Friday, September 17, 2010

A tip on a perfect way to get your camera back!

So, since a lot of us use our cameras for a variety of things in our hobbies, I found this tip that Andrew McDonald suggests quite interesting and heck, it may even get your camera back for you.  Tell me what you think and would you do it?  :-)

Loves ya,


  1. LMAO! Don't know if it's the 3 hours of sleep I got or what, but I can't stop giggling! This is too funny. Clever too, though I just know I'd accidentally delete those pics if I did that! Also, slightly creepy to know that if it does work, it means someone looked through all my photos, lol!

  2. LOL! I know it would be creepy to know someone just looked through all my pictures. And I'd be one to delete them too. Hopefully I would be wise and have save a copy and put it on my computer safe somewhere for such and incident. :-)


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