Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It’s 3:33, do you know where your cheese is?

It’s right here with me.  I’m having it with my whine.  No I did not misspell that.  I’m about to give a good one.  It is horribly humid in my room due to some rain in the area, I haven’t sewn in forever and it freaking shows, and my sewing machine doesn’t have it where you can making a basting stitch!!!  I mean seriously!  No basting stitch…at all?  You have got to be kidding me!!!  *insert several serve swear words here…and don’t you dare bleep them out in your head*  *takes deep breaths*  Ok…ok…I’m fine…I think.  Ahhhhhh!!!  All I wanted was to sew one stupid little doll dress that honestly should have taken no more than 30 minutes to do…that was hours ago!!!  But what am I doing now?  Looking in my sewing machine manual that reads like Spanish…*looks at page*…oh…it is Spanish…*turns page to English*.  Much better.  But that’s besides the point.  Ughhhhhh!!!  *facepalmdeskmoan*  And honestly for my return to sewing I am so using the wrong fabric. It’s, as my manual says, muy fino.  But it’s so pretty I wanted to used it.  I know, then I need to stop complaining.  Oh shut up!!!  *pouts*  Ok, I’m sorry, but uhhhhhhhhhh, this isn’t fair!!!  I mean come on, no basting stitch?!?  At all?!?  Other machines can do it!  Why can’t mine?!?  Wait…what the…you can do decorative stitching?  But no baste stitch?  Granted you have to be part of a three ring circus to do this decorative stitching.  Ugh!!!  You, Brother sewing machine, suck big linty thread balls!!!  And furthermore…umm…*reads manual*…umm…*runs off to try*.  Well, umm, thank you for the cheese, but I’ve got to return to my work now.  Oh and um Brother sewing machine, forget what I previously said.  You’re a good little machine and I love you.  :-D  *uneasy laugh*  Right, gotta go.  Bye for now.  And thanks for letting me whine.  :-)

Loves ya,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The plot thickens…

So do you guys remember the music video I showed you the other day by J. Cole?  Well it seems that the schools involved with the video had no idea they were actually involved.  Well, let me correct myself here.  The people who “should have” known about the video had no idea the cheerleading squad or the marching band were going to be put in the video.  The people in charge of them decided to let the students participate because the producers of the video showed them a trailer of what the video would look like and the schools were promised they would only show up in the clean version of the video.  Oh yeah, there’s a clean version.  You can’t hear many of the words, but it’s the same video.  Check out of of it.

So it seems the schools are trying to get the unclean video pulled.  Umm, honestly I feel it might as well stay put.  The damage is done and the video has been seen almost 3 million times.  So just let it stay.  I just don’t see the point of pulling it now.  Yes, I still dislike how it makes our city look, but honestly what good will it do now?  Meh.  Maybe pulling it will save us some face but I really think the damage is done.  I truly blame J. Cole for being a wimp and not standing up for the city he says he loves.  He says he’s from the streets?  Umm, he grew up on the richer side of town.   Seriously.  The high school he went to is surrounded by historically old neighborhoods with cute cottage houses and tons of big houses that doctors and lawyers live in.  Yeah, those are some rough streets to live on for sure.

So anyway, there is a school going around the college involved and I am sure the high school involved as well.  I was able to get a copy of the letter and I’m going to post it here for you all to see.

“To: FSU Faculty, Staff and Students

From: James A. Anderson


Subject: FSU Cheerleaders in Music Video

In last Sunday’s edition of the Fayetteville Observer newspaper columnist Myron B. Pitts wrote an article about a Rap artist who recently put the city of Fayetteville in the spotlight. The rapper, J. Cole, is a graduate of Terry Sanford High School. His recent music video, “Who Dat” utilizes a cast of local folks including FSU Cheerleaders and the E.E. Smith High School Band. The article goes on to focus on the downtown locale where the video was shot. The article was rather straightforward and innocuous. It was the first time that I and others at FSU even knew that such a video had been shot.

In the past two days I have received emails from FSU alums and some personal friends who had viewed the video and they were outraged to say the least. While the video has both a clean and a dirty version it is the latter version that is extremely profane, raunchy, racist and sexist. Moreover, this version has become a YouTube sensation in a short period of time (over two and one-half million hits so far). The clean version only has 6000 hits. This video does not put FSU in a positive spotlight. As one alumnus wrote “I am surprised that anyone would allow the FSU brand to sink to such a low level”. The Cheerleaders wore outfits with the word Broncos on them and not FSU, however it is clear that they are FSU Cheerleaders.

