Monday, September 6, 2010

Liv doll update.

So it looks like I am bonding with Alexis.  I still need to come up with a name for her.  I don’t really like Alexis or Alex and I already have a doll with a my much preferred Alix.  So I need a new name for her.  I’ve been throwing some ideas around my head but nothing is sticking yet.  I so want to get her some more wigs.  I’m crazy about them.  The blond ones actually work on her.  And would you believe it, the cheapo one is one I love the most.  The is just something about a platinum bleached blond with brown eye brows.  LOL!  She looks so Zsa zsa.  Loves.  I want to start searching for Liv doll groups on Flickr now.  *sigh*  One more doll to love.  I want to hurry up and finish this photostory I am doing so I can sell off the Babs dolls and just focus on the few dolls I do like.  Hopefully I can do that in a month or two.  We’ll see.

Still kind of bummed about Frankie’s leg.  I suppose I could take her back, but the Kmart here seldom restocks and the other Frankie that was there didn’t have nice hair.  Nope, I’m gonna keep her and just try my hand at painting in the missing spot or just accepting her as is.   Thinking about it.  I just hate factory mistakes on dolls.  If I cause it that’s one thing but if the factory did it, that’s another thing.  Yep, I’m weird like that.  ;-)  Ok, I just wanted to update about Alexis.  I am liking her and I think my mom wants to get one too.  Hoping to head out to Walmart this week and see if I can get her to get one.  I don’t need another platinum wig any more.  It doesn’t fit my doll.  So I will just reroot one of the regular blond wigs because one does not sit on her head right…her roots are showing.  ;-)  Oh and one more thing I learned about Liv and Monster High dolls, they can exchange earrings.  Alexis is currently sporting Frankie’s skull earrings and Frankie had her gold hoops.  I found that interesting.  Yep, I’m a nerd.  LOL!  Ok, talk to you guys later.  Be good.

Loves ya,

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