Sunday, July 26, 2009

Historic Sunday: The first released Mickey Mouse cartoon.

So why would the first released Mickey Mouse cartoon get a mention in my blog? Well, first of all, why not? And second of all, my mom says when I was a child I had a fascination with Mickey Mouse, which gave me my nickname Mickey. Oddly enough I don't really remember my fascination with Mickey Mouse, but I barely remember my childhood. But somehow I came across this on YouTube and thought I'd share it with just for shock value.

I was shocked by the animal cruelty in this cartoon. I know it was back in a time where it wasn't really frowned upon and got laughs galore, but I am sure back then that this encouraged copycats to try spinning a cat around by its tail and pulling on little piggie tails. I mean PETA got formed for some reason and I am sure it all started with careless cartoons such as this. Also, the bits of Mickey I do remember I don't recall in this Mickey. Perhaps this Mickey was more for an older crowd. The Mickey I remember was more gentle and kinder.

In staying with the first Mickey Mouse cartoons, here is the actual first one made but second to be released.

And here is the third released Micky Mouse cartoon made.

While I find the Mickey of yesteryear completely different from the Mickey of today, I find the cartoons lighthearted, funny, and cute. I could see where these cartoons were made to put a smile on people's faces in a time where things were rough for people.

Did you know that Mickey Mouse wasn't even Walt Disney's first major character? Nope. After Disney finished working on the Alice Comedies...which is actually very cute about a live action girl in a cartoon world, he created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. So why don't we see more about Oswald? Well Disney made the mistake of not getting ownership over Oswald and lost him to Universal Studios. Big learning lesson for Disney. From then on he made sure he had ownership of all his characters. But it turns out nice in the end. The Disney company traded a sportscaster for the rights to Oswald and all the cartoons Disney made of him, which is the first season. Disney plans to make Oswald a main character in their productions and whatnot once they figure out his story. So if it weren't for Oswald getting nabbed we may never have heard of Mickey. Weird huh? Well below is one of the Alice Comedies and I believe the first Oswald cartoon. Enjoy.

I kind of like taking a look at things in history. I think I will make this a regular thing here on the blog. I'll see what I can find for you all for next Sunday. :-) I think I will call it Historic Sunday. :-) That's all for now. Talk to you all later.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The cutest shoes!

Its not even Monday and fashion is on my mind like crazy today. I know I should stop but I just couldn't resist to show these shoes.


These Vans watermelon print shoes are just too cute. I don't know if I could pull them off, but I still love them. I would have them just to look at because they make me happy. Clicky-clicky picture if you are interested in owning a pair of your very own. :-)

Loves ya,

The Fashion Show Finale!!!


Congrats to Anna!!! I think she was the right pick America. We did it! LOL!

So the finale was very interesting, because it let me see that I wasn't the only one that thought the way I did. For example, someone asked if the judges were all smoking from the same crack pipe when they let Reco go and James-Paul stay. Agreed! They stand by their choice but I think they made the worst choice.

Little Kristen was there and she stood by her choice for leaving. I think she regrets it BIG time and I wish she should have stayed. I watched at first because of her. And I wasn't the only one. Someone said since she left there was no reason to watch the show.

Lots of people saw Daniella as a bitch. I oddly enough didn't I saw her as young and trying to stake her claim in the competition. She needed that since everyone was older and they could have treated her as a kid and make her insecure. I'm glad she won the 10,000. She deserved something for all her hard work. I don't think this will be the last we see of her.

I LOVED how everyone's private convos were aired out in this show. How embarrassing, but soooo funny to see how the others reacted. I would have been either embarrassed or angry about that. But hey, all in the game right?

All I know is I was so hoping for that rainbow dress...or as they call it the "Layer Cake Evening Gown Stunner", to show up on the stage. I was so excited when I saw it. I cheered out loud. Yep, I'm that lame. :-D Speaking of that rainbow dress, some of Anna's clothes from her collection have been made into actual garments that are on sale now. The following are what are for sale.






Well folks, that's it for The Fashion Show. I don't know if we will be seeing it again. It didn't do terribly good in the rating it seems, but we'll see. Maybe it will be back to entertain us again soon. Until then, we have Project Runway to look forward to. :-D I can't wait! Bye for now lovelies and woo hoo Anna won!!!

Loves ya,

The Fashion Show!


