Wednesday, June 9, 2010

*Sigh* I hate buyers remorse.

So why is it when we find something we REALLY want and buy it that we feel buyers remorse?  I mean we should feel excited that we are finally getting the item we coveted so much, but right now I am feeling foolish for buying a kind of pricey item.  It was a treat to myself since I haven’t bought anything in a very long time and have been feeling so down lately.  I knew I wanted the item when I first found out about it, but then today when I had the cash to spend I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and then the next thing I know I clicked “Place Order”.  Ahhhh!!!  So much money!!!  But I know once it’s here I will be doing the Snoopy Dance.  Until then I will feel ultimately guilty for spending so much cash, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself…right?  Ok honestly if I was a little “richer” I would have bought this in a heartbeat no second thoughts about it.  So I knew I wanted it.  But I kept thinking I might be able to get it cheaper if I wait it out, but also if you wait you miss out on good deal.  So I’m partly glad I jumped on it because if I hadn’t I may have missed this deal.  It was actually cheaper than the original retail price of 80 dollars, so feel I got a good deal on it.  I won’t mention what I got now so I can sweat it out for the next week and then come back and hopefully be happy that I bought it and let you all see how silly I was being about having remorse.  ;-)

Ok, so in the mean time I need to keep myself busy.  I think I need a To Do List.  I love lists actually.  I love seeing the strikes through the items on the list I’ve completed.  I have a lot of items I need to work on this month.  So here goes, my fabulous list.

To Do List-
1. Respond to lovely blog comments.  (Yes, I know I suck at keeping up with them.  So super duper sorry to you lovely people who leave them.)

2. Furginia Day! (A day of pampering to my poor sick baby.)

3. Clean spare room and organize craft items. (That room is a scary mess that forces me to purge big time.)

4. Sew something!  Anything!  (I have been making excuse after excuse for not creating any thing.  That stops now.)

5. Make my shop banner.  (I finally figured out what I want it to be!  Yes, I’m THAT excited about it.  Now I hope I can pull it off how I see it in my head.)

6. Put items in my shop. (Well that’s what I’ve been shooting for.  I did have a shop open before but since changing the name that something that more reflects me I haven’t reopened, but I will very soon.)

7. Work on website and get photostories uploaded. (I have several stories to change the html on so I can upload them.  It’s a long process but hope to have it done soon.)

8. Scan cross stitch patterns and do reviews and post about them on website.  (Two recent projects I finished I need to upload.  Those posts coming soon.)

9. Make new blog banner and avatar.  (I like my layout of my Blogger blog but I kind of want a banner and avatar more to my liking.  So that will be changing for summer.)

10.  Lose 10 pounds this month. (I have been working on it, but not with much success.  But I still plan to lose at least 10 pounds this month.)

11. Work on novel and finish by the first day of Fall. (Need to have it actually done and revised and ready for submission before NaNoWriMo this year.  I have a story ready for NaNoWriMo and can’t wait to knock it out this year.)

12. Organize my bookmarks. (They are a filthy mess.  Instead of working on them it’s so much easier to ignore them and just collect more.  So I need to organize them.)

13. Catch up in forums. (I desperately miss my forums,  so it’s time to catch up in them.)

14. Catch up in blogs. (I’ve gotten so behind on some blogs.  So if it seems like I am not reading yours, don’t think I have abandoned you, I just need to catch up.  And I will be doing that this month.

15. Work on laptop and get it fixed. (My old Gateway is still busted.  I need to work on it and get it back working because I like using it better than my Toshiba.  So will be working 0n that this month too.

Ok, so there is my to do list that should keep me busy for the next couple of months.  Everything must be done by either the end of this month or by the end of summer.  I will update the list every Friday to show what I’ve gotten done.  Big list but I am determined to complete everything.  :-)  Wish me luck.  ;-)

Loves ya,

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