Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So not fond of the frog.

Hey guys, I hope all of you had a nice Labor Day.  I didn’t do much, just hung around the house mostly.  But on to today’s topic.  So about a month ago while reading a “mommy blog” where the mom who writes the blog is teaching herself how to knit.  From here I learned a few things about knitting.  I learned a knitting term called “frogging”.  What does it mean?  It means to rip part of your work out or to completely rip it apart if you slip a stitch or some other reason.  It gets that name because when you frog a piece of work it kind of sounds like a frog going “ribbit” like a frog makes…or so I’ve heard.

So why am I telling you about frogging?  Well, as you know I like to knit doll clothing.  Well let me be more clear about that, I like to knit doll accessories.  I don’t see the point of knit shorts or knit pants.  I prefer to knit items that humans would wear like sweaters, shirts, jackets, bags, etc.  And today I decided to hit a pattern I’d never done before.  At first is seemed so large but in the last two rows I saw why and it made sense.  I started on the last row, so excited to finish and see how it fit my model when the unthinkable happens…my finger slips and half my stitches fly off both my needles.  And to make things worse, my hand movement made a lot of those stitches drop further.  I went and got a crochet hook but all the tinkering in the world just couldn’t catch the stitches before the dropped another level and trying to get them back on the needle was becoming hard and the stitches were either stretching out or getting to tight.  A few more desperate attempts and I finally gave in and frogged the work.

You have no idea how sad I was.  It’d taken me about two hours to knit the thing with my very sore arm that is the active arm for me.  I was on the last row about halfway through it.  I was thisclose to finishing, binding off, and calling it a day.  It’s not the first time this has happened to me and won’t be the last, but when you have a bum arm and you are so excited to see the final project it just kills you to go back to square one.  Oh well, I pulled it apart and then cast on the asked for 49 stitches and I will be starting over again after some sleep.  I think this sweater will be a nice looking one once done.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll have it to show you later. I have my finger knitted scarf to show you.  It’s rather long, but I kind of like it.  It’s more for fashion that for warmth.  You’ll get to see that later on today too.  As for now, I’m off to bed.

Oh wait, before I go, as I said in my last post, I was catching up on Big Brother 12.  I’d missed about a month’s worth of episodes because I don’t like being stuck to the tv.  Well I only need to watch four more and I will be done.  But I kept asking myself why I didn’t watch it.  Usually I would be glued to the tv for BB, but usually when I’m not I find the season sucked.  Case in point, when they did the couples one in the Winter time during the writer’s strike I just watched the first episode and gave up.  It just seemed stupid and I heard it was one of their worst seasons.  Well this season is turning out to be so lame.  So many cry babies on this show and so much drama coming from everyone, I must have rolled my eyes a million times.  The team I was rooting for, Rachel and Brendon, I am now ever so glad they are split up.  Rachel is such a spoiled brat and Brendon is dumb as a box of nails…humm I take that back that’s insulting to nails.  All he talks about is how much he loves Rachel and how he’s getting revenge on the house for taking out “the love of his life”…that he’d met a month before in the house.  Then you have Rachel who is constantly talking in the Diary Room how Brendon disappointed her and her down because he couldn’t hold on longer to a pole on a spinning paint can’t while standing on half a foot of space with gigantic feet and having to put all his weight on his arms.  Umm…spoiled little brat!!!  I’m so glad she’s out, and I really liked her.  Now I want Ragan to win.  Fingers crossed.  He’s the only true person in the house now that Kathy’s gone.  Ok, sorry just had to vent about that.  I know a lot of you have NO idea what I am talking about.  But I just couldn’t believe the stupidity on this show.  Usually it’s not so bad.  Oh well.  Ok, seriously off to bed now since my stomach seems to have settled.  More later guys.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your knitting, that sounds so frustrating!

  2. Thank you. It was heartbreaking, but I guess you just try, try again.


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