Ok kiddies, I've got a longggg one for you today. Since I have missed out on the last couple of weeks of my review on The Fashion Show, I decided to do it now on the day of the season finale...oh Project Runway please hurry and come on. Feel free to read it or pass it by. I did this mostly for fun and wanted to voice my point of view. Anyway, so last review I did was for episode 6. So I've got several to catch up on. Let's get started.

In episode 7 the designers are not only forced to work in pairs, some of them not favorable, but also they find out they are working for one of the most influentual designers in the field. Issac!!!

For the mini challenge, the designers picked spools of thread to see who their partners were. Once partnered they had to redress a gal who stayed out all night and did not want to do the walk of shame. The materials they had to use where the gal's original clothing and extras they found in two boxes they were allowed to loot.

Merlin and Johnny did away with their gal's original outfit and chose to wrap and drape a scarf around her to look like a new top. Her belt? Gone, but that belt buckle stayed and was turned into a brooch. Haven and Anna decided to cut the poor gal's stockings and take them off, add a sweater and a scarf to cover her up and bit and there ya have it, instant working I mean working girl in an office environment. Oh nevermind. Moving on. Lidia and James-Paul decided to reverse the tank tops their girl was wearing, added a jacket, added a scraf, and added a skirt on top of pants she was wearing making them into leggings...lucky bastards. Reco and Daniella, had very little to work with. But Reco came up with the idea putting a blouse on her and to use a scarf to make a new dress for her since there was a lack of bottoms for their gal. Daniella wasn't really for it, but in the end the judges seemed to like it. In the end Johnny and Merlin won and their prize...a few minutes of Issac's time to get more help on their main challenge, which is designing a piece for Issac's upcoming collection.

Tempers flared as designers squabbled over their designs and what would work with what, but in the end, all the teams finished their outfits and made it to the fashion show. First up was Reco and Daniella. Reco did not like Daniella's work and basically said he'd feed her to the dogs if they didn't win. Daniella felt her items were fine but doubted Reco's blouse. James-Paul and Lidia were next. Lidia was in awe of their design, but James-Paul felt very uneasy about it. He felt Lidia's dress did nothing for the outfit and it ruined the whole look of the outfit. Haven and Anna were both excited about their outfit. It had color and flare and pulled straight from Issac's thoughts. Merlin and Johnny, also very happy. Their look brought in Issac's love, the plaid, and a pop of bright color to match. Judgement time.

Johnny and Merlin along with Haven and Anna were to two top picks of the night. Their use of color and texture won the judges over. However, one team's outfit won them over just a little more.

Haven and Anna were the winners of the night and will get their outfit made into an actual garment for sale. Click on the picture to be taken there.

The remaining teams of Reco and Daniella along with James-Paul and Lidia awaited their fate. The judges didn't like Reco and Daniella's lack of color and creativity. They also disliked the plaid on James-Paul's jacketing saying it lent itself closer to Burberry and the dress was just unexcuseable. The judge conversed and when they returned they inform Reco and James-Paul that they had another week on the show, but Daniella and Lidia had stand they ground. After explaining to the two their mishaps with their clothing and the choices they made with their clothing, the judges told them they made up their mind. Daniella was asked to stay and Lidia was told she'd be going home. I was so sad to see Lidia go. For the most part she had very interestint designs. I think the stress of the competition got to her and caused her to lose her footing. I hope we see more from Lidia in the future.

In episode 8, the designers take a history lesson.

We start the show off with a designer history test. I was actually shocked to see so many of the designers did bad on this test. You would think they would make it their duty, their passion to learn more about the original inventors of fashion. My girl Anna did her homework, and I was very happy to see that. I think that is why she has never been in the bottom two. She knows fashion. She lives it. She breathes it. She eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So woo hoo to her for winning. And as her winning prize, she gets to decide who gets to pay homage to that whom to whom? Hummm. Anyway, so she picks one of her favorites for herself, Haven, and Daniella it seems and then with the guys it seems she kind of tries to trip them up...especially Reco, poor thing. So off the designers went to the fabric store for their ammo.

In the sewing room the guys see its male against female in this competition, or at least that's how Merlin sees it. He works to get the other guys on his side and it seems to have worked. Tricky devil. It seems the running theme in the show is for everyone to cast doubt on everyone. Guys are leery of girls, girls are leery of other girls, everyone is leery of themselves. It makes for great drama. Speaking of which, I think the show producers edit this show so much to make it more dramatic than it actually was. But anyway, moving on.

