Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was looking on Etsy tonight...

And I found this video.

This woman is so cool. I love her house, and her sense of style is like Landhausmode. Very cool. I had to share this little video with you all. Hope you enjoyed.

Loves ya,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting but Ugly fashion.

While doing my daily surfing of the interwebs I found this video for an interesting yet ugly set of jeans. I mean the idea is very interesting, but its made where only people with ample rears could make it work and well this just brings so much attention the rear already, why would anyone want to bring more attention to it if its ample? Not sure what to think about these. What do you think?

Loves ya,

Coolest collab video ever.

Well, at least in my eyes it is. :-) Enjoy.

Loves ya,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harry Potter-like ads coming to magazines.

So in searching the web today I found this article about ads put in magazines will be in tiny 2 inch video screens. I just think that's amazing. It will of course bring up the cost of magazines, but I am curious to see how it looks. So I think it will catch on for a while because people want to see this new technology. But it may shoot magazines in the foot because in this economy people are not going to want to spend a ton of the lower teens...on a magazine just because it has moving ads in it when they can see that on tv or online. So we will see how it turns out. Check out this link for the article and be sure to scroll down some to check out the video that shows the ad in action.

Loves ya,

I love "The Guild".

Have any of you watched the indie webshow called "The Guild"? Its about the lives of a group of gamers who are in a local guild. Its very funny and they are coming out with season 3 next week. Woot! In prep for it, they put out a little music video. Warning, the tune is catchy as hell. I want to buy it from Amazon so that I may torture my brain cells with it whenever I feel like it. :-D Hope you enjoy.

Loves ya,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pardon me as I sharpen my fangs.

So I am working on a story about vampires, lycans, and hybrids and found this quiz while researching. I found my results very funny for a reason I shall share with you one day.

Are you a Vampire, Hybrid or Lycan?

My Results:



A Vampire's transformation is not nearly as startling as their Lycan counterparts. When they transform, their eyes turn a startling shade of electric bluewhile their incisors lengthen to become pointed fangs. Go kick some ass!!

Booyah! LOL! Just had to share that. Sorry I've been so lax in posting. I've been sucked into the world of the Sims again and my insomnia is back big time. So trying to adjust to that. But I will be back to regular posting again soon. Until then be good. And go take the quiz and tell me what you are. :-)

Loves ya,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Christmas in August.

So as you know, I live in NC. Well every year in NC in August there is a weekend set aside where you don't have to pay taxes on school related items. Well that weekend is going on now and my mom had mentioned she wanted to get a laptop. I told her to wait until the tax free weekend to do it. Well today she decided to go out to Walmart to see if they had any more of the computers she wanted. They told her they were sold out. So she came home defeated. Well then her and my sister got online to look at laptops and saw a nicely priced one at Best Buy. She went there and they still had some in stock and so she picked up three. Let's just say that I got my Christmas gift early this year. :-D Woo hoo! So now I have 3 computers to my name. I can't wait to boot my new one up. I spent the last few hours helping my mom out with hers. Its got Vista on it so its taking some time to get used to, but so far I really like Vista. My mom just ordered some books to help us learn more about it, but I think I will be able to figure a lot out on my own. Her on the other may take some time. ;-) But now I have some much switching to do between these computers so I can get this one I am working on fixed. Word of advice, do not get a Gateway laptop. The hinges are known to break. I am going to see if I can get it repaired soon. Well just wanted to pop on and talk about my new toy. Still working on stuff for my shop. Will update you soon on that. Bye for now.

Loves ya,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My dream place.

So I'm sure all of you have thought about your dream place to live. Where it would be located, what it would look like inside and out, and what views you could see from your windows. Well, for its more of a where would I life FOR NOW kind of thing. And the place I could totally see myself living FOR NOW is the 300 block on Hay Street. :-) Click picture above to go to the website for it.

Now if you are from my city and moved away you will no doubt be like "Are you crazy?!?" because it used to be the place all the "working ladies" worked and there was a plethora gentlemen's clubs on either side of the street as you drove down it. Now they've all been moved to the other side of town leaving a brand new big police station in its wake. ;-)

Now in an attempt to restore old downtown to its original status, the city is trying to make it more appealing to the big wigs who will bring money back to it. One of their big moves is to put in condos downtown.

