Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been there, done that, got the lousy t-shirt.

Hey all, it’s me, back from yet again another long break.  I hate skipping out on blogging.  It truly does make me feel better when I am blogging regularly.  I’ve just been dealing with some blues that I could not shake.  I hate it when I get like that.  It takes me away from what I love and enjoy, one being blogging.  So tired of the blahs, blues, gloomy-guses.  Ready to move on from it.

For the past couple of weeks I have been wanting to craft again.  I have been wanting to sew stuff for Blythes and sell them in my Artfire shop.  Yes it is open, no it doesn't have anything in it at the moment.  I told myself I need a deadline.  A day that I HAD to have some stuff in the shop.   And since Artfire let’s you list unlimited items now for free, I can go crazy with items I want to list.  I am trying to make as much stuff as possible so I can focus for a month or two on promoting my shop and just making things when I have time to.  I’m sure once I get the shop open and going I will fall into a schedule for making things and updating.  Feel free to look at my shop and bookmark it for now.  The banner and av are not something I plan to stick with for long but it’ll keep for now.  I hope to get a doll related one up there soon.  When I opened my first shop I wanted it to be human and doll related, but now I’ve decided to make everything in the shop have a doll theme since that is my interest.  So if human items do pop up, they will have a doll theme to it.  I think that will make for some seriously fun crafts.

I’ve also been working on my novel some and reading some novels.  I have recently seen why you must be a reader if you plan to be a writer.  I am learning so much from reading Young Adult novels and learning more about the craft of writing in general.  I was going to abandon my novel I have been working on since 2008, but decided against it.  It’s still a story I want to tell and it won’t leave me alone when I try to move away from it.  It’s kind of like a ghost calling to me from beyond.  I am listening to the ghost and chipping away at my rewrite of my novel.  I am enjoying writing it in first person, which surprises me so much.  However, I feel like it’s becoming very robotic in how I am telling the story.  I think I need to get outside views of my novel.  Maybe I will post an excerpt here and get your thoughts on it.  And yes, I will want you to make it bleed.  No, I don’t take critique to well, but I also don’t want to lie to myself and tell myself that it’s good and others will love it to.  So yeah, get that red font ready.

Other things I have been doing was playing Red Dead Redemption and The Saboteur on PS3.  Both I like very well, but it took me some time to catch on to what I was doing in the game.  Don’t laugh.  LOL!  But I am hoping back and forth between the two games and they aren’t bad.  I”ll let you know when I finish one, the other, or both to let you know how I ultimately like them.  Also I have several book reviews to do.  I think I will leave them from Writing Wednesday.  I have some posts ready for it already so I may have to  space the reviews out over the month so you don’t get bored with them.

Oh, just realized I got off track with my shop.  So yeah, I think I need a deadline to have something in the shop.  I’m nervous to actually publicly set a date because then I will feel like utter crap if I don’t post anything on that date.  And the day is coming up fast.  I need to still take pictures and make more items.  I just don’t want to post the date right now.  How about this?  I’ll post the date a day or two before I post the items.  That work for you?  Works for me.  :-)  Just don't’ want to put more stress on myself than I already have.  I hope I don’t suck as a shop owner.  Won’t know until I try I suppose.

Oh, another bit of news.  So I have been thinking of going back to college for another degree.  I have an Associate’s degree in marketing and while I simply LOVE marketing, there are no jobs in town.  So I had to rethink.  What kind of job do I think I can do and get paid fairly at?  I was thinking a dental hygienist, but I don’t know if I could handle dealing with scared kids and adults.  If I know they are scared I will be more stressed out in wanting to make sure their experience was a good one and not a stressful one.  Especially the kids.  And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into the medical field.  My sister learned recently that it wasn’t for her and she dropped out of her CNA classes after starting clinicals.  I’m proud of her for seeing it wasn’t the thing for her and that she needed to try something else.  Well in trying something else she discovered what I knew all along.  She would be better in an office setting.  So she looked at our local technical college we used to go to and found they had paralegal.  She read up on it and saw it was something she liked and that I may like it.  So I looked into it and it slapped me in the face hard.  Why hadn’t I seen this before?  When I was in marketing the one class I LOVED was Business Law.  Reading some of the classes for paralegal got me excited about it.  So I think I may take four classes the first semester online while I work on weight loss some more so sitting in the car and in class won’t hurt so much.  I’m sure I mentioned about that here once upon a time.  If not, I know it will come up again when I talk about weight later on this week.  Yep, gonna kick start my weight loss again.  There is a reason I stopped…did I post about it before?  Ugh, hate not remembering those thins.  Well I will talk about that more tomorrow.  I think Monday will be my fresh start day since I like Monday’s to be the first of the week for me.  I know our calendars say Sunday is and truthfully I know in my head it is, but Sunday is still part of the weekend for me, so Monday is first of the week day for me.  :-)

Why is it I did more writing in my blog just now than I have done on my novel in about a week?  Just returned to it yesterday and well yeah.  Slacker.  Gonna try to hit it some tonight.  The rewrite should be easier than the first time through, right?  Then why am I finding it so hard?  Meh, ok, gonna go.  Did enough writing today.  Need to catch up on blogs and things dealing with my blog.  Hope to do that this week.  Still working on my to-do list from a couple of days back.  *sigh*  I’ll get there eventually.  Just gotta keep going.  At least I cleaned up my space today so I am ready to do some serious sewing now.  :-D  Can’t wait.  More soon my lovely lads and lasses.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. Yaaaay! So glad you're back! I really enjoyed hearing about everything you've been up to! I've (LOL!) bookmarked your shop-- and then dragged it waaaay up to the top, so I didn't lose it.;) Can't wait to see what you put in there-- try not to stress too much over a starting date-- just work your hardest, and you'll have everything accomplished before you know it! Good luck with everything you have going on-- you are a busy little bee these days! Looking forward to hearing more next week-- my weeks start on monday too!

  2. So glad to be back to blogging. I want to work in more doll blogs but just keep working in other stuff. But the doll blogs are coming. I have new dolls to show off and of course show off some of the stuff I've been making. I have been wondering if I should do that or just do an update and just post about it all then. I might pull a Twinkie Chan and post a banner with shop updates. So many choices. :-) Stay tuned, more to come!!! :-)


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