Fashion show time! Haven's outfit was first. The one thing that really upset me about Haven is she pulled the shirt out. I would have left it tucked in. It would have kept it looking more professional and so what if the hemlines didn't meet, I don't think she would have gotten much off for it. I think she screwed herself there. She could have also pulled the whole shirt out and it may have saved her there also. *sigh* And the pantsuit was kind of iffy to me. The pants just didn't look right.

Daniella's next. Loved her outfit. The pop of color was so nice, but I agree with what a judge says later, I would have liked to have seen a little more color with it. But I love what she did.

Anna was up next. Loved this outfit as well. I love the pleating on the skirt and the black and white. And I personally loved the jacket. Judges? Not so much. Oh well, they just don't know good fashion when they see it. ;-)

Reco is up next and his dress...disaster. Seriously, he made the model look horrid. She looked fat in that thing and she had a corseted waist. It was just sloppy and you could tell he didn't have direction with this. They color was lush though.

Johnny is up next. This outfit was very interesting and I liked it, but I feel it was more of his copying. He can repeat very well what he sees. But it doesn't pull away that this is a nice dress. Just wish it spoke more Johnny than versace, you know what I mean?

Jame-Paul is next and I was pleasant surprised. He make a beautiful garment and it didn't have those weirs droopy bags he's become known for. Why can't he produce that kind of work more often? Very nice.

Merlin is next, and I must say, I'm not loving it. It reminds me of a toga. Just seems a but off to me. I mean she's got a great figure but its hidden under mounds of fabric. I don't know, just seems weird to me.

So time to round up the designers and tell them of their fate. Three designers really stood out. Johnny, Daniella, and Anna. The judges thought all their outfits were nice, but felt only two were really good. Johnny and Daniella were the two up for the win.

In the end Johnny snagged his second win. Click on the picture to check out how to purchase this outfit. The three were safe for another week. Merlin and James-Paul were also safe. It was down to Haven and Reco. Haven tried to explain her vision and the untucked shirt while Reco, who was having a mini meltdown, was trying to explain he did the best he could by not knowing who Halston was. In the end Haven's lack of use of color, lack of shape, and just lack of using her knowledge sent her home, leaving a crying Reco hanging by a thread. Bittersweet indeed. We are getting closer and closer to a winner.

Well in episode 9 we get some interesting insight into how this competition is going to turn out.

First up we had the Harper's Bazaar mini challenge where the designers had to design livable lounging wear. The first thing that made me roll my eyes was Johnny. How could he not be more careful with this work? He knew a lot of was riding on this. Its the end of the competition, this is not time to act like you are in week one. He sliced right through his original work and then just so he'd have something to "present" he threw some fabric on the mannequin and called it a day. Just so sloppy. I think he would have gotten farther if he had at least attempted to make something cohesive. Maybe some bloomers or something that could be livable and just explain what happened to the top and that he tried to at least have something well made to show them. If you haven't learned by now, I do not hide the fact that I don't like Johnny or his work. And I don't like that other designers went home before him. The first time he would have said "Send me home." I would have sent his rear packing. Ugh!

Now James-Paul, he's another one that should have gone home already. Ok, maybe I am just not thinking outside the box, but come on!!! His work is just so weird. What woman would be caught dead wearing pants that look like sacks hanging off of them? They say this show is for about fashion for real people, but its truly not. They love what James-Paul puts out and well honestly I could see a celeb wearing it to be different or those of us with deep pockets, but I don't truly see them as "real people". Yes, they put the pants on one leg at a time and *gasp* they have their "irregular" moments, but still they are not "regular" people. Regular people to me are people like you and I who don't have their name on billboards or own 50 yachts. It kind of puts me off that "regular people" are seen as the rich and famous. So what are we then? The common folk? When I look at James-Paul's stuff, that is the only thing I can think is that we are common folk, because I can't see a normal person walking down the street in what he designs. His lounge wear was suppose to represent something his grandmother would wear. I am sure his grandmother would wear normal looking pants and the top is so skimpy I just don't see an elderly lady wearing it. Nope, not seeing it at all.

Merlin's outfit wasn't bad to me. I liked the look and I think its very comfy looking and livable looking. But then again, I am common folk. ;-) No, but seriously, I think it was cute and it looked like a pull back from like the 60s. I could see someone lounging in that. I think the pants gave it a lot of livability because a woman could go out to get her mail...whoops almost typed male but I guess she could do that too lol, she could water her flower on the porch, she could sit by the pool reading and she would be covered and modest while being relaxed and comfortable. So I don't think he deserved the lashing he got.