Ever since I went to the folk festival a few years back and saw the sign about them I've wanted to live in those condos. They weren't even there yet, but I wanted to live there so badly. The downtown area is a fraction of what it used to be. From what I heard from people who lived here a long time, it was the hub of shopping and meeting up with friends and family. But then they built the mall more in the center of the city and with the military base close by that part of the city built up more leaving downtown kind of barren. The rowdy crowd moved in and then downtown area got a bad rap. But now things are slowly but surely picking up. There is always something going on downtown and new businesses are moving in all the time. Its becoming a very beautiful place down there. And for my craftiness it would be great because they hold two big events down there where crafters can sell their wares. I wouldn't have to lug my stuff far and if it got to hot or cold for me I could take turns with my booth partner to run inside and cool or warm myself. LOL!

But yeah, if I could live anywhere right now, that is where I would live. The 300 block of Hay Street. Click the gallery pictures to be taken to my two favorite galleries.

Well, that is all for now kiddies. I am still busy crafting and working on a logo, but I hope to have something for you soon. Oh and guess who's a birthday girl in a few days...

Loves ya,

Monday, August 3, 2009

I return.

Sunset 7/22/09

Hey guys! I know, I've been MIA for a while now. Why? Because of several reasons actually. First off, I didn't really have anything to blog about. I am mostly in the progress of making stuff for my shop and researching up on my shop about things like when I will need to look into getting a tax number and whether or not I want to pay to get verified now or later. Since I am just trying things out, I figure I will try basic for a month and if I do well I will try becoming verified. We'll see what happens.

But yeah, I've mostly been catching up on watching things online while I knit. I have some cute things made already and I love them all. I also bought some fabric transfer stuff to make labels for everything, but still am trying to decide on a logo. So I am doing a lot of work on this and trying to make my dream a reality finally.

What else? Hummm, I have decided I want to make my blog more about me. I have never been the one to make anything about me, and I think that's why I had MySpace and Facebook so much. I killed my MySpace and only reopened my Facebook to keep up with the few friends there, especially one of my friends who is recently pregnant. Love ya Heather! Oh my, did I just do a shoutout in my blog? LOL! But yeah, I want to let my readers know more about me and really just start enjoying blogging again. So expect some pictures of interesting things in my life to be popping up soon. Just need to edit and pop them into Flickr. I won't show them all at once so I don't run out of material and then disappear again for a couple of weeks. LOL! But yeah, I'm still here. Just been busy. I'm also trying again to lose weight and I will update my ticker on here for Weigh-In Wednesday for those of you interested in that. Not much writing has been going on...kind of hard to knit and write at the same time...but I have been writing ideas for stories down as they come to me. I am REALLY thinking about going back to school for a degree in writing. Is that crazy? Ok, I know it is, but I really want it. We'll see.

Speaking of books. This morning I finished reading a novella that was just so sweet. Now mind you, it was a romance novella AND it play a lot on using your imagination...which kind of put me off...but for what it was worth, it was a sweet story. It is part of a collection of romance novella's in this book I got at the Dollar Tree. If you are into reading romance novels or novellas then check out the Dollar Tree this week. I know all of mine in town have the books so others must too. I want to go back and get a few more, but I will wait until I finish the few I bought and if there are any left then I will get them. But for now I have a shelf full of books I need to read. But this story was based on an elderly woman who lived her whole life alone because she didn't listen to her heart and marry a man she had just met a Christmas party that was held for the troops getting ready to take off for England during World War II. I like the basis for the story and if some of the parts of it weren't so drawn out like the kept stressing how it was all possible due to Christmas Magic and how she went back in time for second chance, and well it was kind of korny in the sense, but the structure for the story was pretty good. I'm on the second novella now, and so far it starts off korny. We'll see where it ends up. Oh for those who don't know, a novella is basically a short story between 17,500 to 40,000 words or about 50-100 pages long. So not really a novelette and not really a novel. Just in between.

Humm, anything else? Guess not now. I have pictures to show you, like I said, but that will be in other posts. So I guess I will close for now. Its almost 2:30 in the morning and I am ready to do some exercise. LOL! Talk to you all later. Be good until then. :-)

Loves ya,