I am writing to assure you that the university was unaware that this whole scenario was unfolding. After talking to several individuals we have learned that the FSU employee who directs the Cheerleaders gave them permission to participate in the video and to wear the Bronco uniforms. Her intention was to provide positive PR for the campus. She previewed a brief trailer (30 seconds) that was provided by the producer as did our General Counsel and the Athletic Director, but the trailer did not include the presentation of the Cheerleaders as they would appear in the full video. Moreover, they were led to believe that the Cheerleaders would be used in the clean video only. The administrators at E. E. Smith High School were led to believe the same thing.

I informed all three individuals that they exhibited poor judgment by not reviewing the entire video and by not getting a signed statement from the producer that FSU would only be used in the clean video. The Director of the Cheerleaders has accepted full responsibility for this debacle. A process does exist that would have precluded this from happening. All requests for marketing or advertising should be sent to the office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement for approval, and in this case that did not happen.

It was naïve for anyone, including the Cheerleaders, to forget that the producers of videos, reality shows and the like want to create as much “shock value” as possible and they will do this at anyone’s expense. I assure the Bronco family that we will exhaust all tools to prevent a repeat occurrence of this type of scenario.

FSU has made great strides in the enhancement of its perception as a

21st century university that is rooted in a great historical legacy. While no one incident can tarnish that image the reality is that some may use an incident like this one to infer that FSU is not in control of its destiny. Nothing is further from the truth. Our energies are solidly directed to greatness in the future. This too shall pass.

I sincerely apologize for any negative publicity that will result from the existence of this video. ”

I wish there was one person a finger could be pointed at, but in the end it fixes nothing.  I hope that this will just be a lesson for our city and schools and other cities and schools to really read contracts and/or get things in writing.  Meh.  Ok all, I’m off again.  Going to try to get some sewing done today for sure.  Feeling sick to the tummy, but going to try to push through it.  I hope to come back tonight, respond to comments and make a doll post finally.  Talk to you all then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey guys, just wanted to pop on here real quick to give a review on a show I watched.  So ABC Family, oh this is in the US for my readers elsewhere, has a show they premiered called HUGE.  It’s about a co-ed weight loss summer camp for teens.  At first I thought it was suppose to be a movie when I saw the previews for it, since most young adult shows are based on the “pretty people”.  Please note that I was being sarcastic when I said pretty people.   Anyway, so it stars the pretty chicka from Hair Spray.  Can’t think of her name, but she played the lead role, google it people.  Anyway, so the show stars off at the beginning of camp where everyone has to wear their swimsuits to take a before picture.  Already from this point we see that Will, Hair Spray chicka, is going to be an issue.  She’s “proud” of who she is and what she looks like and is none to happy to be at a fat camp.

I am going to try to not say to much about the show in case you want to watch it.  But you got all your typical stereotypes in the.  The pretty one who doesn’t know she’s pretty and is shy when boys show her attention.  The sidekick best pal to the main character.  The chick with the “deep issue” and her best friend.  The cute guy that all the girls want, and of course it seems like the pretty girl will be the one who gets him.  Then there is the guy who likes the pretty girl, but she doesn’t see him and the main girl who is ignored by him seems to like him.  So you getting the idea here?  A regular young adult show.

Now at first I kind of felt the show was being stereotypical and poking fun at the “fat kids”, but as the show went on it took a nice turn.  It focused more on the teenagers in general and not on their bodies.  I found this to be encouraging for young adults and teens to see people their own age and perhaps that look like them going through the same struggles they are.  I’m really hoping that this show will be inspiring to teens to lose weight and get healthy, but also that it will show them that their fat isn’t want makes them.  That they are who they are regardless of what size they and that they should just continue to be themselves and realize that we all go through crap at that age and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with our weight but a lot to do with just the age and the inexperience and most time lack of maturity.

I do see some plots have already been formed for future episodes and I wonder if these show is going to be one of those light-hearted shows or if it will be more raw and real.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.  It really could go either way.  On a side note, I saw the new trailer for the first installment for the last Harry Potter movie and this time it is in 3D.  Now I truthfully don’t know if I will be seeing it in 2D or 3D.  I’m worried 3D will make me sick from watching it.  But I am trying to get someone to go see it with me and my sister and if he does I know he will want to see 3D.  I’ve never seen a movie in 3D so it would be an experience but I just don’t want it to be a bad one.  Well, it doesn’t come out until November, so I have time to decide.  Anyone else excited to see it?