Reco and Daniella both got it for the jumpsuit. Once again, I think they were livable. Now I didn't really like the shape of Daniella's or the color of Reco's, but they were still nice.

But my favorite did have to be Anna. I am so loving Anna in this competition, minus a few items. LOL! But she is the one I am so rooting for to win this. Her work is stylish and has an old soul twist to it. Loves it.


Her little baby doll top with bloomers was the winner and I have to agree on their choice. I would have bought that in a heartbeat. Its so cute and it looks comfy too. Win-win if you ask me. Yeah Anna! Her garment is going to be sold in Saks Fifth Avenue as a companion to the robe that was the background of this challenge. Impressive!

So next the designers went to a psychic. Johnny was the first to go. LOL! He picked the Six of Swords and was told he'd be travelling. This sent the other designers into a fit of shocked laughter. LOL! Loved it. Can you tell who I hoped was going home? Ok, nothing against him, he's just another person who's "vision" I just can't see and wanted to go home. I don't like any of his work and I think his work is for a select group of people.

Reco and Daniella got some nice fortunes told about them which I thought was right for them. Then James Paul got his reading where she told him he to listen to his inner voice and it will guide him to make beautiful things BUTTTT he needed to be more practical. When she told him this he gave a look like "whatever" while the other designers gave a look like they agreed with the psychic. I don't think he listened to her. Don't you know that you don't go against a psychic's words?!? Or so I've been told. ;-)

Anna got a nice reading as well and I think she's going to be the one to beat in this competition, I really do. But omg, when Merlin pulled the same card as Johnny, and knowing what I know now, omg soooooo creepy. Sooooo creepy. *shivers* This is why I will NEVER go to a psychic. I'm worried she will tell me something horrible is going to happen and well I just know it will come true. So yeah, she told Merlin he was going somewhere too. He did not like that at all. Weird that they start and finish with the same card. They must have edited that because I can't believe for a second it worked out like that. But yeah, very creepy. And when she said everyone would be surprised, she wasn't kidding. I was so angry that Merlin left instead of the one he was up against. I literally gasped in shock. Ahhhh!!! Those judges need to be sent home!!! Oh and I loved Johnny's smug look. Umm hummm, this just proves that you shouldn't toot your own horn when you are no better off than someone else is. Remember that kids.

Ok, so the fashion, the only one I didn't really like was James Paul's outfit. And oh my, could it be, I really liked Johnny's outfit this time. I liked the color combos and I loved the cage on top of the skirt. But I didn't like his out right confessions of knocking off other designers. I know art creates art, but damnit all, make it your own somehow. Don't out right steal another person's design and call it your own.

In the end it was Merlin and James-Paul up on the chopping block. I still think that the judges are smoking something because they kept James Paul and sent Merlin home. How is what James Paul created forgivable? He had two droopy sacks on the woman's shoulders and a big droopy diaper looking sack on the back. I see where he was going with the back part with bustle but he failed failed failed failed failed. Now Merlin's outfit has some issues too. The outfit did have a lot going on, and the shape did lack something in the bottom of the pant. Perhaps he should have stuck with just simple sweatpants but kept the color details. The maybe the jacket would have saved him. I liked the jacket, but add everything else in and it did get complicated. I can tell Merlin has style, just this time he slipped up.


Winner for the week was Anna. Click the picture to see how to purchase this outfit. I must admit I was not sold completely on this dress. I don't really like the circus look that the skirt has, but it seems the circus look is in this year if you look at Erin Fetherston's Fall fashion line. So, who knows. I do like that it kept the woman's figure with the cinched in waist. A version of her outfit is for sale in two different colors. The one from the show in a pink/red combo and one in a blue/green combo.

