Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The most awesome entrance.

Hey all, I’m back, and I want to start off this post with the most awesome wedding entrance ever.  LOL!  Some people know how to have fun.  LOL!

Ok, now on to the rest of the post.  :-)  So I told you a couple of days ago I was working on pattern drafting.  Well one of the things I drafted was a blouse.  I kind of wanted a basic go-to bodice shape so this blouse is it

Handmade Blouse

I wish I didn’t use the fabric I used because it’s hard to see the detail on it, but I wanted to use fabric I wasn’t going to use much for anything.  Here is my Liv doll Carly sitting on my mini water fountain.  Yep, she’s bottomless, and she’s a doll, let’s move on.  :-)

Ok, so this next one is slightly blurry.

Handmade Blouse

You can see the overall shape of the blouse/bodice.  Not liking the sleeves, I plan to cut those off I think.  Still debating.  The neckline turned out nice.  I was going for a square neckline.  Not sure why really?  I just didn’t want to go for the same ol’ round neckline.  Oh, and yes I’m aware that I should not have sewn in white, but I placed the threads in the wrong locations not thinking and well…yeah.  But I figured it’s practice so it didn’t matter.  Ughhh, I hate those sleeves.

Handmade Blouse

Here is the back.  It’s closed with a thin piece of hook and loop tape.  The back doesn’t look THAT bad.  I will admit it still needs some work, but not overly bad.  I had to expand the pattern some because the fabric did end up being a bit short, so I had to pull tight to get it closed, and as you can see it didn’t close completely.

Handmade Blouse

So, overall, not to bad.  I am wondering if I should shorten it for a small bodice?  I think so.  And perhaps I can avoid having to put darts into it.  Well might still need them on the side.  Hummm.  Tomorrow I want to spend a good amount of time sewing up another mock-up.

Handmade Blouse

Here you can see I was using a thimble of green thread for this, but I didn’t think and ended up sewing the colors on the wrong sides.  This thimble is full of sample thread so that is why I didn’t just use a big spool of the stuff, don’t have one.  But now I want to start collecting a ton of pretty colors, but wow thread is expensive.  And it’s so hard to pick the right ones.  Black and white I can do just fine but other colors I’m at a loss.  But I will have to try picking out some.  I wonder if clear thread would work?  Like nylon thread?  Until I figure out a good mix of colors to good.  Any suggestions?

And now, just for fun, here is a picture of something else I sewed.

Handmade Blouse

This is the empire dress I sewed for my Blythe dolls.  Of course it doesn’t close in back, but it’s a close.  I just wanted to get a picture of the one good dress I sewed since the other one is tucked away for a year.  This one was the best out of the two.  I was so happy when I finally got the pattern right, thanks to some helpful tutorials online about the pattern.  I’m going to try to make several of these this weekend.  Hopefully tons of pics to come.

Well I will close for now.  I have another post coming about something else I have been working on that I thought I could post in my shop but I think it would be to time consuming to make.  It takes several hours to several days to make one and while I love it, I don’t think they would sell well due to the price I’d have to put on them.  I was considering taking commissions on them instead if someone wanted one.  I was also considering making a free tutorial on how to make them instead and just offer up on my blog or website.  I’ll tell you more in the next post.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. I really like that shirt, it's really cute. I personally don't mind the sleeves, but it shouldn't be that hard to get rid of them. I've done something like that before.
    Very cute!

  2. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you. I admire your work and hope to have your skill. I don't know why I don't like the sleeve. I guess because it's a "formed" sleeve instead of a "sewn" sleeve. If that make sense. I will try making a few more blouses before I give up on it. Thanks again! :-)


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