Monday, September 6, 2010

Warning! Doll nudity!!!

*Places soapbox on ground.*  Ok, so I was catching up on some doll blogs today…I know I am suppose to be doing other things but I need a break and distraction, and well I saw several places that had the warning up: Warning!  Doll Nudity!, and it got me wondering…why?  Why do people put up that disclaimer?  I guess I ask this because most of the dolls shown are dolls we give our kids.  So why warn that the dolls are nude?  Unless you are a “unique” individual, how will seeing some bare plastic upset you?  I hope this isn’t insulting anyone, but it always kind of got to me.  Even on forums they ask you to put a disclaimer saying if there is doll nudity and I just don’t get it.

Now before you jump on your soapbox and force me to push you off of it, don’t come at me saying "That’s so if children are in the room the parents know to hide the window.”  Ok, in your defense, if it’s a doll that is anatomically correct or is in a sexual scene then I get it, shield the little one’s eyes, but if it’s just showing off a doll body…dudes and dudettes it’s just a doll!  And 9 times out of 10 it’s a doll that was made for kids so they’ve already seen it.  *scratches head*  Oh and if you also want to try to rejump on that soap box stating that it warns people viewing the doll at work about doll nudity, for one they should not be viewing this stuff on company time, and 2 everyone there should be adults unless they work with children, so no one should be insulted by the doll nudity unless of course again if they are AC or in a frisky position. 

So tell me people, am I wrong?  Should I just go with the majority here and warn you way in advance that a doll I picked up at Walmart from the toy section is about to get naked in 3…2…1…


Well I didn’t want to disappoint those who actually did come here for a nude doll, and no I didn’t technically get him from Walmart, it was Amazon, but you get what I mean.  Anyway, yeah, let me know what you think.  Do you want to be warned there is some bare plastic parts in the vicinity or are you cool with it and don’t need a warning.  I personally don’t need one, even if they are AC or in a sexual position, but especially if you just picked it up from a Toys R Us shelf mere hours beforehand.

*Steps off soapbox.*  That’s all I wanted to say.  The Barbie seen here is from the recent Harley Davidson gift set.  I took pictures of her naked because I was curious about seeing her back and could never find nude pictures of her online so I took some to upload to Flickr for others wondering what’s on her back.  In her prototype pictures she was suppose to have a tattoo on her back but she ended up not having one and it bummed me out.  But I got the Ken I wanted so I guess it’s ok.  If you want to see more pictures of her and the Ken feel free to look at my Flickr for more pics.  Ok, so that brings this post to an end.  Many more to come as soon as I get pictures and things set up.  Until then I’ll say by for now and be good until next time.

Loves ya,

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