On to episode 10...and then there were 5. Ok, so jumping right in, we have the Harper's Bazaar mini challenge that ends up being a fabric draping challenge. The designers must use two yards of silk fabric, 12 pins, and their draping skills to make a beautiful outfit. The five designers set forth and pinned their little hearts out. Johnny already knew he wouldn't do good in this because as he said "he doesn't do pretty". What he did wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't draping. James-Paul just seemed to throw the fabric up on the mannequin and pin before it fell off. Reco's was nice I think. It was sexy and I could see it being worn on any lovely lady on the red carpet. Anna's of course I loved as well as Daniella's. I see why Daniella won, she seemed to control the fabric more and it was more form fitting. So I gotta give it to her on that. After this, the designers learn for their main challenge they are going to make a evening gown. But first, we need a little help from our friends. Enter Haven, Angel, Keith, Andrew, and Merlin. These five lovelies were brought back from the fashion dead to help our final designers make their evening gown. Since Daniella won the mini challenge she got first dibs. Red Rover Red Rover send Haven right over. Reco insisted this was a mistake on Daniella's part, but I thought otherwise. Who best to help you complete something than your best bud. The rest of the pairing was Anna/Keith, James Paul/Merlin, Reco/Andrew...for company, and Johnny/Angel. Oh I was so pissed at how he reacted to being paired with Angel. She made some good stuff and the previous week's stuff is the only thing I liked of what Johnny made. Jerk!

Hummm, so Anna is picking a LARGE floral print for her dress, Daniella is opting for gray tones, James Paul is going for a velvet, Reco is using Victoria Beckham as his muse, and Johnny has decided to use a dress he's seen before as his muse.

Now I am kind of upset at Angel. She was there to help Johnny and she didn't when it really counted. She should have told him that he needed to line the dress in silk instead of taffeta. Now I am not sure if this was editing where she said yes to something else and not his lining question. If she was saying yes to something else then I retract what I just said. You just can't tell with these shows, they want to make it seem dramatic so they will edit it how they feel. So Issac comes in to do his look over and he has successfully managed to rattled everyone's nerves. Loves it. :-D And quick question, why does Merlin's hair look like a duck tail? Anyone?

Ok, so morning of the fashion show comes and Kelly calls to tell everyone to look sharp. I feel Johnny and Daniella miss that mark, but I digress. Moving on, fashion show time! Ok the thing that makes me giggle is how before the show Johnny says no can do what he does. LOL! Umm...yeah I'll clear that one up in a bit. So the end of the show, the designers are rounded up to learned their fates. There were two designers that stood out. Anna and Daniella. Their dresses floored the judges, and I must admit they did me too. At first I didn't really like Anna dress, but it grew on me.

Daniella won and will have her dress made into an actual garment. Click to the picture to see how to buy it. Also her and Anna won the first two spots in the final two.

This left Reco, James-Paul, and Johnny standing alone. One designer was quickly put out of their misery. Reco's dress...which Johnny whispered under his breath was ugly, also one a place in the final 4. This left James-Paul and Johnny. James-Paul's dress this time didn't unnerve me as much as his other creations. It seemed actually interesting to me. Perhaps if it was done in a soft fabric it would have flowed better. Johnny's dress was actually pretty, but his statement about no one doing what he does is proven wrong here as the dress is show to be a knock off of a Lanvin original. He foolishly stands there saying he didn't know he was knocking it off. Umm, he used the dress as his muse. He know what he was doing and all through the show he talks about how he knocks off people. I don't like people like that, stealing original thoughts from other people and passing it off as their own. Messed up from the floor up, seriously. And then he started blaming Angel for not telling him it was knock off. Like it was her responsibility to tell him this. I don't think so Johnny my boy. He wants to place blame on anyone but himself. In the end they just weren't buying it and Johnny was gone. James-Paul gave a tearful thank you to the judges, and it was a group hug for the final four. Johnny had some final words for the show. He felt knockoff was a bad word and they it wasn't a knockoff, just a very similar dress. Direct definition of a knockoff: To copy or imitate, especially without permission: knocking off someone else's ideas. Humm...not a knockoff? On to episode 11.

Still with me? Great. Ok last review for now since the final show is TONIGHT!!! I can't wait!!! Ahhhhh!!! Ok, on with the review.

So we start off with our 4 designers returning to NY with their 10 garment collection. Daniella shows up first talking about how she's the youngest and how she feels she deserves to win. Anna follows explaining how she started making clothing in high school and saw this was her passion and she realized she wanted to make nice things for people to wear. Reco showed up next explaining how he was going to win this, he had no doubt in his mind. James-Paul was last saying how he was thinking outside the box when it came to his fashion and he felt that America was ready for his thinking and fashion sense.

Everyone kind of eyed each other's lines with looks of "What were they thinking?" etched across their face. Everyone managed to cast doubt in everyone else's mind. Issac and Kelly stroll in the wish them well and drop the bombshell that America will see 4 fashion shows but will only vote on 3. After the fashion show one person was going home.

