Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey guys, just wanted to pop on here real quick to give a review on a show I watched.  So ABC Family, oh this is in the US for my readers elsewhere, has a show they premiered called HUGE.  It’s about a co-ed weight loss summer camp for teens.  At first I thought it was suppose to be a movie when I saw the previews for it, since most young adult shows are based on the “pretty people”.  Please note that I was being sarcastic when I said pretty people.   Anyway, so it stars the pretty chicka from Hair Spray.  Can’t think of her name, but she played the lead role, google it people.  Anyway, so the show stars off at the beginning of camp where everyone has to wear their swimsuits to take a before picture.  Already from this point we see that Will, Hair Spray chicka, is going to be an issue.  She’s “proud” of who she is and what she looks like and is none to happy to be at a fat camp.

I am going to try to not say to much about the show in case you want to watch it.  But you got all your typical stereotypes in the.  The pretty one who doesn’t know she’s pretty and is shy when boys show her attention.  The sidekick best pal to the main character.  The chick with the “deep issue” and her best friend.  The cute guy that all the girls want, and of course it seems like the pretty girl will be the one who gets him.  Then there is the guy who likes the pretty girl, but she doesn’t see him and the main girl who is ignored by him seems to like him.  So you getting the idea here?  A regular young adult show.

Now at first I kind of felt the show was being stereotypical and poking fun at the “fat kids”, but as the show went on it took a nice turn.  It focused more on the teenagers in general and not on their bodies.  I found this to be encouraging for young adults and teens to see people their own age and perhaps that look like them going through the same struggles they are.  I’m really hoping that this show will be inspiring to teens to lose weight and get healthy, but also that it will show them that their fat isn’t want makes them.  That they are who they are regardless of what size they and that they should just continue to be themselves and realize that we all go through crap at that age and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with our weight but a lot to do with just the age and the inexperience and most time lack of maturity.

I do see some plots have already been formed for future episodes and I wonder if these show is going to be one of those light-hearted shows or if it will be more raw and real.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.  It really could go either way.  On a side note, I saw the new trailer for the first installment for the last Harry Potter movie and this time it is in 3D.  Now I truthfully don’t know if I will be seeing it in 2D or 3D.  I’m worried 3D will make me sick from watching it.  But I am trying to get someone to go see it with me and my sister and if he does I know he will want to see 3D.  I’ve never seen a movie in 3D so it would be an experience but I just don’t want it to be a bad one.  Well, it doesn’t come out until November, so I have time to decide.  Anyone else excited to see it?

Ok, well I am off.  Kind of feeling ill to the tummy today.  Didn’t get to craft or clean at all today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Talk to you all then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya

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