Ok, well I am off.  Kind of feeling ill to the tummy today.  Didn’t get to craft or clean at all today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Talk to you all then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya

Who dat?

Ugh, just typing that title makes me shiver.  But I typed it for a reason.  You’ll see in a minute.

So my friend Sarah brought it to my attention about this up and coming rapper that is from our town named J. Cole.  He’s Jay Z’s protégé.  He currently lives in New York but he lived down here in Fayetteville NC during his youth.  Well, he decided to come and put good ol’ Fayetteville on the map in his new music video “Who Dat”.  I watched the video tonight and I have to say I am kind of disappointed.  But honestly I think I am disappointed for the wrong reasons. I mean the video was a well done video.  But it makes our town look bad.  They picked a run down section of town that is mostly industrial, which hey it fits the video well.  But, it just makes Fayetteville look like it’s worn down all over and it honestly isn’t.

I wouldn’t be so sensitive about this if it weren’t for the fact that my town is constantly getting a bad rep.  I have heard it called the armpit of the state.  Yes, back in the day, due to the military presence in our town we did have a lot of issues with the guys going to the strip clubs and bars on one street down town in general.  We had prostitution problems as well as drug problems. But over the years the town has really cleaned up and those areas have been cleaned up as well.  Yes we still have our strip joints and a few bars, but it’s not as bad as before.  But I worry this video will once again make our city look so bleak when it really is a nice city.

To top this off, they had the cheerleading squad from one of our colleges in town as well as the marching band from one of our high schools in the video.  Now the thing that gets me about this is that the high schoolers were there during school.  Unless it was a day off, I really find a problem with this.  How is this educational.  They weren’t even high schoolers from the school he went to.  There are some thoughts behind why he choose a different school, but some of them are rather racists.  I’m thinking the school principal didn’t approve of letting the students participate.  But also the two schools that did also have a bad rep of being a certain way when they truly aren’t.  I don’t know.  I guess I’m just really disappointed in how this will reflect us here and the kind of people here.  Here’s the video if you’d like to watch it.  WARNING!!!  THIS VIDEO IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN!!!  Yeah, it’s THAT bad.  I mean, no different than your average rap video, but let’s say that every other word is not one you want your kids repeating.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.  Now on to the video: Who dat?



Here’s the making of the video.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN!




Ok, so there is the video.  Now from watching this video, how do you feel about Fayetteville?  Just from seeing this video?  It’s ok to be honest.  I want to know what this video makes you feel.


Now, here are some videos that are closer to how Fayetteville really is.  This are safe for work and children.







Ok, so you all get the idea, right?  The city is not Skid Row in the least, and it is growing by leaps and bounds every year.  Now like I said, it wasn’t always like this.  Our city used to just be a hick town that was full of mostly two lane roads or dirt roads and a few shops here and there.  I’m glad I got to see it grow over the years and turn into a thriving community.  And it is still improving.  I just feel videos like this will hide all the good that has been done in our city and only show the bad.  I understand that the theme in the rap video is what you see in most rap videos, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I hope that it won’t reflect to poorly on the city.  Yes I know most cities have an industrial section of the city, so maybe I am blowing this out of proportion.  I just really worry about the rep the city will get.  I guess I kind of feel like, he says that Fayetteville is home, but he lives in New York.  So it’s kind of like he doesn’t care what he makes our city look like because he doesn’t live here any more and he gets to leave and go back to his new home, leaving us to deal with the negative feedback.  *sigh*  Oh well, that’s my rant for today. Thanks for reading if you got this far.  Now I am seriously going to try to get some sleep, if the caffeine will settle down some.  Damn Pepsi.  I think it raises my blood pressure.  I feel better now but still hyper.  Guess I need to go back to my no soda rule, but water tastes so blah.  Ok that’s a rant for another day.  Bye all, talk to you tomorrow.


Loves ya,

*Does the pop-n-lock!

