Friday, June 4, 2010

A little bit of blah.

Hey guys, how have you all been?  I know it’s been a couple of days.  Just been busy with stuff and haven’t had much to blog about.  Right now I am running off of 3 hours of sleep and I can’t fall back asleep for some reason.  So I am up for the day.  Which is good.  I woke up around 6 something, I was going to go with my mom to drop my dad off at the hospital.  He’s having a procedure done today.  Did I mention about this here already?  Well in case I haven’t, last week my dad went in for a stress test.  Afterwards he called us looking for me and my mom.  We were at Walmart getting something for my sister to eat at work.  I remember answering the phone and asking how his test went and he said the treadmill really gave him a hard time but he was glad it was over.  I didn’t think much about this because he is older and he’s a smoker.  A couple of days later the phone rings and my mom picks up and it’s my dad’s doctor saying his test came back negative and they would possibly have to catheterize his heart.  Yeah, not a nice thought to us either.

Now granted the day before his stress test he was out in the yard working very hard.  A little to hard if you ask me.  No matter how much we told him to take it easy he just had to “do a little more” and he’d be “done”.   Then that night he complained about his heart racing, which at first scared me, but then again my dad is known for the dramatics sometimes and once again he’s a smoker.  Oh and his diet isn’t that good either even though we are working on changing it.  But yeah, so I was suppose to ride with her to drop him off because she was scared of getting lost around the hospital.  But she saw I was a little out of it and said to get some sleep instead.  Even when I woke up more she said get some sleep.  I had a hard time trying to get back to sleep.  I think I might have slept 10-20 minutes before I heard my dog barking because he heard his mommy outside returning home.  So I decided to get up and go join her and try to keep her mind off things.  We talked and joked for about an hour and a half and now she’s washing their sheets so my dad will have a nice clean bed to come home to.  I decided to log and work on my website for a while and my novel before exercising.

Exercising, now that’s another issue.  While my exercising is going grand, the lifestyle diet change is not.  I still find myself eating when I am bored, or stressed, or depressed.  I am finding out once again that my tummy does not like milk whatsoever.  The last time I had some I was in so much pain I was whimpering at the kitchen table until it passed.  So going to look into some other kind of milk for myself.  I don’t even like the idea of drinking cow milk.  I guess I will look into nut milk, maybe soy milk.  Just something my stomach can handle better.  Even though I’d like to think I could live without milk, I know I couldn’t.  I like my cereal for breakfast so I need milk.

But yeah, that’s about all that’s been going on with me these past few days.  Been working more on the gnome hats and I know I need to take pictures of them.  Just been trying to make some in different colors and that can take some time because I have to stop some times due to my shoulder stinging something awful with too much repetitive motions.  That and my wrist hurting too.  I am sure I have the start of some kind of arthritis in my wrists.  Man, getting old sucks.  LOL!  Ok, so I’m not “that” old.  But my birthday is coming up and I will be getting another year old which is bittersweet in itself, but even then I won’t be “that” old.  Ok, now I’m babbling.  Ok should I be worried that I just heard a gunshot from off in the distance?  It’s not odd to hear it really, it happens every blue moon, but it’s daylight and a weekday when people should be at work…well besides moi.  No, I don’t live in “da hood”, but I do live on the outskirts of town where it is more country and sparse so it’s really not odd to hear the occasional gunshot.  Ok NOW I’m seriously babbling.  Oh before I go I wanted to say how sad I was to learn that Rue McClanahan passed away.  When I was a kid I never really watched the Golden Girls.  I thought it was for adults and I just wasn’t interested.  And now that I’m older I love watching episodes of the Golden Girls and even watched every episode of The Golden Palace, the spin off for Golden Girls.  It’s on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching it.  Blanche had to be my favorite gal with Rose a very close second, then Sophie and Dorothy.  But my friend told me she has passed yesterday and honestly I expected it with her age and her recently ailments.  So sad to see her go and may she rest in peace.  Alright back on a happier topic, doll and writing news coming up soon people.  Been doing some “window shopping” online and looking at things for a story idea I would like to do with dolls in the future.  I have been wanting to scale back with my doll stuff and I think this future story could be my way to do that and to keep doing stories when do finally cut back.  Ok I’m going back to working on my site and then I will update you all on what I have been doing.  Bye for now and have an awesome Friday.  TGIF!!!

Loves ya,

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