Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who’s your fave monster?

From Monster High that is.  Why do I ask?  Because you or someone close to you may be forced to make a choice.  Why?  Well for Halloween of course!





Frankie Stein

Aren’t they cute?!?  I love Frankie’s outfit the most, but they are all cute.  I saw them in the Party City flier today.  But they really aren’t monsters to me.  Humm, I’ve gotta be able to do better than this.  Humm, oh I know!

A mix of me and Ariel.

Hehehe.  This is a morphed picture of me and Ariel.  I have to say we do not make an attractive morphed person.  Should I tell you which belongs to who?  Hummm…nahhhh…I’ll keep you guessing.  :-D  Ok, I really need to try to get some sleep.  I just feel icky to the tummy, and it’s hard to sleep when it feels bad.  But I’m going to try now since it’s so late.  Later lovelies.

Loves ya,

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