Ok, so this may not seem like much to the average visitor to my blog, but it means a lot to me.  So I have been trying to get back into blogging, but one of the things that kept me from doing it was the lack of responding to comments.  Honestly when I feel like poo it’s easier to just blog to keep my mind off of it, but I become a slacker in responding to comments and emails and I feel super duper guilty about it.   But the love Smidge Girl of Smidge House gave me the great suggestion to just pick up with I left off and move forward.  And  I was set to do that, but then I looked back at allllll the comments that had been left for me and I felt sooooo bad about not responding to the right away.  I don’t want you think I don’t appreciate your comments.  I love them all and am so thankful you all come to my blog and take the time to comment.  I sat down for an hour and commented back to all the comments.  I know a lot of you won’t go back and look at my response, and that’s totally cool, but I wanted you all to know that I did read them all and did respond and I send a big hug, smooch, and thank you out to all of you for your kind and helpful words.  I won’t make a promise to you to not slip again on comments because I know it will happen again, but I do promise I will read and respond to them all as soon as I can.

And now I am ready to return to regular blogging again. Still working on organizing  my  life, but I have the rest of my life to work on it, so I will just do a little at a time when I have nothing else to do.  Right now, I choose to focus on my novel and my shop…which I should try to make one thing for tonight.  *Looks at clock saying 12:28 a.m.*  Well, maybe not tonight…but for sure first thing tomorrow morning.  :-D

Also I want to thank two lovely ladies for their inspiring and motivating words that helped me get off my rump and get back on track.  I’m not sure if they want their names out there so I will just say “C” from Smidge House and “S” from Rough Seas Designs.  Both of you helped me get off my rump, shake a lot of this funk off, and get back on track.  Thank you so much, and I encourage all my readers to go check out their sites.

So since I am getting back on track I am getting more motivated and I am on a high now that I can get more things done that I want to.  I hope to be really productive tomorrow making some Blythe items.  I have plans to add other dolls into the mix soon but right now Blythe is on the mind so that is what I will be creating for right now.  I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer.  Ok, I am going to go finish cleaning up and then hit the hay so I can get up early.  More tomorrow.  Bye for now my lovelies.  :-)

Loves ya,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been there, done that, got the lousy t-shirt.

Hey all, it’s me, back from yet again another long break.  I hate skipping out on blogging.  It truly does make me feel better when I am blogging regularly.  I’ve just been dealing with some blues that I could not shake.  I hate it when I get like that.  It takes me away from what I love and enjoy, one being blogging.  So tired of the blahs, blues, gloomy-guses.  Ready to move on from it.

For the past couple of weeks I have been wanting to craft again.  I have been wanting to sew stuff for Blythes and sell them in my Artfire shop.  Yes it is open, no it doesn't have anything in it at the moment.  I told myself I need a deadline.  A day that I HAD to have some stuff in the shop.   And since Artfire let’s you list unlimited items now for free, I can go crazy with items I want to list.  I am trying to make as much stuff as possible so I can focus for a month or two on promoting my shop and just making things when I have time to.  I’m sure once I get the shop open and going I will fall into a schedule for making things and updating.  Feel free to look at my shop and bookmark it for now.  The banner and av are not something I plan to stick with for long but it’ll keep for now.  I hope to get a doll related one up there soon.  When I opened my first shop I wanted it to be human and doll related, but now I’ve decided to make everything in the shop have a doll theme since that is my interest.  So if human items do pop up, they will have a doll theme to it.  I think that will make for some seriously fun crafts.

I’ve also been working on my novel some and reading some novels.  I have recently seen why you must be a reader if you plan to be a writer.  I am learning so much from reading Young Adult novels and learning more about the craft of writing in general.  I was going to abandon my novel I have been working on since 2008, but decided against it.  It’s still a story I want to tell and it won’t leave me alone when I try to move away from it.  It’s kind of like a ghost calling to me from beyond.  I am listening to the ghost and chipping away at my rewrite of my novel.  I am enjoying writing it in first person, which surprises me so much.  However, I feel like it’s becoming very robotic in how I am telling the story.  I think I need to get outside views of my novel.  Maybe I will post an excerpt here and get your thoughts on it.  And yes, I will want you to make it bleed.  No, I don’t take critique to well, but I also don’t want to lie to myself and tell myself that it’s good and others will love it to.  So yeah, get that red font ready.

Other things I have been doing was playing Red Dead Redemption and The Saboteur on PS3.  Both I like very well, but it took me some time to catch on to what I was doing in the game.  Don’t laugh.  LOL!  But I am hoping back and forth between the two games and they aren’t bad.  I”ll let you know when I finish one, the other, or both to let you know how I ultimately like them.  Also I have several book reviews to do.  I think I will leave them from Writing Wednesday.  I have some posts ready for it already so I may have to  space the reviews out over the month so you don’t get bored with them.

