Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My dream place.

So I'm sure all of you have thought about your dream place to live. Where it would be located, what it would look like inside and out, and what views you could see from your windows. Well, for its more of a where would I life FOR NOW kind of thing. And the place I could totally see myself living FOR NOW is the 300 block on Hay Street. :-) Click picture above to go to the website for it.

Now if you are from my city and moved away you will no doubt be like "Are you crazy?!?" because it used to be the place all the "working ladies" worked and there was a plethora gentlemen's clubs on either side of the street as you drove down it. Now they've all been moved to the other side of town leaving a brand new big police station in its wake. ;-)

Now in an attempt to restore old downtown to its original status, the city is trying to make it more appealing to the big wigs who will bring money back to it. One of their big moves is to put in condos downtown.

Ever since I went to the folk festival a few years back and saw the sign about them I've wanted to live in those condos. They weren't even there yet, but I wanted to live there so badly. The downtown area is a fraction of what it used to be. From what I heard from people who lived here a long time, it was the hub of shopping and meeting up with friends and family. But then they built the mall more in the center of the city and with the military base close by that part of the city built up more leaving downtown kind of barren. The rowdy crowd moved in and then downtown area got a bad rap. But now things are slowly but surely picking up. There is always something going on downtown and new businesses are moving in all the time. Its becoming a very beautiful place down there. And for my craftiness it would be great because they hold two big events down there where crafters can sell their wares. I wouldn't have to lug my stuff far and if it got to hot or cold for me I could take turns with my booth partner to run inside and cool or warm myself. LOL!

But yeah, if I could live anywhere right now, that is where I would live. The 300 block of Hay Street. Click the gallery pictures to be taken to my two favorite galleries.

Well, that is all for now kiddies. I am still busy crafting and working on a logo, but I hope to have something for you soon. Oh and guess who's a birthday girl in a few days...

Loves ya,

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