Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss A - Breathe

So today has been a rather crap day.  One of my “friends” did something really wrong to me and it caused me to get so upset it affected my health.  No one should have that kind of pull over your life, so I have temporarily banned them from my life.  Sorry to post negative stuff in the blog but sometimes you just have to tell what’s going on in your life to help deal with it. 

Anyway I needed a pick me up bad.  I was going to sort out some Fall fabrics for my sew-a-thon when I learned Miss A’s new video came out today.  It’s so bubble gum pop that it put me in a good mood.  So I bring it to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy.

I won’t be blogging about much else today.  Sorry about that.  Just really sad over what happened.  I’ll be fine by tomorrow, just today I need to go into hermit mode.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more to share.  Take care until then.  Big hugs to you all.

Loves ya,


  1. I'm so sorry someone thought they had the right to treat you badly, Chelle! They certainly do not! You're such a sweet person, and anyone you give your friendship to should appreciate how lucky they are! Feel free to email me if you want to vent.


  2. I am sorry you had a rough day, I hope tomorrow shines rainbows on you all day! That was kinda goofy - it should have made you laugh at least. Cheer up!

  3. Thank you both. :-) It's hard when you trust a person and they basically show their true colors. I'm glad I have this person out of my life now though as they weren't into being a proper friend. Just leaves more room in my life for the great friends I have now, in real life and online. Big hugs to you all. :-)


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