Oh, just realized I got off track with my shop.  So yeah, I think I need a deadline to have something in the shop.  I’m nervous to actually publicly set a date because then I will feel like utter crap if I don’t post anything on that date.  And the day is coming up fast.  I need to still take pictures and make more items.  I just don’t want to post the date right now.  How about this?  I’ll post the date a day or two before I post the items.  That work for you?  Works for me.  :-)  Just don't’ want to put more stress on myself than I already have.  I hope I don’t suck as a shop owner.  Won’t know until I try I suppose.

Oh, another bit of news.  So I have been thinking of going back to college for another degree.  I have an Associate’s degree in marketing and while I simply LOVE marketing, there are no jobs in town.  So I had to rethink.  What kind of job do I think I can do and get paid fairly at?  I was thinking a dental hygienist, but I don’t know if I could handle dealing with scared kids and adults.  If I know they are scared I will be more stressed out in wanting to make sure their experience was a good one and not a stressful one.  Especially the kids.  And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into the medical field.  My sister learned recently that it wasn’t for her and she dropped out of her CNA classes after starting clinicals.  I’m proud of her for seeing it wasn’t the thing for her and that she needed to try something else.  Well in trying something else she discovered what I knew all along.  She would be better in an office setting.  So she looked at our local technical college we used to go to and found they had paralegal.  She read up on it and saw it was something she liked and that I may like it.  So I looked into it and it slapped me in the face hard.  Why hadn’t I seen this before?  When I was in marketing the one class I LOVED was Business Law.  Reading some of the classes for paralegal got me excited about it.  So I think I may take four classes the first semester online while I work on weight loss some more so sitting in the car and in class won’t hurt so much.  I’m sure I mentioned about that here once upon a time.  If not, I know it will come up again when I talk about weight later on this week.  Yep, gonna kick start my weight loss again.  There is a reason I stopped…did I post about it before?  Ugh, hate not remembering those thins.  Well I will talk about that more tomorrow.  I think Monday will be my fresh start day since I like Monday’s to be the first of the week for me.  I know our calendars say Sunday is and truthfully I know in my head it is, but Sunday is still part of the weekend for me, so Monday is first of the week day for me.  :-)

Why is it I did more writing in my blog just now than I have done on my novel in about a week?  Just returned to it yesterday and well yeah.  Slacker.  Gonna try to hit it some tonight.  The rewrite should be easier than the first time through, right?  Then why am I finding it so hard?  Meh, ok, gonna go.  Did enough writing today.  Need to catch up on blogs and things dealing with my blog.  Hope to do that this week.  Still working on my to-do list from a couple of days back.  *sigh*  I’ll get there eventually.  Just gotta keep going.  At least I cleaned up my space today so I am ready to do some serious sewing now.  :-D  Can’t wait.  More soon my lovely lads and lasses.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still crabby…

So I am still crabby and to make matters worse I am extremely tired now.  My eyes hurt bad and there is something up with my html that makes me site look weird on Mozilla.  Or maybe it’s the webhost, which I hope I don’t have to leave, but if it won’t display my site right then I may have to consider it.

So my site is live again and this time with my old Camp Celeb story.  Looking through that story made me laugh so hard.  It’s horrid!!!  It’s like the worse kind of B movie out there but I love it so much because it was my first big project.  I didn’t time myself right with college classes and camp and well in the end I was rushed, forcing myself through over half the story within a few days.   So it shows.  Oh and word of advice, if your pictures are dark, don’t try to bring up the brightness, just retake the picture.  You’ll like the outcome better.  What am I talking about?  Read the story and you’ll see.  This was in the beginning of my doll collecting and one of my first photostories.  Speaking of which, I have some of my very first stories under Specials on my website.  Mostly for practice taking pictures.  Feel free to have a look there too.

