Monday, July 20, 2009

Things that make you go hummm.

Ok, so there is this condom campaign that either is or was going on that had an interesting angle to its marketing and advertising.

The tagline says: Such tragedy could have been easily avoided.

Now here is the point where I stop and go "Hummm...". As odd and weird as it is to think about it...its completely true. And there's no way someone can say there weren't condoms back in the day. There has been evidence that there were condoms back in 100-200 AD. So umm, yeah. It just makes you stop and think that if some form of contraception had been used, some of the world's tragedies to date would never have happened. Weird eh? Ok, well I'm off again. I need to catch up watching some shows so I can do some review updates for you and do a HP movie review for you. I figure if you haven't seen it by now you've been living under a rock. ;-)

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