Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Need Something

So I didn't do that big return I was hoping for, mainly due to the fact that I have been licking my wounds in private due to my breakup. No, it didn't end well, and just a few minutes ago I found out the hard way I am still very much angry over the whole deal. So I've decided to really throw myself hard back into my doll and craft hobbies. I always wanted to open a shop and plan to do so this year around Spring. I want to make some more inventory, get a PO box, work on my shop logo, etc., etc. I also plan on starting two of my three Youtube channels soon also. I just need to focus on other things rather than what I have been.

Puchi Collective Empire Dress
So the business I want to start is a clothing, accessories, and some props kind of shop. A main focus on clothing and accessories. The only problem I am having is which doll to sew for. I don't really want to be exclusive. I want to try being able to sew different items for different kinds of dolls. Right now I am working on Blythe Empire dresses and I want to try to make them for Monster High as well. I need to alter the pattern some so it will fit Monster High snugly. The Blythe size is ok, but it's not really fitted or tailored for Monster High.

I adore Blythe and how small and cute they are with their bobble heads, and I think that's why I equally love Monster High dolls as well. So I decided choosing those two to sew for right now was fitting. I think this will help me relax some and move on. I want to try getting a Takara Blythe this year. I have an ADG Blythe and a Blybe doll, but I really want a Takara one. I also still hope to happen upon a Hasboro Blythe, or even if it's just a head of one I can get a body for cheap so no worries there. But that would be a grail doll for sure. I just really adore the sweetness of Blythe and want to expand my collection of them. And since I will be getting rid of a lot of dolls later this year after I post my photostory, which has to be changed greatly because one of the characters was based on someone I no longer want in the story, I won't have any need for most of the dolls I have and will probably sell them as lots on Ebay or maybe as a category in my online shop. Oh, I also need to show you all the new dolls I've gotten lately. I haven't done much with them, but that will change this year as well.

So those are my plans for now. I want to take pictures of the dresses I sewed a couple of years ago and compare them to the ones I will make now. Hopefully my new ones won't make the old ones look amazing. :-) And on that note I want to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year and I hope all of you have been having a great year so far. I need to catch up with everyone so badly, just need to get out of this funk, but I will be back in top form soon. This year is going to be awesome. I just know it. Bye for now lovelies.