The House of Mouse

Ok, so while looking over my site I noticed some things that irked me.  One, Internet Explorer will correct your html where Mozilla won’t.  Mozilla is one cranky B much like myself today.  So could you guys do me a favor, pretty please?  :-)  If you view my site in Mozilla and see something weird, could you give me a quick comment on it?  I’d love that.  That way I’ll know something is wrong and can work on it.  Which leads me on to my other irk.  My story is “as is” from when I uploaded it years ago.  I just today went through it and fix some kinks in it and noticed due to some html issues some of my pictures didn’t show up.  What irks me is that no one told me.  I know people read the story, and I know they must have seen the picture or pictures missing and yet they didn’t tell me.  Why?  I’m the kind of person that if I see something offish about someone’s site or blog or whatever I will pass on a nice note telling them what I saw to give them a helping hand.  Not one person did that for me.  I don’t know if people are scared of offending people so they don’t do that or what, but I am saying here now people, if you see something buggy, I want to know.  I can’t fix it if I don’t know about it.  But please, no smart comments about my picture quality needing to be fixed or adjusted.  That ship as long since sailed and I only uploaded the story for prosperity.  :-)  Kthanx.  Future pictures I will allow some suggestions on how to better the quality, so be prepared to help a girl out.  :-)

Well I do hope you guys enjoy the site and the story and look forward to future ones coming very soon. I am currently working on one that I have been making images for.  I’m very excited about it.  My pictures still need some work but trust me, they are better than that B Movie I call Camp Celeb.  LOL!  Ok, this chica is muy tired.  So before I get stuck in this position I’ve foolishly sat in for a while, I am going to take off and try to get some sleep.  I hope you all have a great day/afternoon/or evening depending on where you may be in the world, and I will talk to you all later on today.  Bye for now.  Mouse out!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Loves ya,

Just a little bit of AHHHHHH!!!!

Ok. so I’m a might bit pissy right now.  I’m hormonal, which is never good, but then add on to it men in my life being very douchey and well you don’t have a good mix there.  Then sprinkle on some “been working on my website for 24 hours and finally have it to a place were I can accept it only to realize I have to upload about 100 files and the file manager on my webhost only allows for 3 uploads at a time but then I found a place where they tell you how to upload a lot of files by zipping them up uploading them and then uncompressing them in the sever and that was only after I’d spent several hours uploading stuff by three files at a freaking time!!!”…I honestly feel like crying right now.

Ok, so I got the bitching out of my system for now.  I guess.  I don’t know.  Just been frustrated lately and don’t know how to handle it.  I guess right now sleep would be the number one option, but I want to work on my site some more.  I know, I know, it will still be there after some sleep but I just want to be done with it so I can work on something else tomorrow.  Ok, I just had three mini chocolate bars and I feel a little better.  I think I need to go get something full of chocolate tomorrow or make brownies.  One of the two.  I need a pick me up, and I don’t care that I should be dieting right now because I had to temporarily give up exercise.  It’s because of the exercise I’m feeling like crap right now.  I think I need a week of chocolate to get myself back on track.  No…seriously…where’s the Mars bars?  I think I will push forward with the website and get it done so I can mark it off and work on something else tomorrow.  Ok, off to go work again.  Thanks for reading my vent/rant.  Just need a few deep breaths and chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate…

Loves ya,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I want to continue building my army.

So some of you may remember my poorly neglected Bobobie girl Christmas Noel.  She is my first and currently only bjd.  I had been searching for a bjd for years that fit me and it was the tinies that got my attention the most.  So I decided to try a Bobobie to see if I like the size.  While the stringing is an issue, still need to find some elastic to restring CN, I love the small size.  Well I hit Junky Spot today to just look around since I hadn’t been there in a while and I saw the cutest dolls that I want to add to my army.  I want one of each of them so bad.

These are limited edition Impldoll bjds.  I think they are so adorable.  Junky Spot has them in green…


and pink.  If you look at their little faces you can see how each has their own expression.  They are limited to 50 made worldwide.  I even whoever gets one but whoever gets all three oh I am so giving them an ever look of jealousy.  LOL!  They are 10 inches tall so they still fit in my tiny army size.  I like dolls up to mini dollfie size, but much bigger than that and they lose the appeal to me.  But I just love the expressions on their faces, the color of their resin, their size, but one of the things that I really love is the translucent resin on their hands and ears.  Squeeeee!!!

The green I really liked because he would make a perfect “Yoda” for me.  I wanted a green Bobobie for my Yoda at first but this little green guy is so adorable.  The odds of me getting one are slim to nil but a girl can dream.  :-)  Just had to share these little gems with you.

