Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boredom, babies, and Brad Pitt.

I know what you are thinking.  “Um, Chelle, what’s up with that title?”  :-D  Hehehehe.  I was bored tonight after doing some cleaning and not really getting to other things I wanted or needed to do and I decided to take a break and try out this morphing website I heard about.  I had always wanted to try those “See what your baby will look like,” sites but they want an email and a cell phone number and umm yeah so not worth it to get spam.  So when I heard about the Morph Thing website I had to try it out.  Following is my adventure in baby making…with random men.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Prince

We’ll start off with this little beauty.  She’s a mix of me and Prince, as in the singer.  He and I have decided that we are either going to name her Diamond, Pearl, or Nikki.

Baby Making Series- Taye Diggs

Next up and my baby with Taye Diggs.  Seems to be a little messed up in the genes there.  We aren’t sure who’s genes messed things up but we love this little one just the same.

Baby Making Series - Steve Martin

This next little darling looks a lot like her father Steve Martin.  Why Steve?  Why not?!?  Ok, I had a mini crush on him back in the day…and maybe still do have a tiny one on him now.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Adrien Brody

My next beautiful baby comes from my brief affair with Adrien Brody.  We lived, we loved, and then I left.  He had to many issues.  So not a situation to raise children.

Baby Making Series - Hitler

Now this next one is a prime example why you shouldn’t sign up for those free science evaluations.  I thought I was going in for sleep therapy and nine months later this little one came along.  Come to find out, I was one of many experimented on to produce the spawn of Hitler.  I know!  But alas, he’s mine, so I love him.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Harry Potter

So my next child is the next great wizard of all time.  He’s just missing his daddy’s scar, thank goodness.  I think Harry Potter proved that having a cool lightening bolt scar isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Baby Making Series - Brad Pitt

Now this next one gets more to the title of the post.  Brad and Angelina have decided that instead of running all over the world to adopt a child they’d just open up a program to allow people to reproduce for them.  Since I had nothing going on at the mo’ I decided meh why not.  This young lad is the product of that program.  I was paid handsomely and you can expect this little one’s photo spread in the next issue of People Magazine.

Baby Making Series - Obama

Now after having Brad’s baby, I decided I needed to up my stats and make it a little harder to get my quality genes.  I wanted my next child to really make an impact on the world.  It was at this time I got a call from Obama in search of the original Michelle.  Well, this was an opportunity I was not prepared to turn down.  So here is our little one Miylieta.  You like that name?  So do I.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Ewan McGregor

Now my last, and I must admit, favorite celeb baby is with my believe Ewan MrGregor.  The cutest thing, right?  So cute, and I’m sure Ariel and Ewan’s wife will understand.  :-D

Baby Making Series - David

Now these next few are just babies I could potentially have with some friends.  David.  This one I had to try because he was my first boyfriend and we’d always planned to have kids one day.  So this was interesting.

Baby Making Series - Shawn

Shawn, who almost didn’t make it in this post because he had an issue about me posting this picture.  Um yeah, you can’t tell what he looks like from this picture alone.  I will say this much, I don’t wear glasses so those are his.  The rest I’ll let you guess on.  :-)

Baby Making Series - Kenny

Kenny.  I don’t know why I’m kind of disturbed how girlie she looks in this one.  If you all knew him you’d understand more about what I mean.

Baby Making Series - Ariel

Now these last two babies are products of me and Ariel.  This one I see as being our son.  He has my nose and cheeks and his daddy’s brows and chin.  The eyes seem to be a mix of the two leaning more towards mine.

Baby Making Series - Ariel

And this one I see being our daughter.  And oddly enough she looks a lot like me with a strong hint of him in there.  They eyes are my shape but the coloring really isn’t either.  Maybe a mix.  She has my cheeks, his mouth and chin, and I believe a mix of our brows.

Now one funny thing about all these pictures are no matter how I morphed them they all ended up with the Serba nose.  The folks on my mom’s side of the family have this little ball at the end of their noses and I got it also and it passed on to all these babes.  It does make me wonder if that will carry on to any kids I have.  Ariel has strong facial features like a strong nose so his could win out or it could be a mix of both which would be interesting to see.  LOL!

Just a regular morph.

And for a final morph, I decided to try morphing me and my favorite actress ever Audrey Hepburn.  It’s interesting to see myself morphed with her.  There’s a lot of her in there, but even she has the Serba nose.  LOL!  The nose reigns supreme!!!

So I hoped you enjoyed this and run off to morph yourself with celebs or people you know.  It’s a fun way to kill some time.  I wanted to post something doll related, but since I have nothing to report on right now I decided to just post this instead so I have something to post today.  But I’m off now to get some sleep.  I still have a lot of things to catch up on *coughemailscoughcommentscoughetccough* But just wanted to make sure I posted today.  Talk to you all tomorrow.  Bye for now.  :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Aww, you and Obama make such a cute baby! I totally got hooked on this thing a few months ago too, spent a whole day making ugly babies. I'm clearly not meant to reproduce, lol!

    And LMAO! I thought I was the only person in the world, especially our age, that ever had a crush on Steve Martin! I boyfriend teases me all the time, I always had/have such weird crushes, lol! I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) You made my day!

  2. Nooo, I demand you reproduce. You must pass on your cool crafty genes to a little one. And I'm sure they were very pretty, so stop being humble. :-)

    And oh Steve...*dreamy sigh* that's a man's man right that. :-D So glad I'm not alone in the love for Steve. LOL!


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