Every did their fittings with the models. Reco was the only one who had an issue with his main item, and wedding gown that was to small even for the svelte of the group of models. He began to freak out a bit but did what any good designer does, he tore that bitch up and let it out some.

Day of the fashion show, each designer had there time to shine. First was Daniella. Now I watched this show twice and the first time around I rolled my eyes at her work. I honestly disliked it. But the second watching I saw that her stuff was actually quite nice. Beautiful even. And her song was cute too. I see she put a lot into this and I give her kudos for that. *snap snap*

Reco was next, his stuff was very interesting. I don't think I'd see myself wearing anything of his collection, but they were very nice to look at. I felt his collection was lacking a bit in the Reco. I didn't see a lot of him in there, more just accents of the culture he researched. I think he took a prime opportunity to really shine and put his personal "stink" on it and he just kind of let that go. I think he became a little too overconfident in his work and ability. He knew going into this last fashion that Daniella was a force to reckon with, but he insisted he had this in the bag.

Anna was next, loved loved loved loved loved her work. Though it is true what the judges say later, that there wasn't anything really pulling it together, I loved all her work. The rainbow dress was a big fave of mine. Also the navy blue dress with the wooden accent. She wove that fabric herself for that dress. In awe here. In awe. If she doesn't win tonight, I do hope we see her somewhere in the future. Here and Daniella are the two I am rooting for.

Next was James-Paul, he of course did his eccentric work again. Watching his fashion show was like watching an art show. He work is like art for sure. I do think it pretty, but its not fashion to me. I don't think I'd wear anything he made. One of the judges said they'd wear it in a heartbeat. *head scratch* Huh? No, seriously, huh? His work was just lacking in appeal to me, but he must have something going for him. Why do I say that? Because after the fashion show when it came down to it, Reco was sent home packing.

I think Reco should have stayed because he made fashion. He didn't interpret it. But the judges felt James-Paul had something to offer the world. I think his stuff was poorly done for fashion. Like I said, it was beautiful as art, but as fashion...not so much.

Whew that was a lot! But I loved doing this review for you. :-) So we are down to the final three. Anna, Daniella, and James-Paul. I voted for Anna a few times. I really liked her collection the best. But we will soon see tonight...only 1 more hour to wait for me, who will be the next big fashion designer. Can't wait! But then I will be fashion show least for another couple of weeks. I will soon be reviewing Project Runway for you. So do check back for that. Hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope your favorite wins tonight.

Bravo channel at 10 pm tonight people. Be there!

Loves ya,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture practice.

Camera Practice

I've been tinkering with my picture taking. Since I've gotten my camera I've been a flash user and abuser. My pictures tend to always have that nasty flash glare in them and color washout. So I did some research online and found some great tips on how to get better quality out of my pictures. Here is my first attempt at a serious flashless picture. I think it turned out ok for it being my first attempt. I will be attempting more pictures with different backgrounds until I get it right. I think I need to get myself my own wine glass for picture. I borrowed one from my mom but it has a blue stem. Doesn't go with all the colors of my earrings. So I am on the hunt for that.

I also have a few more pictures to show you but I need to crop them so I will be back to update in a bit. Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Give me comments!

Ok, so I don't know why sometimes my brain fails to put two and two together and get four. I tend to either get five or three. Well when it came to comments, I kept seeming to get three. I couldn't understand why I had a fair amount of views but not many comments. A friend had even stated that they couldn't comment on my blog and I still didn't put it together until today.

I feel like a total loon for not checking sooner. Heh. My comments were set that you had to be a Blogger member to comment. Oops. Well I have fixed it where anyone can comment. However, my comments are on moderation so please be polite. If you are rude your comments will NEVER see the light of day on this blog. Unless of course I find it entertaining, then I may blog about it. ;-) But yeah, for those of you who wanted to comment but couldn't, the door is now open. Give me comments or give me...ummm...comments! :-D Later gaters. More posts to be done later.

Loves ya,

Things that make you go hummm.

Ok, so there is this condom campaign that either is or was going on that had an interesting angle to its marketing and advertising.

The tagline says: Such tragedy could have been easily avoided.