On my list news, working away diligently on it.  I worked on my website this morning since I couldn’t sleep.  I almost have all the photostories ready to go and then I made a new Ecrater site that reflects the 333 Designs name.  I thought I’d keep The Goodie Bag for that since I won’t be selling anything I create there, but I want all of them to have the same name so I decided to make a new shop.  Trying to make a brand name I guess.  Also made an Ebay shop, not that I will use it, but just in case I want to try selling my stuff on Ebay I have the account.  So slowly but surely I am working on it.  I’ll update you soon on how the website is going.

Loves ya,

*Sigh* I hate buyers remorse.

So why is it when we find something we REALLY want and buy it that we feel buyers remorse?  I mean we should feel excited that we are finally getting the item we coveted so much, but right now I am feeling foolish for buying a kind of pricey item.  It was a treat to myself since I haven’t bought anything in a very long time and have been feeling so down lately.  I knew I wanted the item when I first found out about it, but then today when I had the cash to spend I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and then the next thing I know I clicked “Place Order”.  Ahhhh!!!  So much money!!!  But I know once it’s here I will be doing the Snoopy Dance.  Until then I will feel ultimately guilty for spending so much cash, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself…right?  Ok honestly if I was a little “richer” I would have bought this in a heartbeat no second thoughts about it.  So I knew I wanted it.  But I kept thinking I might be able to get it cheaper if I wait it out, but also if you wait you miss out on good deal.  So I’m partly glad I jumped on it because if I hadn’t I may have missed this deal.  It was actually cheaper than the original retail price of 80 dollars, so feel I got a good deal on it.  I won’t mention what I got now so I can sweat it out for the next week and then come back and hopefully be happy that I bought it and let you all see how silly I was being about having remorse.  ;-)

Ok, so in the mean time I need to keep myself busy.  I think I need a To Do List.  I love lists actually.  I love seeing the strikes through the items on the list I’ve completed.  I have a lot of items I need to work on this month.  So here goes, my fabulous list.

To Do List-
1. Respond to lovely blog comments.  (Yes, I know I suck at keeping up with them.  So super duper sorry to you lovely people who leave them.)

2. Furginia Day! (A day of pampering to my poor sick baby.)

3. Clean spare room and organize craft items. (That room is a scary mess that forces me to purge big time.)

4. Sew something!  Anything!  (I have been making excuse after excuse for not creating any thing.  That stops now.)

5. Make my shop banner.  (I finally figured out what I want it to be!  Yes, I’m THAT excited about it.  Now I hope I can pull it off how I see it in my head.)

6. Put items in my shop. (Well that’s what I’ve been shooting for.  I did have a shop open before but since changing the name that something that more reflects me I haven’t reopened, but I will very soon.)

7. Work on website and get photostories uploaded. (I have several stories to change the html on so I can upload them.  It’s a long process but hope to have it done soon.)

8. Scan cross stitch patterns and do reviews and post about them on website.  (Two recent projects I finished I need to upload.  Those posts coming soon.)

9. Make new blog banner and avatar.  (I like my layout of my Blogger blog but I kind of want a banner and avatar more to my liking.  So that will be changing for summer.)

10.  Lose 10 pounds this month. (I have been working on it, but not with much success.  But I still plan to lose at least 10 pounds this month.)

11. Work on novel and finish by the first day of Fall. (Need to have it actually done and revised and ready for submission before NaNoWriMo this year.  I have a story ready for NaNoWriMo and can’t wait to knock it out this year.)

12. Organize my bookmarks. (They are a filthy mess.  Instead of working on them it’s so much easier to ignore them and just collect more.  So I need to organize them.)

13. Catch up in forums. (I desperately miss my forums,  so it’s time to catch up in them.)

14. Catch up in blogs. (I’ve gotten so behind on some blogs.  So if it seems like I am not reading yours, don’t think I have abandoned you, I just need to catch up.  And I will be doing that this month.

15. Work on laptop and get it fixed. (My old Gateway is still busted.  I need to work on it and get it back working because I like using it better than my Toshiba.  So will be working 0n that this month too.

Ok, so there is my to do list that should keep me busy for the next couple of months.  Everything must be done by either the end of this month or by the end of summer.  I will update the list every Friday to show what I’ve gotten done.  Big list but I am determined to complete everything.  :-)  Wish me luck.  ;-)

Loves ya,

Friday, June 4, 2010

All clear!

Just an update.  Got a phone call about half an hour ago.  Dad’s heart is all good and there are no blockages.  He’ll get to come home around 3.  :-)  Very happy to hear that.  Now I feel relaxed and want to catch up on some sleep.  LOL!  But I will try to hold out until tonight.  Ok, off again.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

A little bit of blah.

