Monday, July 20, 2009

The Uniform Project

So, some of you may remember me posting about this project I found online called "The Little Brown Dress" where Alex Martin from Seattle Washington wore the same little brown dress...actually there were two of them...for a full year. She would doctor it up with accessories and other articles of clothing. She did this project as a personal stance against fashion and consumerism. She started July 7th or 2005 and ended on July 7 of 2006. Fast forward three years later and I learn about The Uniform Project.

The Uniform Project follows the same concept of The Little Brown Dress. Sheena Matheiken from New York had a friend draft up 7 uniforms that were very similar to the one she wore to school back in her homeland of India. She plans to wear the uniform everyday for a year to help bring attention and gain money for the Akanksha Foundation, a nonprofit that supports education efforts for underprivileged children in India.

Each day Sheena takes a picture of her outfit and posts it on her website. The uniform, which can be worn backwards or forwards, is always the on, but is not always the focal point of the outfit. She can wear the dress in a tunic-like form over a completely different outfit and that reduces the uniform itself to a sort of accent piece.

Sheena is also taking donations of clothing items and accessories to help her create new outfits everyday. She realizes by the end of the year she may have accumulated a lot of clothing and is thinking of having an auction to par down her wardrobe, all proceeds going to her cause.

I think this project will be very interesting to follow. She's only 2 months in so it would be easy to hop on board to keep up with it. Check both projects out if you have a chance. The Little Brown Dress has been over for years, but the archives are still up and make for an interesting read.

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