Now here is the point where I stop and go "Hummm...". As odd and weird as it is to think about it...its completely true. And there's no way someone can say there weren't condoms back in the day. There has been evidence that there were condoms back in 100-200 AD. So umm, yeah. It just makes you stop and think that if some form of contraception had been used, some of the world's tragedies to date would never have happened. Weird eh? Ok, well I'm off again. I need to catch up watching some shows so I can do some review updates for you and do a HP movie review for you. I figure if you haven't seen it by now you've been living under a rock. ;-)

Loves ya,

The Uniform Project

So, some of you may remember me posting about this project I found online called "The Little Brown Dress" where Alex Martin from Seattle Washington wore the same little brown dress...actually there were two of them...for a full year. She would doctor it up with accessories and other articles of clothing. She did this project as a personal stance against fashion and consumerism. She started July 7th or 2005 and ended on July 7 of 2006. Fast forward three years later and I learn about The Uniform Project.

The Uniform Project follows the same concept of The Little Brown Dress. Sheena Matheiken from New York had a friend draft up 7 uniforms that were very similar to the one she wore to school back in her homeland of India. She plans to wear the uniform everyday for a year to help bring attention and gain money for the Akanksha Foundation, a nonprofit that supports education efforts for underprivileged children in India.

Each day Sheena takes a picture of her outfit and posts it on her website. The uniform, which can be worn backwards or forwards, is always the on, but is not always the focal point of the outfit. She can wear the dress in a tunic-like form over a completely different outfit and that reduces the uniform itself to a sort of accent piece.

Sheena is also taking donations of clothing items and accessories to help her create new outfits everyday. She realizes by the end of the year she may have accumulated a lot of clothing and is thinking of having an auction to par down her wardrobe, all proceeds going to her cause.

I think this project will be very interesting to follow. She's only 2 months in so it would be easy to hop on board to keep up with it. Check both projects out if you have a chance. The Little Brown Dress has been over for years, but the archives are still up and make for an interesting read.

My new favorite farting song!

Ok, granted I never had a favorite farting song, but I do now. LOL! Have a watch of this funny video.

And what amazes me is he supposedly did it with just his voice octaves alone. Very cool. Talk to you lovelies later. :-)

Loves Ya,

I have to have it.

Oh pretty PSP, why must I covet thee?

This, ladies and gents, is the lilac Hannah Montana PSP. My sister, some friends, and I were having a discussion about it the other day. My sister and I both love the color, but its the fact that its marketing Hannah Montana...say what...and well my sister simply hates the girl and I think I'm a bit old to sport her on my PSP. I can't find any pictures of the flip side of the thing. I can only imagine there being a picture of Hannah, Miley , or both on the flip side with Hannah's logo in big bright letters. I told my sister a little Goof Off might take the right off. But would it mess up the finish on the PSP? I would think it wouldn't, but would I be willing to take the chance?

My sister also likes this blue one, but while it's pretty, its just not me. So I don't know. It'll be awhile before I buy a PSP. I would usually go for pink items, but this lilac one calls to me. But in reading more about it here is something I found on a forum:

On the back, the PSP logo has been replaced with a Hannah Montana logo and the coldboot screen has been replaced with the opening credits to Hannah Montana. Too bad. Freaking Sony just has to be the ladies' man right? This thing is trash, it's just like the Hello Kitty pandemic. Here's a better idea, instead of buying yet another crappy-colored PSP unit and blowing more because it's a promo for Hannah Montana, how about buying a cheaper Piano Black PSP, the color it is supposed to be, and just change your XMB color to a purple instead! OMG!

This was just a comment left by someone, but I believe it. It is a lot to pay for a logo I'd want to take off and software I'd try to delete. Oh well. It was a thought anyway. Who knows, maybe when I am ready to buy a PSP they Hannah Montana one will be cheap or there will be a new color that captures my eye. :-) A girl can dream.

Loves ya,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fashionable Monday

Hey all, here is my attempt to a return to blogging. :-)

In this post I wanted to talk about this store that has such interesting items in it. I had seen the ads for this store through different websites and it caught my interest. Mod Cloth is an interesting store that started from the love of shopping at thrift stores.

I have a love for things mod, vintage, and fashionable, so this site really stood out to me. At first I found myself on the Mod Cloth blog which updates you and on all things Mod Cloth related. I enjoyed reading the blog and bookmarked it. From there I found my way to the main website. It took a few days before I searched through the site itself, but once I did, I was hooked. The site is like a gallery of the most beautiful and interesting products out there in the market. From vintage finds to indie finds, you are sure to find something you like at ModCloth. Oh, and no I don't work for them, I just find their shop so interesting.

