Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So I was trying to think of items to put into my shop, and thought about interior design for dolls.  I may not be able to make furniture like some of our lovely doll community members, but ready made stuff that I can paint and doctor up are possible thoughts, but I wanted to be more hands on with the complete look.  Then I thought, about trying to make some braided rugs and this is the first one that I created.

Doll Rug

It’s on the smallish side due to my skein of yarn being at it’s end.  I love the colors in this rug.  I feel this would be considered more of an accent rug than anything.

Now the next rug is a much fuller size one.  Here it is during the creative process in some water.

Doll Rug

I like these colors too.  The flash and water make them seem a little brighter than they actually are.  Here’s another picture of it of it slightly closer to the original colors.

Doll Rug

I’m super duper sorry I don’t have a better picture of the rug yet.  I need to iron it still and then put it in a picture with props and a doll to show the actual size of it.  This would make a great area rug.

Doll Rug

But as I said, this rug takes a good amount of time and so I’d have to price it higher to make up for the time I put into it.  It can take hours to knit up alone.  Then the extra steps to get it round and together.  I mean commissions I could consider, but then maybe I should just make a tutorial for it.  Just don’t know.  I guess I could try making one to sell and see if they would sell.  I know people would pay for more unique items for their dioramas.  I need to work on getting a better picture of both rugs so you can see it better.  I’ll work on that this week for you all.  But yeah, that what I was working on lately.  I have some other ideas bopping around my head as well that I hope to try in the near future.  More to come.  Bye for now, off to bed.  :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Hey, you're still up too! *sleepy wave*

    Oooh, rugs! Yum. I really love the colors in that first one, too. Okay, so I know less than zero about knitting, so sorry if this is a moronic question, but why is the second one in water? I'm sure it's a most obvious reason, lol.

    And Chelle, dude, just put some stuff in your shop and open it already! You never know what will happen (or how much people will pay for your hard work) until you start trying! You have lots of skills, just use them, girlie! :)

  2. Thanks C, I'm so glad you like it. As for why the rug was in water, I will email you about that. Still decide if I will sell them or not and if I do sell them then I don't want to share the secret to my success. ;-) And man I bet there have been many night you have been up late with me. So need to message you sometime and catch you on a crafting break. ;-)


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