Hey guys, how have you all been?  I know it’s been a couple of days.  Just been busy with stuff and haven’t had much to blog about.  Right now I am running off of 3 hours of sleep and I can’t fall back asleep for some reason.  So I am up for the day.  Which is good.  I woke up around 6 something, I was going to go with my mom to drop my dad off at the hospital.  He’s having a procedure done today.  Did I mention about this here already?  Well in case I haven’t, last week my dad went in for a stress test.  Afterwards he called us looking for me and my mom.  We were at Walmart getting something for my sister to eat at work.  I remember answering the phone and asking how his test went and he said the treadmill really gave him a hard time but he was glad it was over.  I didn’t think much about this because he is older and he’s a smoker.  A couple of days later the phone rings and my mom picks up and it’s my dad’s doctor saying his test came back negative and they would possibly have to catheterize his heart.  Yeah, not a nice thought to us either.

Now granted the day before his stress test he was out in the yard working very hard.  A little to hard if you ask me.  No matter how much we told him to take it easy he just had to “do a little more” and he’d be “done”.   Then that night he complained about his heart racing, which at first scared me, but then again my dad is known for the dramatics sometimes and once again he’s a smoker.  Oh and his diet isn’t that good either even though we are working on changing it.  But yeah, so I was suppose to ride with her to drop him off because she was scared of getting lost around the hospital.  But she saw I was a little out of it and said to get some sleep instead.  Even when I woke up more she said get some sleep.  I had a hard time trying to get back to sleep.  I think I might have slept 10-20 minutes before I heard my dog barking because he heard his mommy outside returning home.  So I decided to get up and go join her and try to keep her mind off things.  We talked and joked for about an hour and a half and now she’s washing their sheets so my dad will have a nice clean bed to come home to.  I decided to log and work on my website for a while and my novel before exercising.

Exercising, now that’s another issue.  While my exercising is going grand, the lifestyle diet change is not.  I still find myself eating when I am bored, or stressed, or depressed.  I am finding out once again that my tummy does not like milk whatsoever.  The last time I had some I was in so much pain I was whimpering at the kitchen table until it passed.  So going to look into some other kind of milk for myself.  I don’t even like the idea of drinking cow milk.  I guess I will look into nut milk, maybe soy milk.  Just something my stomach can handle better.  Even though I’d like to think I could live without milk, I know I couldn’t.  I like my cereal for breakfast so I need milk.

But yeah, that’s about all that’s been going on with me these past few days.  Been working more on the gnome hats and I know I need to take pictures of them.  Just been trying to make some in different colors and that can take some time because I have to stop some times due to my shoulder stinging something awful with too much repetitive motions.  That and my wrist hurting too.  I am sure I have the start of some kind of arthritis in my wrists.  Man, getting old sucks.  LOL!  Ok, so I’m not “that” old.  But my birthday is coming up and I will be getting another year old which is bittersweet in itself, but even then I won’t be “that” old.  Ok, now I’m babbling.  Ok should I be worried that I just heard a gunshot from off in the distance?  It’s not odd to hear it really, it happens every blue moon, but it’s daylight and a weekday when people should be at work…well besides moi.  No, I don’t live in “da hood”, but I do live on the outskirts of town where it is more country and sparse so it’s really not odd to hear the occasional gunshot.  Ok NOW I’m seriously babbling.  Oh before I go I wanted to say how sad I was to learn that Rue McClanahan passed away.  When I was a kid I never really watched the Golden Girls.  I thought it was for adults and I just wasn’t interested.  And now that I’m older I love watching episodes of the Golden Girls and even watched every episode of The Golden Palace, the spin off for Golden Girls.  It’s on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching it.  Blanche had to be my favorite gal with Rose a very close second, then Sophie and Dorothy.  But my friend told me she has passed yesterday and honestly I expected it with her age and her recently ailments.  So sad to see her go and may she rest in peace.  Alright back on a happier topic, doll and writing news coming up soon people.  Been doing some “window shopping” online and looking at things for a story idea I would like to do with dolls in the future.  I have been wanting to scale back with my doll stuff and I think this future story could be my way to do that and to keep doing stories when do finally cut back.  Ok I’m going back to working on my site and then I will update you all on what I have been doing.  Bye for now and have an awesome Friday.  TGIF!!!

Loves ya,