Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fashionable Monday

Hey all, here is my attempt to a return to blogging. :-)

In this post I wanted to talk about this store that has such interesting items in it. I had seen the ads for this store through different websites and it caught my interest. Mod Cloth is an interesting store that started from the love of shopping at thrift stores.

I have a love for things mod, vintage, and fashionable, so this site really stood out to me. At first I found myself on the Mod Cloth blog which updates you and on all things Mod Cloth related. I enjoyed reading the blog and bookmarked it. From there I found my way to the main website. It took a few days before I searched through the site itself, but once I did, I was hooked. The site is like a gallery of the most beautiful and interesting products out there in the market. From vintage finds to indie finds, you are sure to find something you like at ModCloth. Oh, and no I don't work for them, I just find their shop so interesting.

The shop started off selling vintage finds that the owner would collect on her thrift shop trips. Items from suitcases, to scarves, to dresses, to skirts and more would be sold from the owner's dorm room while she was at college.

I can never find these kinds of gems here in my town. Sure you find the poor excuse for a prom dress from the 80s, but actual fashionable gems seem to avoid our thrift shops like the plague. There is one shop downtown I heard good things about. I might have to check there and see.

After the vintage section, I took a quick peek in the sales section. I mean come on, who doesn't love a sale? ;-)

One of the items that caught my eye was this "Water Logged Watering Can". I love it. I know, its so silly, but I guess that's why I love it so much. I could picture myself watering my plants...if I had any...with this cute watering can and being the envy of the neighborhood. :-D

After my quick look at the sales I couldn't really decide where to look, so I decided to look at the recently added items.

These twig earrings are too cute. I am not a fan of gold or gold-tinted items, but these earrings would be the pair to make me try gold items again. I just think its such a cute idea and not something you would find in to many places, at least not that I've seen.

These wallets are enough to make a gal jump ship off her diet. A cute little pouch designed to look like your favorite and sinful foods such as pizza and a cookie. So cute. I want both of them. Of course I have no real need for them, but I still want them. LOL!

From here, I hit the clothing. This was actually hard for me to pick out something I like because I've never been an overly girlie girl. When you have junk in the trunk you tend not look at the pretty things, but I tried to think what would I pick up if I was the right size. The following four dresses are what would have made it into the cart.

All these dresses, I feel, give a girlie feel in just the right amount. I think even at my age I could look good in that. These dresses make me want to lose weight even more while I am still young enough to enjoy them.

So this got me wondering if its possible to form a whole outfit from this site. I took the challenge and within minutes I had an outfit I would wear in a heartbeat.

First we need a dress. Since I am craving Fall to come, I went with an orange color. Next I needed to accessorize.

Some bangles in varying hues, materials, and textures.

A necklace with similar colors of seed beads.

A simple pair of daisy earrings.

Two rings. One is black with an owl as decoration and one is brass with flowers as a decoration.

A pair of shades in a complimenting color.

A fedora hat in neutral colors.

A plain purse in neutral colors.

And a pair of shoes to finish off the look.

After clothing, I decided to check out the decor section and found a few items I just thought were so cute.

This alarm clock is to funny. I could NEVER own it myself, but I still find it funny as hell. This alarm clock is like the game Perfection.

Much like the game, the timer, or alarm clock in this case, is slowly ticking down to your set time. But in flipping the rules of the game, when the buzzer, alarm, goes off, you need to race to get the pieces back into their slots because the alarm will not go off until you get them all back in their places. And for those of you who hit the snooze button, this will happen each time your alarm goes off. As a lover of the snooze alarm, I could NEVER own this clock. LOL! But I LOVE the concept of the clock.

Now these are just too cute. They are drink coasters that look like little swimming holes. They each have an individual water dweller in them. I heart these so much.

My sister would love this cup as much as I do. I love how the handle is the cat's tail. Very cute.

I'm heavy into crafts, especially ones that deal with fabrics and thread. This one I find interesting because I want to make greeting cards like this one day soon. So this was very interesting to me. I don't like the designs to much, but would still like the set to try sewing cards.

This next item is a book about Japanese inventions that fully work but are completely pointless. I love the head contraption that holds a roll of toilet paper. And I guess the plastic ring is to either keep hair out of the soup or soup out of the hair. LOL! I'd love to see what else is in that book.

This calls to my crafty side. I love reading craft related books. I saw in previews this teaches you how to make a lot of things. One of the items I saw was a wine rack. Very interesting. I'd love to read this book.

This book looks like it be a fun read. Who hasn't wanted to stick it to someone in well versed note? I know I have wanted to on many occasions. Can you imagine the person who had to clean up that mess on the table? Or even consider the bad taste left in that milk thief's mouth? LOL! I know I'd love this book.

And this picture is advertising the kitchen towel, but I'm in love with the t-shirt. I couldn't find it anywhere on the site, but I loves it so much I had to share it.

Well that's only a small fraction of what you can find on the site. Now let me tell you that I have not dealt with them before in person so I can't tell you what their service is like, but I would so be willing to find out. I really like their products.

So that's it for this entry. I know, finally done. LOL! I hope you enjoyed looking at the fab items from Mod Cloth and give their site a look today. I will be back with another post soon. Until then, be good lovelies. :-)

Loves ya,

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