Monday, September 6, 2010

Weirdest Birthday Present EVA!!!

I meant to post about this around my birthday, but better late than never.  I got this in the mail around my birthday.

What is that?  I was curious too and couldn't wait to open it.  Curiosity and cat and call that.

Umm, hot sauce?  Well after thinking about it, it made sense.  This is hot sauce from Marlboro.  If you didn’t know, smokers tend to mess up their taste buds and in order to taste anything they tend to eat spicey foods.  So for Marlboro to send out hot sauce makes sense.  Now let me just say, I don’t smoke.  DO NOT SMOKE.  But why is Marlboro sending me stuff?  Because they have cool free gifts and I figured heck, why not.  LOL!  And I know people who smoke so I give them the coupons.  So it works out for everyone.  I’m currently waiting on a bandana to come.  It was a pretty blue and red one.  I like them to use as headbands.  I hope it does come.  It’s been a few weeks, so it should be showing up soon…maybe.  LOL!  Ok, just wanted to tell you guys about my gift.  :-)  I know, you guys are jealous.  I’ll give it to my dad who loves hot sauce.  I personally hate the stuff unless it’s really mild.  Something tells me this stuff isn’t.  I’ll let you know if I do try it.  Ok, that’s all for the posting today.  I have more to share, but not now, it’s late, the Furbutt needs food, and I want to catch up on a Korean drama I am watching.  Talk to you all later.  Bye for now.  :-)

Loves ya,

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