Monday, July 20, 2009

I have to have it.

Oh pretty PSP, why must I covet thee?

This, ladies and gents, is the lilac Hannah Montana PSP. My sister, some friends, and I were having a discussion about it the other day. My sister and I both love the color, but its the fact that its marketing Hannah Montana...say what...and well my sister simply hates the girl and I think I'm a bit old to sport her on my PSP. I can't find any pictures of the flip side of the thing. I can only imagine there being a picture of Hannah, Miley , or both on the flip side with Hannah's logo in big bright letters. I told my sister a little Goof Off might take the right off. But would it mess up the finish on the PSP? I would think it wouldn't, but would I be willing to take the chance?

My sister also likes this blue one, but while it's pretty, its just not me. So I don't know. It'll be awhile before I buy a PSP. I would usually go for pink items, but this lilac one calls to me. But in reading more about it here is something I found on a forum:

On the back, the PSP logo has been replaced with a Hannah Montana logo and the coldboot screen has been replaced with the opening credits to Hannah Montana. Too bad. Freaking Sony just has to be the ladies' man right? This thing is trash, it's just like the Hello Kitty pandemic. Here's a better idea, instead of buying yet another crappy-colored PSP unit and blowing more because it's a promo for Hannah Montana, how about buying a cheaper Piano Black PSP, the color it is supposed to be, and just change your XMB color to a purple instead! OMG!

This was just a comment left by someone, but I believe it. It is a lot to pay for a logo I'd want to take off and software I'd try to delete. Oh well. It was a thought anyway. Who knows, maybe when I am ready to buy a PSP they Hannah Montana one will be cheap or there will be a new color that captures my eye. :-) A girl can dream.

Loves ya,

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