Monday, September 27, 2010

Dark Hunter

So there is a book series out there called “Dark Hunter” by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Not sure what the series is about.  Seems like hunters that hunt demons or vampires.  Not sure, but I want to find out, it seems very interesting.  I wonder if they are in ebook form so I can pop it onto my Nook?  Must find out.  But anyway, so this series has a big following, and you know what that usually turns into right?  :-D

The characters are turned into 12 inch poseable dolls!  :-D  And I have to say I love the two dolls so far in the series and wish I had 300 dollars just laying around collecting dust.

Isn’t he beautiful?  I have to say I have a soft spot for cute guys with black and read hair.  I rooted an Obitsu male doll with the same color combo, but he has read hair in back under his black hair.  But I love how this one is done also.

This is Acheron, from what I gathered, he’s the main character of the storyline.  I think the first book in the series was called Acheron.  Please don’t quote me on any of this info as I have yet to read the series and I can’t gather much from the websites or wiki of the series.

He comes with some pretty cool accessories too. A very detailed doll here.  He’s so well done I could even overlook the side glancing eyes.  If you have read my blog long enough you will know that I HATE side glancing dolls.  But he’s so beautiful I’d get over it.  Heck, he’s got shades, I’d just use them more often than not.  ;-)

The second doll in the series is Simi.  I don’t know who she is, but something tells me she’s either the hunted, or the hunted love interest.  Think of Buffy and Angel.

I love this picture.  I love how the red light makes her hair look red.  You can almost picture she’s in hell and the light from the flames are making her hair appear red.

She’s very pretty, and I love her horns.  Her outfit is cute too.  But one thing that stand out to me are her eyes.  The reminded me of another doll.

Victoria from the Twilight doll series by Mattel.  She also has red eyes.  So is it a running thought that evil beings have red eyes?  I’m curious about that because I am writing a novel with vamps and I am wondering what color their eyes would turn when they vamp out.  I think red has been over done, I don’t like gold, maybe silver, I thought blue but that has been done.  So far their eyes turn pure black but I just don’t like that.  Oh well, it may end up being red after all.  LOL!

Like Acheron, Simi comes with some cool accessories.  I am curious about the hot sauce.  Is it a think in the books or is it just a cute accessory added to the doll?  I’m thinking it’s in the books kind of like a true blood thing.  I love her coffin purse.  Once again, she’s a side glancer, but once again she’s so pretty and cool that I could overlook that.  :-)

I’m so curious about this series, I wonder if my library has the series?  I’ll have to find out.  But I just wanted to show you guys these dolls.  This was the post I was going to make before the shoe post, but I had to put if off until I did the shoe post.  Oh speaking of shoes, I was on Etsy looking for stuff for a new segment I want to do on my blog and I saw people were actually making Armadillo shoes for their dolls, mostly Blythe.  I don’t know if it says much that they have not sold yet.  I’m sorry, but even on dolls those things look weird, and that’s my non-final say on that.  :-D

Ok peeps, I am off.  Gonna lay down here and finish my Korean drama that is turning out nice, and I hope it ends on a happy note.  I’ll do a review about it when I finish it.  Talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

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