Monday, September 6, 2010

Doll haul post.

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this or not.  But I had a very bad morning this morning that lead to a very depressing day for me.  So I decided to go ahead and do the post.  I had a vision of making it look much nicer with props and whatnot but today really turned out to be a bad day and I knew opening these things would make me feel much better so it’s just spur of the moment on my living room table.  Sorry about that.  But let’s move on.

So here is a group photo of the items I have gotten over the past few days.


First up I want to talk about is Frankie Stein from the Monster High doll line.  I got Frankie weeks ago and just never found the right time to open her.  I kind of wasn’t sure how I’d feel about her.  I originally wanted Draculaura, but Frankie’s different color eyes, her being put together with parts, and her dog Watzit just caught my eye.  I had planned to go back and get Draculaura for my birthday but never did.  Well I decided today to open Frankie up finally since my other doll I ordered got here and I could open them together.


At first when I opened the box I wasn’t much feeling her.  It wasn’t until I freed her and got her into my hand that I fell in love.  She is so freaking cute!!!  Her big head on her tiny body.  Her hair is freaking thick and swishes so nicely.  That is one thing that sells me on doll, they hair has to be nice.  I picked this Frankie because of how her hair looked up front also.  There were two to pick from.  The first one had messy hair but her outfit was perfect.  This one had perfect hair but there are strings all over her outfit.  Since I am getting slightly better at sewing I figured the outfit can be fixed where they hair not so much.  So the hair always wins it for me in the end.  Her body is pretty flexible but of course other bodies out there pose a lot better, but it’s doable.  She’s got gigantic feet!  I mean these suckers are huge!!!  I got Frankie also because of her shoes.  I want to try sewing some clothes for her and if I can’t find her shoes anytime soon, her black and white pumps will fit mostly to anything.  I know you can take her arm apart for putting on clothes but I am not ready to do that.  I’ll update you when I do do it.  LOL!

So here she is with her stuff out of the box.  I just noticed her leg paint is chipped off some.  Kind of bummed about that, but I guess it makes her unique.  I’ll have to get a new one when the time comes.  I’ve already bonded with her, and this may actually happen even if I got a new one.  I’ll try some paint later on.  Her little journal is very cute.  She’s like a “baby” in a sense since she is only a few days old.  I am wondering if the author of the book wrote the journals for all the characters.   It sounds very similar to the character voices in the sample chapters.  That’d be interesting to find out.  Anyone out there know?

Here is the instruction booklet that comes with them telling you how to use the stand and how to take the fins off of Lagoona Blue.  Now please tell me something…

is it just me or does she look already played with here.  She looks pretty rough.  Her hair does not look nice at all.  I hope that’s not the case since I have decided to collect all the Monster High dolls.  I’d hate it if her hair was crap.  One thing I’ve been thinking about is it would be cool to make a custom doll one day.  But none of the skin tones speak out to me.  Speaking of skin tones, I wonder if the new girl to Monster High will be made into a doll.  She is a human, from what I gather from the sample chapters.  I’d love to be able to have her and get a second one for customizing.  I guess only time will tell.  I know the story is about both her and Frankie and I am kind of surprised she hasn’t been made into a doll.  Maybe she won’t be staying long.  Hummm.  Ok, moving on.

Next up is Liv doll Alexis.  Ok, so it’s kind of weird.  I thought I’d like Alexis more than Frankie, but right now it’s the opposite.  Alexis’s hair is brittle feeling so that is one point against her.  I think it may just need a dip in fabric softener.  She stands on her own so that gives her the point back.  I can’t maneuver Frankie to do that yet.  (Edit to say that before this went to post I actually got her to stand so good when I bumped into the table she held her ground.  Nice.)  Her clothes are pretty awesome compared to Mattel playline standards.  I could see myself getting one or two more Liv dolls but they really just don’t appeal to me much.  Still I like her ok.  I’m glad I got her.  I got her to basically be a one doll line doll.  I wanted her to be my muse.  I’ll explain later about that in a post all her own.  This doll also came with an instruction booklet. 


It teaches you how to put the wigs on.  Muy helpful actually.

Now, onto accessories.  Ok, so just from looking at and feeling the hair, it seems Liv has cut back on their quality as well.  The first round of wigs were so soft and thick, the two long blond ones.  The short more platinum one is a little brittle and thin.  Also the long blond ones came with stands while the platinum one did not.  I am guessing the platinum one is more for the veteran Liv doll owners who have stands already for their dolls.  Meh, kind of disappointing since I wanted to get one of those for a bjd I have since I think it will fit her.  I might give her a better wig and reroot a second platinum wig.  I have this pink Volks hair I’ve had for years and want to use it on a doll and I think this would be awesome to use it on.  Gonna have to think about it.  First see if the wig will fit my bjd and if not then just reroot one of the nicer blond wigs.  Humm…oh well, moving on.

These are the little “fashion packs”.  Not much fashion there but I wanted the shoes since I didn’t know if Barbie shoes would fit them.  Now the reason I have three of the one pack on the bottom is because I first saw two of them at one Walmart and I wanted them both thinking I could customize the second pack some.  Then the next day I went to the Walmart on the other side of town I sometimes go to and they had a pack there with black glasses in it.  Look close one pack has different colored glasses.  yeah, had to have those.  I figure it would give me more to customize.  So yeah, those are my Liv doll items.  One more item to go.

The Look No. 4 Barbie Basics fashion pack.  I never really wanted one of these…well actually I did want Look 3.  I found it at Walmart but it was still 20 bucks.  Ugh!  I’m hoping it will go down to the awesome 3 dollars this set was for.  At that price I so bought it.  The shoes will hopefully fit a doll I have that has hard to find shoes for feet.  If not, then I guess I see a Barbie Basic in my future.  The far future.  LOL!  Or perhaps I can resell it on In The Pink.  Who knows. But this set brings this doll haul to an end.

You know what’s kind of funny?  All those packages that are currently taking up a big hunk of the room, could easily hold all that stuff in one box.  It’s sad that all these plastic and cardboard has to be here.  You know what I mean?  Good thing is my city has a recycling program so I can just pop this all into the recycle bin.  Now, I’m not really a tree hugger, but I do worry about all this stuff sitting in a junkyard somewhere for years to come…maybe even still there long after I’ve gone.  Recycle when you can people.  Ok, so I hope you enjoyed looking at what I bought.  It took forever to open everything, but it was fun.  But I am so glad it’s over.  LOL!  Now on to playing with my new stuff.  These new dolls make me want to hit the sewing machine again.  I think I will make time for it tomorrow if things don’t get stressful.  Fingers crossed so tight that hurts that things won’t be like they were today tomorrow.  Ok, I’m off now.  Talk to you all soon.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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