Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey you!

Hi.  :-)  Sorry guys that I was much a loser and didn’t get back to you about the codes, not sure if anyone wanted them or not.  Either way, I never got them because my email for the account was AOL and AOL likes to gobble up your emails and send them to a little place I like to call Email Hell.  Somewhere in a hot nowhere’s land there are two innocent codes screaming for their lives.  *sigh*  Sowwies.  The game sucked anyway.  And the other game I went back to, well it sucks now too because now everyone is a high level and hangs out in the high level cities so you are lucky if you see one person per hour in the lower level cites.  Sucks.  I’ll stick with Perfect World.

But I feel bad coming back empty handed so I have another code opportunity for you guys.  If you are interested and own a PS3, codes are being offered for “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light” beta.  You go to the website, sign up for a GameSpot account and then put in your info and you get a code for the Playstation Store to download the game.  The beta is only good until the game comes out on the 28th, so get it while the getting’s good.  I plan to download tomorrow and check it out.  It looks like it will be interesting, and I’m a Lara Croft fan anyway so of course I love it for that.  Just hate the angle of it, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

In other news, I have been lax in doing anything due to not feeling good.  I really feel I am allergic to something.  Dairy or glutens or something.  I need to figure out a way to check for that, but without a doctor since I don’t have health insurance.  :-(  I guess just cutting back to bland gluten free food and seeing how I feel.  Now, anyone know of a website that tells you what a nice bland gluten free menu consists of?

Also the boyfriend had surgery on Monday and that had me stressed, but he’s doing good and he’s healing up at home.  He’s not a happy camper right now, but he’ll be ok once he heals.

And other than that not much of anything.  Kind of been down some and I don’t know why.  Humm, watched the last episode of As the World Turns on Friday.  Lovely ending to the series, but sad it’s gone.  But hey, gives me more time in my day for other stuff.  Been watching the Korean drama “The First Shop of Coffee Prince”.  LOVE IT!  It’s so funny and veryyyy dramatic.  But most Korean dramas are.  I like them for some reason.  I already have my next one planned to watch when I finish this one which should be this week.

I’ve got a dentist appointment on Friday that I am going to cancel and push back a month.  It’s a cleaning, so it can wait another month.  Just don’t feel like going.  I always stress over these appointments, even though it’s a cleaning and simple, I hate them.  I feel stressed, they take so long to get to me, and I just feel uncomfortable there.  So I will push it back a month.  Maybe I’ll feel better going after the temps drop some.  I mean how can you be in a bad mood with crisp air in your longs, beautiful fall colors around you, and the hint of the holidays in the air?  Can you guys believe the holiday season is about to start.  I say it officially starts on October 1st.  Halloween is part of the holidays to me.  I want to plan something to do this year for Halloween, but I don’t know what.  Still deciding on it.  It’ll be here in no time and then NaNoWriMo!!!  So excited for that this year.  Not sure what novel I will work on, but November is always a relaxing and stressful month for me with Nano, but I love it so much.  Humm, ok this is getting long and going off into another direction.  So I will close now.  Just wanted to let you all in about the LC beta code.  I’ll be back later tonight with a doll post.  Bye until then.

Loves ya,

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