Thursday, September 16, 2010

What am I up to?

Thought I’d pop on to let you all know what I’ve been up to.  Here’s a hint.


Humm, doesn’t look like much really, does it?  Humm…another hint?


Humm, hearts, dots, and stars…getting warmer perhaps?  Ok, one more hint.

My Model

Wait, ok a doll, some No-Sew, and that fabric looks to be cut into a shape of some sort.   Hummm.

Ok, so yesterday was one of my “bad” days and I was on “alert” all day for the big bad “P.A.” to show it’s ugly self.  Well last night I decided to get my mind off of things by trying my hand at drafting a pattern with fabric.  I cut the fabric out today and so far so good.  I want to make some front darts for the shirt I am making and wanted to look at Corset Kitten’s dart tutorial before I drew my dart placement.  I think I am going to do to front darts that end right under the breasts.  Not sure if I will want more or not.  Will have to look at some shirts first before I make up my mind.  But the picture above is basically where I left things.  I plan to work more on it tomorrow.  I think tonight I will make my dart marks, pick out the thread I plan to use and put my machine on the desk so I am ready to go in the morning.

So remember a couple of days ago when I said I was working on finger knitting?  Well I finished the scarf I was working on, took a picture, and then never posted it because I wanted to fill the card first.  I have a small card that gets about 20 full size pictures and my camera runs off of batteries so I like to be frugal and transfer the pictures when the card is full.  Next camera I get is having a rechargeable battery with charging dock for sure.  Ok, on to how the scarf turned out.

Finger Knitting

Really not that bad for a first successful attempt.  Now there are some things I learned about finger knitting.  First, be sure to keep the tension throughout the work.  Second, have a general idea of how long you want the work to get and keep checking.  This knitting goes quickly and gets long on you fast.  And lastly, realize that when you start it’s hard to stop in the middle.  Meaning, if you have to hit the little girl’s or little boy’s room you either have to hold it or do what I do, make it work!  It was so not easy, and I do suggest that you go before you start and maybe not drink a lot before starting.  But this turned out ok.  I think I would like to use much thicker yarn next time or double up on yarn.  Fabric in background is my bed sheet.  I was lounging in bed doing this.  LOL!

So yeah, that is all I’ve been up to dollwise.  No, I tell a lie.  I am working on some of Figurvore’s challenges.  Actually I want to attempt them all.  One of the things I am working on is a doll story for one of my main characters.  Most of it’s done but I have a few things to work on and then upload it to my website where I will be working on some other stuff on my site like finally fixing some of the links that refuse to work.  I’m also working on a pattern for pants for the Harley Davidson Ken.  Did you know he’s got a slightly bigger caboose compared to the Fashionista Ken body?  It’s just a hair bigger, but you can see it when you try F Ken’s clothing on HD Ken’s body.  Very interesting.  I’m not sure if these pants will be skinny or loose.  I have the pattern ready to go just deciding on fabric right now.  I might use stretch denim or this fabric that is cotton I believe but looks just like denim with a slight wash.  We’ll see.

So that’s about it.  I know, I still have to catch up on comments and emails, such a freaking slacker!!!  My email is at 96% capacity last time I checked, so it’s honestly not you, it’s me!!!  Ahhh!!!  I’m trying here people!  I swear!  LOL!  Well I’m off.  I’ve been really sleepy as of late, I think the change in seasons, and it makes me just want to lay down most of the time, which sucks when all I want to be doing is crafting.  Well that’s my plan for tomorrow.  It’s going to be a slightly sad day tomorrow and I want to have something fun to work on.  Ok, I know it’s silly, but the soap opera I watched with my mom as a kid and have been watching everyday since I was a teen is ending tomorrow and it makes me sad.  I know I’ll move on, but it’s sad to think that my “friends” won’t be there for me at 2pm Mon-Fri.  I barely watch tv but this show I loved.  I am trying to get into The Young and the Restless since one of my fave actresses is going to that show from As the World Turns, but I just can’t get into it.  It’s an hour long and she won’t be the same character so I am thinking I need to just let it go.  It just means I have another hour to myself for crafting.  I still like The Bold and the Beautiful, but I think because it’s so over the top and it’s only 30 minutes long.  Just long enough to be entertained but not so long that you get bored.  ;-)  Ok, I’m off now.  Need to go set up my stuff for tomorrow and then lay down some.  Bye for now.  :-)

Loves ya,

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