, NOT the Gladiator shoes. I HATE Gladiator shoes! Meh, maybe I’m not old, maybe I just have my own opinion about fashion and what I think is “cool” and “hip”.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on Armadillo shoes? Like them? Love them? Loathe them? Would you get them for your Vinyl Vixens? Me personally? I don’t know. I wouldn’t wear them personally, but who knows if one of my dolls’ personalities would want a pair and wear them all the time. Ok, that has to be so weird. I hate the shoes, but if I thought my doll would wear them I’d buy them without a second thought. Am I nuts or do my doll pals out there understand this concept? I’m so hoping you understand or I need to seek help. LOL!

Ok, I just wanted to post about this. I am off now. I want to work on some stuff on my to-do list that I will be posting here soon. It’s a pretty long list actually and I want to add to it. I guess I’ve been putting off a lot of stuff. I’m sure I’m not alone in doing that, but it sure feels that way. LOL! Ok, talk to you all later. Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Complete chaotic clutter!!!

Hey guys.  So last night I jumped in shocked when I realized it had been a few days since I checked my email.  Now, the reason I was in shock was not because I wanted to read the email, but because my email was thisclose to being a full capacity.  Well when I checked my email, yep, full capacity.  My mom’s email got bounced from me.  LOL!  It’s any wonder who else got bounced.  It was then I decided I need to get organized and decluttered.  I mean, come on, I had over 1000 emails in my inbox.  I have cut it down to 62 emails I want to actually read, and some of these are back from May!  So if you sent me an email and I haven’t gotten back to you, I’m super duper sorry and I will be going through those and responding.

See, this is why I have not opened my shop yet because I can’t go into it being cluttered and disorganized.  That picture up above, yeah I feel sometimes it fits me perfectly.  Things everywhere, plants dying, that pair of panties I can’t find…yeah I put them in a safe place I just can’t remember where that is exactly.  *sigh*  I am the kind of person that likes to be organized and likes to have a place for everything, but with lack of storage that just isn’t happening right now, so I have to make do with what I have.

But at least I’m attempting something.  My goal is to be fully organized by the end of the year.  I need another to-do list so bad.  I will work on one and post it here.  Hopefully it will keep me accountable.  I want to knock some of these things I’ve been trying to avoid because I don’t want to deal with it.  I’ve left some things so long that it will take DAYS to sort out.  I HATE that.  So I just keep pushing it back and hope the elephant standing in the room or sitting on my desktop doesn’t jump out at me at the most inopportune time and expect me to give it attention, because usually that doesn’t happen and then I get down about not giving it the attention it needs.  Anyone else have this?  I’m sure you do, I think we all do.  Just wish I could stop letting things get lax and stay on top of things.  I want to form the habit of it truthfully.  I know it’s possible.  I’m not giving up.

So to-do list coming soon along with some other stuff.  Gonna go watch Lawrence Welk if he’s on and try to do some sewing or at least pulling out some nice fabrics to use.  I want to use up the yard of Halloween fabric and pop those things into my shop.  I don’t want the season to pass and me not having done anything with the fabric.  I’ve cut myself off from buying any fabric until I use up the bulk of what I have which makes me a little sad.  I want new stuff but I didn’t use the old stuff yet.  :-)

Hey, speaking of which!  Question!  Does anyone have any crafty ideas for a yards worth of furry fabric?  One is really thick long fur and one is thinner shorter fur.  Each peace is about a yard each and I want to do something fun with them.  I was thinking of making pillow monsters our of them, but I wanted to know about some other ideas that I may like better.

Ok, I’m off now.  Gonna go free my poor fabric and pull out some items for dresses.  Bye for now and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!  :-)  Oh, and if you are curious about what it says on the computer screen in the image above, a piss-up, from what I read, is a drinking session and an insult that is said is a person who isn't organized couldn't be trusted to organize a piss-up in a brewery.  Funny?  I think yes.  :-D

Loves ya,

Friday, September 24, 2010

*Looks are bloodshot eyes in the mirror.*

Ughhh!  My eyes!!!  They are tired and they burn for the second day in a row.  Not to mention I’m just plain pooped and tired.  Why?  *blushes*  Because I just beat Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light twice.  Yesterday in mulit player and today in single player.  My hands hurt, my eyes hurt, and my sister just invited me to join her and her friend to play some Perfect World!  I know, I know, I could say no…but I don’t want tooooo.  LOL!  I know, you have no pity for me.  Meanies!!!

Now as for the game, it’s pretty good.  It’s set up arcade style, and at first I didn’t think I’d like it, but in the end I actually did.  The game goes quick and finishes quick.  I started around 4 something and finished just now, so roughly 6 hours with tons of breaks in there.  Not bad.  Now since I got that out of my sister, tomorrow I plan to spend all day sewing.  Now that I have more light in the room I craft in, I don’t have to worry about stopping before night.  I had to do that before because it would be darkish in the room and hard to see so I didn’t craft at night and it kept me from working on things since I knew I’d have to stop.  Now if I don’t want to stop then I don’t have to.  Woo hoo!

Well now I’m off to call the boyfriend to check up on him and then play some Perfect World.  Talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I’m such a proud dork.

If you can’t already tell, I love this time of year.  The holidays make me happy for some reason.  And since this year is going by SO fast, I want to try to enjoy it as much as possible.  So don’t be shocked to see the blog get more festive as the years closes, and expect more themed layout changes.  Oh and one more thing, look at the very bottom of the blog to see some widgets I added.  :-D  Silly?  Yes.  Fun?  Yes!  :-D

Loves ya,

Can you stand it?!?

Ok guys, so in roughly a little over an hour Autumn officially begins.  That is 11:09 pm EST time.  I am all giddy people!  My FAVORITE season EVER is about to begin.  Oh sure, it’s still warm out, but not hitting the 100 degree weather we had this summer, so that’s good.  I’m so excited.  I have been waiting for it to cool off since Spring started, and now it’s here.  I hope the crisp cold air will put some pep in my step and a smile on my face.  I’ve got so much I want to get done in the next 3 months, fingers crossed it will happen.  May the countdown to Autumn begin!  Woo hoo!!!

But here’s a question, isn’t it weird that daylight savings doesn’t start until November 7th?  You would think it would be in October some time.  November just seems so late in the game.  Aha!  After some research I found out it did use to be in October but just recently a new law made it start in November in 2007.  Several reasons stated for the change are saving on energy, better voter turn out…which the day of DST will be changed during voting years because it’s proven voters will vote if when they come home at night after voting it will still be light out, and it’s safer for trick-or-treaters.  Interesting.  I still feel it’s so late in the game, but it got me to read about it and now I know…hehehe…and knowing is half the battle.  :-D  Bye for now.  Woo hoo for Autumn!!!  *does the Autumn Moonwalk out of here*

Loves ya,