The shop started off selling vintage finds that the owner would collect on her thrift shop trips. Items from suitcases, to scarves, to dresses, to skirts and more would be sold from the owner's dorm room while she was at college.

I can never find these kinds of gems here in my town. Sure you find the poor excuse for a prom dress from the 80s, but actual fashionable gems seem to avoid our thrift shops like the plague. There is one shop downtown I heard good things about. I might have to check there and see.

After the vintage section, I took a quick peek in the sales section. I mean come on, who doesn't love a sale? ;-)

One of the items that caught my eye was this "Water Logged Watering Can". I love it. I know, its so silly, but I guess that's why I love it so much. I could picture myself watering my plants...if I had any...with this cute watering can and being the envy of the neighborhood. :-D

After my quick look at the sales I couldn't really decide where to look, so I decided to look at the recently added items.

These twig earrings are too cute. I am not a fan of gold or gold-tinted items, but these earrings would be the pair to make me try gold items again. I just think its such a cute idea and not something you would find in to many places, at least not that I've seen.

These wallets are enough to make a gal jump ship off her diet. A cute little pouch designed to look like your favorite and sinful foods such as pizza and a cookie. So cute. I want both of them. Of course I have no real need for them, but I still want them. LOL!

From here, I hit the clothing. This was actually hard for me to pick out something I like because I've never been an overly girlie girl. When you have junk in the trunk you tend not look at the pretty things, but I tried to think what would I pick up if I was the right size. The following four dresses are what would have made it into the cart.

All these dresses, I feel, give a girlie feel in just the right amount. I think even at my age I could look good in that. These dresses make me want to lose weight even more while I am still young enough to enjoy them.

So this got me wondering if its possible to form a whole outfit from this site. I took the challenge and within minutes I had an outfit I would wear in a heartbeat.

First we need a dress. Since I am craving Fall to come, I went with an orange color. Next I needed to accessorize.

Some bangles in varying hues, materials, and textures.

A necklace with similar colors of seed beads.

A simple pair of daisy earrings.

Two rings. One is black with an owl as decoration and one is brass with flowers as a decoration.

A pair of shades in a complimenting color.

A fedora hat in neutral colors.

A plain purse in neutral colors.

And a pair of shoes to finish off the look.

After clothing, I decided to check out the decor section and found a few items I just thought were so cute.

This alarm clock is to funny. I could NEVER own it myself, but I still find it funny as hell. This alarm clock is like the game Perfection.

Much like the game, the timer, or alarm clock in this case, is slowly ticking down to your set time. But in flipping the rules of the game, when the buzzer, alarm, goes off, you need to race to get the pieces back into their slots because the alarm will not go off until you get them all back in their places. And for those of you who hit the snooze button, this will happen each time your alarm goes off. As a lover of the snooze alarm, I could NEVER own this clock. LOL! But I LOVE the concept of the clock.

Now these are just too cute. They are drink coasters that look like little swimming holes. They each have an individual water dweller in them. I heart these so much.

My sister would love this cup as much as I do. I love how the handle is the cat's tail. Very cute.

I'm heavy into crafts, especially ones that deal with fabrics and thread. This one I find interesting because I want to make greeting cards like this one day soon. So this was very interesting to me. I don't like the designs to much, but would still like the set to try sewing cards.

This next item is a book about Japanese inventions that fully work but are completely pointless. I love the head contraption that holds a roll of toilet paper. And I guess the plastic ring is to either keep hair out of the soup or soup out of the hair. LOL! I'd love to see what else is in that book.

This calls to my crafty side. I love reading craft related books. I saw in previews this teaches you how to make a lot of things. One of the items I saw was a wine rack. Very interesting. I'd love to read this book.

This book looks like it be a fun read. Who hasn't wanted to stick it to someone in well versed note? I know I have wanted to on many occasions. Can you imagine the person who had to clean up that mess on the table? Or even consider the bad taste left in that milk thief's mouth? LOL! I know I'd love this book.

And this picture is advertising the kitchen towel, but I'm in love with the t-shirt. I couldn't find it anywhere on the site, but I loves it so much I had to share it.

Well that's only a small fraction of what you can find on the site. Now let me tell you that I have not dealt with them before in person so I can't tell you what their service is like, but I would so be willing to find out. I really like their products.

So that's it for this entry. I know, finally done. LOL! I hope you enjoyed looking at the fab items from Mod Cloth and give their site a look today. I will be back with another post soon. Until then, be good lovelies. :-)

Loves ya,